Spooked People Admit The Weirdest Occurrences They've Ever Experienced

Spooked People Admit The Weirdest Occurrences They've Ever Experienced

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We've all had those moments where something happens and we just can't explain it. Normally, they're small things like deja vu or totally losing track of time. Every now and then, though, something happens that leaves us not just scratching our heads, but legitimately confused and a little spooked. Or a lot spooked, in some of these cases. One Reddit user asked:

What's a real-life "glitch" you've experienced that you still can't explain?

They got thousands of answers, but we picked out a few to share with you. So turn on your lights, make sure you're not alone and have a nice funny baby hippo video on deck for brain bleach. Have any of these sorts of things happened to you? Sound off in the comments once you're done reading. Ready? Let's go.

Spooky Weed Ghost

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Oh, and I have a dead guy at my house now, but not typical dead guy stuff. He does the exact same thing at the exact same time every Saturday night. When I first moved here, I called the police on him twice before I realized he wasn't really there.

So when I moved in, I found a LOT of marijuana growing in the back. I started digging it out because it was still illegal then. The first time it happened I had gotten in late and realized I left some work in the car, so I went back out to get it and I see this younger adult male walking behind my shop. I figured he was one of a group of kids who'd planted the weed in the back, since the house had been unoccupied for a year or so. I yelled at him to get out, that the place was no longer unoccupied, and that the weed was gone. He stopped dead in his tracks, turned around, and took three steps towards me - not away. So I'm thinking I'm about to die. Then he stops, looks over his shoulder, and waves like he's just seen a friend - then walks backwards two steps before turning around and walking towards the shop, where he disappeared.

I've seen it two more times and so have other people. Saturday nights about 1235am, this MFer appears, walks towards the garage, stops, takes three steps towards my house, looks over his shoulder, waves, takes two steps backward, turns to keep walking that direction, and disappears.

If you got an explanation, I want to hear it.


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My mother died in May 2001 and it hit all of us hard. By September, we were all still sleeping in the same room - my dad, my baby sister, and me. I worked swing shift as a nurse at the time and on September 10th, 2001, I had done a day and swing double shift and got home at about 11:30 PST and fell asleep almost immediately. I have no memory of it, but both my dad and my sister swear that I popped back up at 3am and started packing bags, yelling:

_"They hit the pentagon, we're under attack, we need to go like RIGHT NOW." _

I was apparently quite insistent to the point that they had to physically restrain me. A few hours later, the World Trade Center was hit and they thought it was weird. My dad told me then:

_"Wow, this is really F-ed up because last night you were screaming that the pentagon was under attack." _

And then they announced that the pentagon was hit just a few minutes later. It is still the craziest f*cking thing to me.

Can You Hear Me Now?

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OH! I called my friend at his home on a North Carolina mountain. Definitely had the right number. Sometimes I'd get him, sometimes I'd get an old lady. I felt bad for interrupting her day/evening so often, and I asked where she lived to figure out what was happening - she described the same location as his house (there was only one house on his part of this mountain). Creepy af, they didn't have any neighbors yet this woman was answering his phone line somehow.

That's So Raven

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I've had moments where I "see the future" with extreme detail of doing something, then blinking and being right there before it happens. It's has ranged from randomly walking out into the street and getting hit by a bus, to kissing some random girl in the street. I'm like 99% sure I'm seeing other timelines or something.

Blast From The Past

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Was walking at the local fair with my kid and SO, and we walked past 3 kids that looked EXACTLY like me & my 2 friends years before. Doubt it was, but uncanny

Suddenly Fluent

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It was my first day at a new Tae Kwon Do-place by my college, and before class started I met this dude that I had a strange feeling of having known forever. It legitimately felt like he was my biological brother. His parents came in to drop something off, and talked with him for quite a while. As I walked past them, the weirdest thing happened.

They were speaking in German, but I could understand every single thing they said to each other. I was so weirded out I had to double check with him after, and he confirmed that they had said exactly what I had heard.

I have never taken a single German class in my life. He tried to speak in German again, and I couldn't understand a single thing he said.

For 15 seconds of my life, I was fluent in German.

