"Friends 'til the end... Ha. Ha. Ha."

That was the evil doll Chucky's tag line in the Child's Play films.

Even a possessed doll knew the idea of friends "forever" can often just be a pipe dream.

Life happens and at warp speed. Everybody you know in the moment, can be gone in a flash.

People move on and falling outs happen.

It's just a part of life.

Redditor lawyeratyourservice wanted to hear all details (scandalous and sad) about about the end of a life long friendship.

They asked:

"People who no longer speak to their childhood best friends. What happened?"


My childhood bestie was a girl named Delia.

I still see her on the socials but I have no idea about her life.

And it just happened.

I'm Sorry

"I got lost in the grips of addiction. I'm sober now going on two years, and He's at the top of my amends list." ~ Mtg_Force


Diverging Paths

"Like many kids of the 70s and 80s, there was no tech to stay connected like there is today once we went away to college. We’d cross paths every so often until his parents sold their home and moved away."

"We were briefly friends on Facebook until he deactivated his account. Ironically, I’m in touch with his older brother. In fairness, they don’t have much contact either. I don’t take it personally, I think he wanted to unplug from the past for whatever reason." ~ jphilipre

The 50/50

"I realized that every time we'd spoken in the last several months, I had been the one to start the conversation. I decided to stop and see if he would initiate a conversation and we never spoke again." ~ DoomsdaySignal

"I have friends like that and friends that make all the effort with me. I guess it’s best if it’s 50/50 but I’ve never had that happen." ~ Ann-Stuff

"50/50 isn't the goal. The goal is to NOT have it 100/0." ~ drum_playing_twig

Decades Later...

"My friends (who were brothers) moved to another state. I called them every week and we had good conversations. My dad asked why I was always the one who called, because it was in his dime, lol, and I said if I don't call them they will call me."

"Never heard from one of them again, and the other only hits me up when he wants something. I've heard from him once in 20 years." ~ No_Understanding7431

Just Life

"We finished high school. We went to different colleges and made new best friends." ~ Professor_Nick


It's ok to have goodbyes.

They are part of the natural order.

Call me Bree!!

"She moved to Alaska from Arizona. It's a long shot but if you see this, Bree, message me!" ~ GreenOnionCrusader


The Drift

"We slowly drifted apart during 8-9th grade. He wanted to become one of the popular kids and I was at the bottom of the social structure."

"I have seen him from a distance several times over the years but did not want to bother him. He died at 34 from an undiagnosed medical issue earlier this year." ~ Ashtar-the-Squid


"Drifted apart because we moved away. Fast forward to 2014, met a new gym member who had the same last name as her, had a similar smile and asked if there was any way he knew of or was related to her."

"Turned out he was her brother and she passed away when she was 26! 😭" ~ rudebish

It's Too Late...

"I've got a friend that I don't see very often since he got married (we get along with his wife), and I've just been assuming it was because we all have less time."

"Nope, turns out it's because we're all white collar professionals in our late 30s, and any time we invite him out he can never be anywhere before 10pm. Dude, I get up at 6 am." ~ Alrik


"She always tried to steal everything I had (boyfriends, clothes, personal possessions, etc) so I cut her off." ~ stormyllewellynn


No Comply...

"I didn’t realise how controlling she was. The friendship fell apart when we went travelling together in our late teens. She hated it and went home after a few months but I stayed for two years."

"When I came back it went downhill very quickly. I’d learned to say no, have boundaries and have other friends - she hated that and stopped talking to me."

"It’s been 10 years and she still occasionally messages me, saying sorry and wanting to reconcile. I did the first few times but the friendship always went back to her trying to control me and blowing up when I refused to ‘comply’. I have to just ignore her messages now." ~ Hot_potatoos

be cool...

"He sold out to the 'cool kids' and betrayed my trust. I was so hurt at the time, which was expressed as anger. He and I had been through so much, and always had each other's backs. Then, one day, I seemingly did not matter. The trust was gone, and I never made any overture to him, nor he to me." ~ rodeler

All was good...

"No clue. I’d love to know the answer. We were best friends from age 5 till 21. I was at her wedding. All was good. After that I never spoke to her again. I tried but she never answered. Even her parents and brother and sister have no clue why." ~ ThatCatChick21I

"Would bet it’s something to do with her spouse not liking you. Similar thing happened to me." ~ meow______meow


"I was in a girl group and a couple the girls were my friends since 1st grade - in JR high they thought the guy that one of the other girls liked me and they all cut me off. Even though I had a huge crush on a totally different person." ~ Readitonline12

Mean Girls Reaction GIF by filmeditorGiphy

Hi James

"I bailed on my best friend James because he was not 'cool' enough and did not smoke any weed like my new 'friends.' Today he’s working for NASA and putting his success aside/I just feel bad for bailing on my childhood friend for people who today don’t care about me. But that’s life I guess." ~ Discombobulated_Elk7

Social Growth

"We lost touch and when we reconnected she told me that I was no longer beneficial to her social growth and I'd only be an embarrassment in her new circle. I was the only kid on the block who wanted to be her friend when she moved there from China not knowing any English. We were around 7. I helped her learn. She works as a software engineer now so I guess my admin a** isn't good enough for her. All good though." ~ claire_luna15

The Surface

"Turns out she was a gaslighting narcissist who went around talking down about me to try to make herself look better. She also followed me around and came onto every guy I dated, sometimes after we had stopped dating, sometimes before. In a few scenarios, she succeeded in sleeping with them. All while lying to me. About everything. Legit most disgusting human being I’ve ever known. This only scratches the surface." ~ jjjjennyandthebets

Misplaced Blame

"I told her that her fiancé was cheating on her. She got mad at me. They split, she’s still mad at me." ~ ashley_spashley

Ifc Bye Felicia GIFGiphy

School Daze

"We were completely inseparable through middle and high school and had always planned to stay together through college. She didn't get into my choice schools, so (being an extremely dumb and anxious teenager) I foolishly agreed to attend a second-rate school with her instead... as not to be alone."

"Shortly before the start of our freshman year of college she informed me she was no longer going to school with me and was instead moving to NYC to live with a guy she met on the internet. She'd known this for months but neglected to tell me until it was too late to do anything about it." ~ GiuseppinaAng

When We Were Young

"My best friends are kind of chapters in periods of my life. Still love them all, catch up like no time has passed when we can see each other. Unfortunately it’s hard to maintain a family and multiple friendships. Chosen family and I can’t wait to wake them up and start playing!" ~ 123Fake_St

Well everyone here seems to be dealing well.

But... let's find Bree.

Maybe they can have a better outcome.

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