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Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Just Revealed Their Matching 'Toy Story' Tattoos—And We're Obsessed ❤️


Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are sealing the deal in ink, but don't get too excited; it's not on a marriage license.

NYC tattoo artist Mr. K took to Instagram and shared Joe Jonas' and Sophie Turner's matching tattoos. With a nod to Disney's Toy Story, the engaged couple split the line To infinity… & beyond. Jonas took "To infinity" and Turner finished with "& beyond." Now, when they hold hands...well, you get the idea.

The tattoos are in a delicate cursive with an ever so tiny rocket ship. Too cute!



People are rooting for this couple.

And maybe feeling a little jealous. 😉

Could this mean the wedding plans are progressing?

People love this couple even when they want to throw bread sticks at them.

We wish the couple a lifetime of happiness.

H/T: Buzzfeed, ET

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