Woman's Christmas Sweater Looks Like A 'Star Trek' Starfleet Uniform—And The Internet Pounced 😂
Reddit: [deleted], Jackin_The_Beanstalk

Christmas...the final frontier...these are the voyages of "Starfleet Grandma." In honor of the Holiday season, her picture, taken several years ago, is being re-shared around the internet. In the photo, the woman has inadvertently put on an outfit that matches the Starfleet uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Captain Picard would be proud.

Reddit: [deleted]

While the colors are a spot-on recreation, what really takes the resemblance over the top is the Christmas tree broach that, at first glance, appears to be a Starfleet combadge.

Reddit users like Jackin_The_Beanstalk loved the sweater and hoped it would become tradition:

"I wonder if she'll pass that dress along to The Next Generation when she doesn't want it anymore."

Of course, Mac_User_ couldn't let the sweater pass without a well-placed Star Trek pun.

"Make it sew."

Saul_Firehand joined in on the fun:

"She looks ready to engage some of that candy."

grafxguy1 made a crack about the woman's age (which is significantly older than the average Starfleet officer):

"She's fallen and she can't beam up."

torkel-flatberg played along perfectly:

"Now she's in tribble"

skinrust suspects she's buying all that candy for her children:

"Or her kids Khan just buy their own"

Hawkman1701 made note of an important Star Trek fact:

"That's just a Cadet uniform. Never too late to reach for the stars."

aheadwarp9 wondered whether the woman is a Trekkie or whether the outfit was a happy accident:

"I want to think that was on purpose... but it almost looks like it could have been an accident."

Myschly wouldn't be surprised if the woman was actually a huge fan!

"This. All these dudes just assuming that an older woman can't possibly have enjoyed sci-fi. I never watched Star Trek myself but I know that it actually went into philosophical meanderings etc, it had an intellectual appeal, so it's not that women don't watch sci-fi, they just don't watch mindless sci-fi."

sadi89 thinks it may be a little bit of both:

"I think it may have been on accident-purpose. She probably put it on realized what she did and liked it. She looks like she's around my moms age and my mom is a big Star Trek fan."

foodown knows exactly how they'd react to the woman in public:

"If I passed this lady, I'd just nod casually and greet her, 'Admiral.'"

satisfactsean points out that the Stafleet resemblance doesn't stop with her outfit:

"Shes even got the Tuvok style cut."

Happy Holidays from Starfleet and the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation crew!

Star Trek TNG christmas song Make It So youtu.be

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