People Confess What's Stopping Them From Being With The Person They Really Love

People Confess What's Stopping Them From Being With The Person They Really Love
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As Valentine's Day approaches, we're going to be inundated with signs that tell us love is in the air.

Why is love elusive for so many of us?

Or is it perhaps right in front of us as we've seen in so many films and TV shows?

Redditor SpeedyMammoth wanted to discuss why love has been kept from so many, so they asked:

"What’s stopping you from being with the person you love?"

Sometimes... it's just not meant to be.

One Sided

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"The feelings are not mutual."


"Same. Been 5 years. Hurts much less but a lingering pain is always there. Especially since I've not been able to find love since."


Happy 4 U

"Thought I met my soulmate actually. We met in college and were friends for three years. Always thought he might have a crush on me but he was in a really bad relationship and I would have never gotten involved. Then they broke up, we started hanging out more and things just felt right."

"When we did start dating, it was incredible! No relationship is perfect but I’d never been so happy and in love. First time a man has looked me in the eyes and said 'I can’t wait to marry you' and honestly I still think about that some times. Anyways, he cheated on me with his ex, got back with her and then they broke up after a week or so."

"A couple of his friends left him because he just changed into a really shi**y guy and I’m actually still friends with some of them myself. Now he’s doing what he loves and I’m happy for him! I just wish things had worked out, almost two years later and I’m still struggling not to think of him every day. I really hope I can get over him and find my own happiness again."



"She wanted us to be open. I wanted us to be exclusive. I was deeply in love with her and I really miss her. I ended up breaking up with her. Aside from that one incompatibility, I think we were a near-perfect fit. We had a wonderful relationship and it ended amicably, but it’s really hard to let go of someone you genuinely love when your relationship didn’t really have any problems. It took all the willpower I had to go through with it, and it was very painful."


Life pro tip...

"She’s with someone else."


"We’re both with someone else and there are kids in the picture."

"Life pro tip: the person you are the most compatible with in your teens or twenties is not necessarily someone you will always be compatible with as you get older, especially once you both realize what it means to take care of kids all day every day."



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"She died."


"Me too bro. Sorry for your loss. Sorry for all our losses."


"Same. I've tried again over the years. It's not the same. I'm sorry for your loss."


Loss is always the one of the number one reasons.

Taylor Knows

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"Me. I am the problem."


"I have a lot of trauma to deal with and I’m still trying to figure out who I am as a person. I didn’t think it was fair for him to ride along until I get to a point where I was mentally healthy. Could be months. Could be years. Thankfully I’ve been in therapy for 8 months now while changing my lifestyle. I don’t expect him to wait for me so I do my best to not reach out."


In Time

"Bad timing. But we always find one another. Hopefully we get together before I'm too old to enjoy it."


"Exactly this. She was my first and we were too young. It never worked out for us because of bad timing. Somehow I will always have this lingering hope that we will end up together. Even though I recently met a girl I am crazy in love with and this feeling has pretty much disappeared to the background."



"She doesn't want to be with me. Part of it is her trauma, part of it is my trauma. Our traumas don't play well together. Her instinct is to avoid intimacy, my instinct is to seek it out. Really shi**y. I already have clinical depression, loneliness, and insomnia. What's your reasoning for breaking up? She's got an avoidant attachment style so when we got too intimate, she would pull away. I sought reassurance, got too needy, and pushed her away."


What's to Be...

"Some people aren't meant to be loved, but you can't help it if you fall in love with them."


"You absolutely can help it if you fall in love with someone not 'meant to be loved.'"

"Boundaries, confidence, and self-respect will help you fall out of love with anyone that doesn’t want to be with you."

"Have a cry. Hit the bottle for a weekend. Then compose yourself and saddle the F up. There’s a whole world of people out there - good people - and you get one chance at this spinning rock."

"Don’t you rob the world of your love and don’t rob yourself of the experience of receiving love just because it didn’t happen with the person you thought it should."


Be Strong

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"Fear of rejection, I don't know if she is even willing to have ANY relationship at all."


Love is a battlefield, as they say, so keep your armor and wits about you when you fall... and maybe you'll be caught off guard in the best of ways.

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