People Explain Which Things They Still Prefer To Do The Old-Fashioned Way

Has science gotten to a point where we can make mashed potatoes by just adding water to flakes, producing a smooth and consistent texture?


Am I still going to take the extra time to wash, peel, chop, boil, and mash my own potatoes, getting zero textural consistency but maximum deliciousness?

Also yes.

Because sometimes the "old way" is just better, and I'm very serious about my potatoes.

Reddit user Devastator1981 asked:

"What’s one thing you still prefer to do the old-fashioned way—regardless of technology—and why?"

My seriousness about potatoes is, apparently, a passion matched by many...

Board Games

"Physical board games/card games."

"Most of the app versions of the games I like aren't that great."

"Plus, it's more fun to play with someone."- Junkolm

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"I print photos and keep them in photo albums."

"I like to keep the special moments of life as a book and go through it page by page."- SuvenPan

"There’s something satisfying and nostalgic about seeing the physical photos. I have my favorites displayed in frames, so I can see them every day. Makes me happy."- Gbrown546


"Read. Love to have a book where I can turn the pages."- Jonsmile

"Books over a kindle always" - Warm_Quantity_326

"I prefer physical books instead of ebooks and kindles."

"I love the smell of books and I prefer the weight and feeling of books over an iPad."

"I also prefer the older style book covers."

"I hate it when the front cover of a book is just a photo of a movie adaptation, or some generic boring line drawing that will become very dated very quickly."- Exotic_Age7107


"I love the smell of a brand new book, flipping the pages, leaving little cliff notes and folds."

"I even love the act of buying the books! "

"The quietness while you’re browsing the stacks for whatever it is that catches your eye."

"Ebooks just can’t compare!"- dickmanphilips

"Books, where you can turn the pages, are so much more relaxing than swiping on a screen all day."

"Plus I love the smell of new books and the sound of the page when I turn it, but those darn paper cuts if you aren't careful."- Several-Orchid9640

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"I never really got the hang of digital art."

"It's much easier and more satisfying for me to have all of the tactile input from my work."

"Also, I sew, and along the same lines I prefer to hand-draft patterns."- WitheredFlowers


"Physical buttons for climate controls in a car."

"I refuse to buy a car that only uses a touch screen for everything."

"Much safer to not have to fiddle with a touch screen while driving."- Ghertomp

"Physical buttons on most things."

"I understand how touch screens and trackpads are more flexible, but I really enjoy the tactile sensation, the certainty that you definitely pressed the right button."

"The extra sensation that allows you to more precisely press buttons, and the ability to press buttons with things besides your bare finger, like a gloved finger or your knuckle because you're holding something, and probably a few other things I can't think of right now"- Quazimojojojo

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"Physical menus at restaurants."

"I'm with the boomers on this one"- cptfuzzybeard95

Compact Disc

"Buy music."

"Unfortunately buying cds just isn't as easy as it used to be."

"But I prefer physical media, and just convert it to digital."

"I hate streaming music."

"I don't trust the stuff I love to always be available."

"I like having ownership of what I listen to."- jbnagis

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Writing Notes

"Make notes on paper."

"I will typically use index cards because they are not as easy to 'fly away' or get crumpled or lost."

"But hey.... that's just me!"- NoBSforGma

"Taking notes."

"Im 16 so I am comfortable with typing on touchscreens and using keyboards, but when it comes to school notes I prefer writing with a pen."- ILIKEBACON12456

"Write and read with tangible paper."

"Writing a loved one a handheld letter means so much more than a quick text or a print of something."

"I considered early on in my relationship that me and my boyfriend don’t even know each other’s writing styles, so I’ve made it a goal to always write him something special for an event or just because."

"I also prefer reading personal books by physically turning the page."- notwideshut


"Cooking using firewoods."

"It gives more aromatic flavor to your food"- IshigamiiiIchigo4u

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"Not sure if this counts, but I grind my coffee by hand and use a simple brewing method, either chemex or french press, to make it."

"I think having full control over the process leads to better tasting coffee than I get with any automatic machine."

"Also, having a ritual that I do every morning and takes a little elbow grease helps kickstart my day."- NebXan

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"Balancing a checkbook."- mrsK35

Checking Out

"In-person checkouts."

"I don't know why but I just hate those automated self-checkouts."- Fire2xdxd


"Making rice in a standard pot instead of a rice cooker."

"Idk if anyone’s tested it but to me the rice is fluffier and less dry in the pot."- famechangedme

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"I don’t like technology for (male) sexual pleasure, because I don’t want it to diminish the pleasure when I’m with my wife."- FixConnect3651

Stick Shift

"Shifting gears."

"I know automatics have taken over and stickshift is going the way of the dodo, but I'll always prefer a stick any day of the week."

"If you know when to shift and what gears you can cruise in for each road condition, you'll always get better mileage than an auto."

"That's why I can get up to 34mpg in my brother's challenger."

"Also, a clutch swap is cheaper and easier than a full auto rebuild."

"Sure manual trans failures do happen, but it's far less common than automatic failures."- Monkeys2Code


"Weirdly enough doing dishes by hand instead of a dishwasher."

"If all my dishes are clean and i make a meal for myself it’s like 4 dishes, they clean up super easy while stuff is cooking."-

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