All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

If that sounds familiar, then you remember what it felt like watching The Shining for the first time and seeing poor Wendy Torrance discover the pages of her mad husband's novel for the first time. It's an unsettling scene, one of the creepiest ever filmed.

If you've read the novel as well as watched the movie, then you know the hotel––and it's ghostly inhabitants––drove Jack Torrance insane. After Redditor theoriginaltommygirl asked the online community, "People of Reddit who work in 'haunted hotels,' what are your stories?" people from several different professions came forward with the tales that still send chills up their spines.

"The place was starting to show its age..."

My grandmother worked as a night time cleaning lady for an older historic hotel in her hometown for a while in the early 80's.

The place was starting to show its age, and it glory days (1890's-1920's) were certainly behind it. During prohibition there had been a speakeasy in the basement only the movers and shakers in town had been able to get into. No real scary stories in it's past, save for one suicide. It was just a large, old hotel.

Anyway, there was a man that she saw several times. A figure other people had seen as well. The earliest sightings started in at least in the 60's.

Each floor, the elevator was at the end of a long, straight hallway. On the third, there were times when people would come out of a room and see a man in a long coat and hat carrying a small dog under his arm either heading towards the elevator and disappearing, or they would catch a glimpse of him on the elevator as the door closed.

No one really knew who he was supposed to be. It wasn't the suicide. It wasn't the original owner, not one of the staff anyone could remember. No one was really scared of him. It was sort of a right of passage working there to finally see him.


"When he brought it up with his manager..."

My brother did housecleaning at an historic inn downtown. He would see shapes dart out of the corner of his eye when he looked in mirrors, and the beds would untuck themselves after he'd made crisp corners. Some days he heard footsteps up behind him on the narrow stairs, and his hair stood on end.

Add to that his vacuum being constantly unplugged when the cord was completely slack and toilets flushing themselves.

When he brought it up with his manager, she said, "Oh, don't mind that. It's happened since I can remember."


I worked in IT for a guy named Mike Milken and every year he puts on this huge conference that brings world leaders and billionaires together for, uhh, conferencing, called, Global Conference...

We would rent out pretty much all of the Beverly Hilton for a full 7 days. You can go to this if you like, it just costs thousands of dollars to do so.

I, like OP, also am interested in hotel staff and hauntings so I asked every staff member I could about any other worldly experiences. I heard a couple of people talk about Merv Griffin, the Game Show Creator/Host/Composer. He bought the place in the 80's and loved to hang out there after he retired. After he died, the staff said they would see him, not as a ghostly shape, but as actual Merv, walking down one of the hallways near the kitchens occasionally.

Ultimately though, the cleaning staff was terrified of the 8th floor. It's not a tall hotel, and the 8th floor was a party type room. It was a medium sized banquet type area with a low ceiling. It has a bathroom and a view of Beverly Hills with rounded red leather couches and maroon velour sided walls. There is a curved bar and glass tables with razor blade marks on them from the copious amounts of cocaine that had been chopped up for consumption. I know you see this room in your head skull right now.

The story goes that there was a lady that would go up there and clean the place by herself after the parties were over. One night she was almost done and finishing up in the bathrooms cleaning the sinks. She heard a girl behind her, then something brush across her shoulder. She turned quickly around and no one was there. She turned back to the sink and there was a piece of gum where there had previously been none.

She swore there was no gum in the sink prior as she was cleaning the sink when it happened so that was her focus. After that the cleaning staff would not go up there unless they had to at night, and then they would go in doubles. They also started to clean the floor in the morning, again with two people.

My buddy/co-worker and I had to go up and check this out. We were getting chills listening to the story and had to see for ourselves. So, at about 9pm we went up there as it was vacant for the night and we pretty much had run of the hotel.

Right before we went up though, we saw one of the cleaning staff, and told him we were going up. And he got this look like, "you're an idiot."

We head up, check the whole room out and take it in like I described above. We go over to the little bathroom where the gum incident happened, and we recreated the scene.

I stood at the sink, my buddy brushed my shoulder and I turned around. Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. We didn't feel coldness or freakiness, just plain old us on the top floor.

We were a bit disappointed and were saying things like, "What did we expect?" type conversation. We noticed the weird music on the speaker in the elevator that we hadn't noticed coming up. It was a girl kind of singing/laughing, very eclectic stuff.

When we got off we saw the cleaning dude from earlier and told him that we saw nothing. There was no ghost up there.

Then my buddy mentioned the interesting choice of music in the elevator. The cleaning guy said, "What music?" And we replied, "The music in the elevator..."

He then pointed out that there is no speaker in the elevator, never has been.........

We s*** our pants, went back into the elevator, cautiously, because we couldn't believe that what we were hearing was not coming from a speaker. Being "IT experts" we knew how to look for wires and speaker covers and such, and there were none. It was an old elevator that just wasn't wired for that.

We noped the hell outta that elevator and tried to avoid it the rest of the time we worked there.


"One time..."

I work in a haunted house during Halloween time. One time one of the actors had a heart attack and died and everybody thought the body was supposed to be there. We didn't find out what had happened until we were closing for the day.


"I worked in a hotel..."

I worked in a hotel and we used to joke about the 3rd floor being haunted. Then one day I was assigned rooms on the 3rd floor and while cleaning had the TV in one of the rooms turn on by itself.


"There's so many stories I could tell..."

I worked as a housekeeper at a 'haunted hotel' for about a year.

There's many stories I could tell but there was this one room that f*cked me up mentally for months, still have nightmares about it now.

So the hotel is a grade two listed building, a Manor House that was converted into a hotel. It's said that the family who built and lived there had their bedrooms where room 1,2 and 3 now are. The rooms are out of the way and down a dark corridor which gives them an eerie feeling but they're decent rooms. Number 2 is one of the biggest and luxurious rooms to stay in.

However, it's rumoured that when the house was being converted that the builders found a skeleton of a child in the fireplace, the fireplace that's still in that room. The room opens up to a long corridor, the bathroom on the left and a super king bed in a huge living area looking over the gardens.

I never felt right in there, but things got worse a few months in when I started having nightmares that I was being chased down the rooms corridor. I'd never see what was chasing me but I'd be filled with terror. The corridor would just keep going for what seemed like forever but when I'd reach the door, there'd be no handle. I had that dream every night for months, my teeth got damaged from all the grinding and so exhausted that I could barely do the job. In the end the place got me so depressed I was self harming again, something I'd been clean of since I was a teen.

Since quitting the job that dream and my mental health improving, the dream became much less frequent but I still get it from time to time when things are bad. The whole hotel is toxic but that one room still continues to haunt me.


"I noticed all the internals..."

Worked in a "haunted" hotel for about 3 months. I noticed all the internals were from the time the house was built, which is why there's occasionally issues with electrical equipment or a sense of unease, the building itself is generating a small electromagnetic force, but apparently explaining that to people is grounds for getting fired.


"The dog walked all the way down the corridor..."

My aunt lives on the Isle of Arran, a small island in Scotland. She used to work in Brodick castle and everyone who works or has worked there will tell you it's haunted, and you get told all the classics like hearing footsteps and seeing doors slam. One story always stuck out to me about a dog and its owner staying the night.

The owner wakes up realising the dog isn't in the room, so the owner runs out into the hallway to find the dog calming walking down the dark stretch of hallway of the castle, but the dog was looking up at nothing while strolling as if it was side by side with someone and looking up at them. The dog walked all the way down the corridor completely ignoring it's owner. Just seeing your dog walk into pitch black with this invisible entity gets me creeped.

I've been to that castle myself and it's hella spooky.


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