Spooked People Reveal The Creepiest Things They've Ever Heard

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Sounds can soothe us, bring us joy, or excite us. But they can also frighten or disturb us.

Reddit user thedaringtomcat asked "What's the worst sound you've ever heard?"

Here are the spine tingling results.


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Cats mating.


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Rpanicked agony he emitted when he thought I was dead.

Love Call

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A Fox doing a mating call at night is f'ing horrifying it basically sound like someone getting murdered.


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Air raid sirens.

Other Worldly

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The noise the aliens make in the remake of War of the Worlds. Makes me shudder.


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I never knew a death rattle was real.

The worst sound I've ever heard was while I held my great grandmas hand as she was dying. It was bone cancer, stage 4. She went to the hospital not feeling quite right, a week later she died.


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The scream and crunching from a co-worker getting his sleeve then arm caught in the 60 quart dough mixer at work.


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The high pitched noise they constantly play in certain areas that only kids ears can pick up to keep them away. I'm 24 and still hear it.


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My mother in law's night terrors. She's so loud it goes through the walls. It's like listening to a turkey get terrorized, then strangled.


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I'm terrified of the Amber Alert sound...


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The scream of a dying animal.


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Apparently people used to castrate boys so that they would keep their singing voice forever, since their voice would never break. I think they were called Castratos? I heard a recording of one singing a few years ago and it was utterly haunting. The creepiest thing I've ever listened to.

Let's Talk

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"We need to talk." - From just about anyone. It could be relationship problems, job problems, my mom breaking bad news about my grandma... I've never heard those words in a good context.


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Knife and fork on a plate.

One minute I'm cutting a steak, the next minute I have a neck cramp.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

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When I broke my ankle, I heard a loud POP of the bone snapping just before the pain hit. I had a split second of "oh sh*# that didn't sound good" just before "OH SH!# THAT DOESN'T FEEL GOOD EITHER"

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