People Share The Songs They Want To Be Played At Their Funeral
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At one time or another, many of us have had morbid thoughts about our mortality.

"When will we die?" and "How will we die" are questions we frequently ask of ourselves as the mysteries of death elude us until we face our inevitable demise.

Sometimes, however, our curiosities pertaining to death are more innocuous and less foreboding.

Examples of this were given when Redditor sushi_mane_ asked a hypotethetical of strangers, which was:

"What song would you want to be played at your funeral?"

Some Redditors want to be remembered for their sense of humor.

Denial Much?

"Still Alive (from Portal)"

– Megalopath

"If they're having a funeral, they're playing Weird Al's Trapped in the Drive-Thru."

– newtside

Who Ya Gonna Call?

"Ghostbuster theme."

– Calm-Internet6926

In Memory Of Anna

"My childhood best friend passed away suddenly in a car wreck this past November at 27. She also had a funeral playlist saved on her phone and her family used it! She was such a jokester and hilarious person. It gave us all a big laugh to find out she had already picked out her songs. It was a great way to honor her wishes and such a beautiful thing to have her put some humor in to a situation from beyond the grave. It really honored her memory in a way I won’t ever forget. Miss you, Anna!"

– jiff_extra_crunchy

Keeping It Positive

"My Grandpa had 'Always Look at the Bright Side of Life' From Life of Brian at his funeral. I'd like something like that."

– TechnologyOdd

Some Redditors got all introspective.

Getting Contemplative

"Otis Redding, 'Sitting on the dock of the Bay.'"


Song Of An Irish Immigrant's Take

"Going Out in Style - Dropkick Murphys."

– ShockingPyro

Together In Spirit

"Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd"

– AlexiosMakesMusic

"This is the song they play for you when you go too soon."

"It's beautiful, great song, but if I'm not in the right space (alone) I can't listen to it."

"It's been over 20 years since I first heard it at a funeral. I wish it was the last."

– Alienmonkey

Ode To A Band Member

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond."

– Teemo63339

"Recently rediscovered Pink Floyd."

"Their music is absolutely next level."

– SaltyWailord

When One Song Isn't Enough

"I’ve actually got a funeral playlist on my phone in case I hit the deck earlier than expected 😂😂"

"Just a quick edit because I didn’t expect my morbid need to control my funeral would blow up so much😂"

"I’m not tech savvy in any which way so I can’t upload the link to the comments.. but I have written the songs in the comments somewhere… they are the only songs on the playlist, there isn’t anymore to add."

"Yes, I’m 43, yes, I’m British. Yes, I’m an Inxs fan, but there’s no Inxs songs on the agenda. No, I’m not from up north!! Bittersweet symphony is timeless!! I don’t go much on the slow stuff by oasis, but that one hits different! No, I’m not crazy, I like to plan ahead! I don’t drink alcohol at all, and I have a great relationship with my mother 😂 hit the deck IS a metaphor for dying in my world 😂"

– elegantlywasted2529

Some people want to get all stagey.

A Startling Wake

"Closed casket - pop goes the weasel."

– graeuk

Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark

"I want to hire a lookalike of myself who will pop out of a coffin and perform the Thriller choreography."

– lordcameltoe

I have actually entertained this question, myself.

One of my favorite tunes is "Graceful Ghost Rag" by William Bolcom.

It's a somber tune without being totally depressing. To me, gentle ragtime song represents a soul coming to terms with its new plane of existence and making the most of it.

It brings me peace listening to it, and I hope to have the loved ones I will eventually leave behind feel the same.

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