Nintendo Confirms It

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One morning I woke up, rolled out of bed, brushed, had breakfast as usual, and then went about my day off. I lounged around the house a little bit, played my Nintendo DS for a bit. Plinked away on my guitar. A typical lazy morning.

Suddenly I'm driving in my car a couple towns over on my way to the store. I pulled over and tried to collect my thoughts. I remembered waking up and getting ready, watering plants, cleaning my stuff up in the living room, then hopping in my car. But I also remembered doing all of the stuff from that other version of that morning.

I checked my DS later in the day. It had records showing I had played that morning. So I had two separate days that suddenly merged into one and kept both memories?

Just One Step

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I was walking on the sidewalk along a busy road when suddenly with a step, the whole damn world changed around me. It was a crazy hot day but suddenly it was cool and cloudy, there were only a few cars on the road and lots of people riding bicycles. I remember seeing a girl in a blue dress out of the corner of my eye. It was so surreal, but with the next step I was back in the usual reality and to this day I have no idea what happened.

Let's Go Inside, Honey. It's Evil Out Here.

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Girlfriend and I were talking on her front lawn. Mid sentence, I felt something.....evil.....to my left. I stopped talking and turned. She did too.

Saw some sort of shadowy humanoid around 30 feet away. Light was enough that it was obviously not a person.

She asked "Do you see that?" She didn't know why I stopped talking. I nodded. Without another word we both ran inside.

No idea what it was. I would call it a trick of the light, but it was out of my vision when I originally got that feeling.

The Sequence

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Here's the sequence of events:

  • Roommate went to work at 4pm.
  • One of my friends drove me to the airport at 8pm so I could catch my midnight flight to Japan.
  • Roommate returns home from work at 11pm-ish, makes dinner, and starts making music on his computer.
  • At 12:05am, my flight takes off and I'm airborne.
  • I take my sleeping pills and fall asleep on the plane at around 1-1:30am? Here's where it gets weird.
  • At 1am-ish, my roommate hears me come home. Obviously, he freaks out because he thought my flight got cancelled, so he came out to ask what was up.
  • He actually sees me in the living room, but for some reason, my face is facing away from him the entire time as he tries to talk to me.
  • I allegedly rush over to my desk and sat down at my laptop, before disappearing into the couch and laughing at him in my disembodied voice.

He told me about it on Skype when I landed in Japan, which freaked me out, and made me not want to return home. I still can't think of a rational explanation, as my friend was completely straight-edge and never even drank alcohol.

Maybe an out of body experience?

Time Traveling Shower

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Will never understand this for as long as I live.

In high school I liked to wake up early in the mornings so I'd have time to eat breakfast, watch tv, maybe do some last minute homework and relax before I'd begin my day.

I always sat my alarm at 6:00 am.

So that morning as usual my phone alarm went off. I grabbed my phone to turn it off. I distinctly remember reading a text message from a friend (who was an early riser like me) asking me did I want to grab fried rice later that night with the rest of our friends. He sent this at 5:39 am. It was still September, so the sun was always up at this hour.

I got out of bed and immediately hopped in the shower. When I got out I headed down to the kitchen to brew coffee and make some breakfast. While I was waiting on the coffee pot to heat up I ran back to my room to grab my phone.

When I looked down at my phone I just about croaked.

The time on the phone read 3:30 am. To make matters worse I looked outside and the sun wasn't even up yet. What's even weirder was I never had even received that text from my friend.

I just sat there bewildered and frustrated, running through the chain of events from that morning over and over again. I eventually made my way back to the kitchen. Seeing that I was wide awake now I didn't need coffee anymore. I stayed up the rest of the morning not even trying to attempt sleep again. Later that morning something even stranger happened.

At 5:39 am I received that text message from my friend.

I've spent a lot of time over the years trying to decipher the events from that morning. All I know is that somehow I woke up in the future and my shower took me back to the present.


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When I was about 13-14, I went on a trip to another state with my church youth group. We drove through the country for hours in a region I had never been to before. Eventually we ended up in a small town. I was looking out the window and realized I knew this town as if I had lived there before.

Like... I knew the post office would be a few blocks ahead on the right, and then--sure enough--there it was. Weirder, I knew what the buildings would look like. I predicted the location of all the landmarks in the town before we were close enough to see them, and all of the predictions were correct. It was very spooky and got the other kids on the bus a little riled up.

Call Me Maybe?

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I'm not the kind of person to have a great many friends - but those friends I do keep are sacred to me.

So one evening I was getting out of a subway to go to my apartment when I see an old friend, one I haven't seen in the flesh in a few years. He was heading into the subway. I call out his name, he turns, waves and makes this "Call me" gesture - then the doors close and the subway rides off.

Thirty seconds later, my phone rings. It was my friend, who told me he'd just seen me get in the normal train he'd used to get home from the bar. According to him, I had grinned, waved, gestured "Call me!" the door shut and the train drove off.

I lived in Rotterdam. He lived in Enschede. That's just over 200km apart. (or about 125 miles)


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Once when running a route/neighborhood I'd run a hundred times I went to cross a street and suddenly lost all sense of direction. I slowly stopped and tried to orient myself with street signs and landmarks, but nothing made sense.

I know, I know - it sounds like dementia, but I was only in my 30's and had never experienced it before or since. It was as if the matrix reloaded and I was pointed in a different direction than before the reload, but my body still remembered the direction I was going.

Grandma's Home

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My brother's room shared a bathroom with my room down in the basement. One day as I was about to take my shower we hear the dogs upstairs barking--indicating my grandparents were home. We both heard the door from the garage open and close. And we heard voice and footsteps.

My brother says he is going to go up and hang out with them while I take my shower. Before I can even get in the shower, he is knocking at the bathroom door--frantic. He insists no one is upstairs. The dogs are worked up but no grandparents and no car in the garage. This is impossible. We both clearly heard the garage door, the voice and the footsteps.

As we're trying to figure this out--it all happens all over again--dogs barking, door, voices, footsteps. This all happened within like five minutes. This time we both go up and my grandparents are home.

One of the weirdest things I've ever experienced.

Motorcycle Man

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When I was 7 or 8 I was playing in my yard by myself. It was a really quiet summer afternoon and I suddenly heard a loud motorcycle and I saw a man in dark leather riding towards me. He was getting really close and kept coming straight towards me. I was terrified. He crashed and skidded to a stop in the ditch between me and the road. Kid me ran up to him and grabbed his hand and I remember it vividly as really warm and really solid like metal-y, not handlike.

I turned around for a second and he was gone. I thought that I'd imagined it, but there was a deep skid mark in the grass in our yard that I'd never seen before and has been there ever since. That might have just been a weird coincidence.

But I went over to the neighbor kid's place later in the day and they asked me right off the bat:

"Is the motorcycle guy okay?"

She'd seen a guy in all black crash a motorcycle in our yard. None of our parents had seen it. I just can't shake that eerie feeling.

Slow Down!

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I lived in Vermont at the time.

I was driving down a dirt road when I heard a voice say, "Slow down! Slow down! Slow down!"

So I slowed to maybe 3-4 mph.

A herd of deer crossed in front of me. I would have been killed...


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My brother got shot in the stomach and the bullet bounced off and fell on the ground. Apparently it had traveled a long distance and lost a lot of velocity. It left a welt, but that was it.

And This Is Why We Don't Do Cardio

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In high school I was an avid runner due to being on the wrestling team. I'd run late at night when it was cool out. One night I was running wearing a crew neck with my schools name on it.

About half way through the run an elderly man on an old style Schwinn bike caught up with me and asked me what I was doing out so late. We both stopped and said I was on the wrestling team and pointed to my sweatshirt. His eyes lit up and he said

_"Ha! I used to coach those clowns. Keep at it boy!" _

We exchanged goodbyes and then he sped off on his bike at an ungodly speed. The next school day I told my coach about the story and described what the old man looked like. My coach turned pale and said:

_"That sounds like old coach Hains.. he collected Schwinns." _

I told him that was cool. Then my coach followed with:

"Yeah.. and he's been dead for 10 years..."

No more late night runs for me, my dudes.

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