'Something's Not Right Here' Gut Feelings That Have Actually Saved Someone's Life

Why do humans doubt the inner voice?

Or that sickening feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

That's our intuition at play.

Some are more in tune than others, though.

And most of us just act like it's not there.

But when we do listen, when we do take that feeling seriously, it can save lives.

The gut knows.

Redditor IChronoI asked the online community:

"Hey Reddit, When did your 'Somethings not right her' gut Feeling ever save you?"

My gut has never been wrong. Sadly, I never listen, so I'm always wrong.

Being Alive


"My mom and her entire family were saved from dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning by her dad. He left for work, got a weird feeling and drove back home. Everyone in the house was unconscious, and he had to drag or carry them all outside one by one. They all survived."


"Hey, deer"

"I used to just drive around country roads when I would feel stressed out or sad as a way to just get away and listen to music. One evening I was driving with my best friend in the car and we're on a gravel road that has a huge hill. We were driving towards the sunset but it was winter and the light was fading fast."

"As the car started down the hill I had this moment where I thought to myself 'my brights should be on' and I flicked them on and at the bottom of this super steep hill stood 6 deer on the road. I slammed on the brakes and the car turned sideways and skidded to a stop like 4 feet from the deer."

"Those stupid deer didn't even move, they just stared into the passenger side of my car and my best friend pointed at them and said 'Hey, deer.' The car was fine, we were fine, and Bambi was all good. I don't drive around like that anymore."


On the Beach

"My sister since she was about 5 was always obsessed with Tsunamis and would always ask my dad every night before she went to sleep if there would be a tsunami that night (we lived on a beach)."

"About 5 years later when our family was holidaying in Samoa an earthquake struck at about 6am."

"It was only a dull low rumble but went on for over a minute. Everyone at the resort woke up and went outside for a few minutes then went back to bed. My sister having been obsessed with Tsunamis ran down to look at the water and noticed the sea going out and saved a lot of lives including my own."

"There was about a minute from her noticing till the Tsunami hit. Luckily for us there was a cliff right behind the resort if not alot more people would have been killed."

"So something like a gut feeling 5 years in the making."


Class is in session...

"Not me but my science teacher, when she was a teenager she was standing near some lights at a pedestrian crossing with her and her friend. Very chill but out of nowhere she had this gut feeling that both of them had to move."

"They moved just a couple metres away and the next moment a car had hit another car and had hit one of the street electricity utility poles and it had fell and exploded (minor explosion enough distance away that it didn’t hurt the girls) exactly where they were. One of the wires had also snapped and hit it exactly where they were standing as well."

"They basically were in a scene of car wreckage and snapped wires and electricity explosions and the pole collapse. Just real insane. If the pole had missed them, the wire would have hit them and if not that then most likely the cars."

"That gut feeling of moving away saved both of them. I remember this story so clearly from high school science class because it was such a WTF, pity I only paid attention to these things and not actually science... hehe."


Yanked to Live

Yelling The Goldbergs GIF by ABC NetworkGiphy

"I was walking out of a grocery store when I saw this kid about to cross the road. Something came over me and I yanked him back onto the sidewalk. Not even a second later a truck came flying past. He was probably around 7 or 8ish."


This is why I just stay home and order in.

An Ordinary Day

Baseball Referee GIF by StickerGiantGiphy

"Few years back I went to uni in Brussels. I would always take the train to get there. One morning I just woke up and didn't feel great at all."

"Keep in mind I have had a horrible flair up of Crohn's for the last weeks. But this felt different. Guess it was my gut. So instead of pushing through it like I did with my Crohn's, I decided to stay home for once. This was the only day out of 2 that I ever stayed home from Uni. That day the terror attack happened on the train that I usually ride to get to Uni."


In the Storm...

"I woke up from a deep sleep at like 2AM during a winter storm, something wasn't right... I immediately went looking for my senior dog and couldn't find her anywhere in the house. My roommates had a tendency to let her out for a walk and forget about her, closing the door."

"I ran to the front of the house and found her laying on the welcome mat, she was hardly breathing and covered in snow... She had been outside alone for at the very least 5 hours. I moved out shortly after."


Out for Drinks

"I went out with my best friend on new years last year and were having drinks with her friends when I realized I was out of cigarettes. I left for a few minutes to walk over and grab a pack and ended up talking to a homeless guy for a while, and when I went over to the entrance of the bar she was outside and said something mean to me for no reason and walked off."

"I was confused so I decided it would be good if I took a walk to let her cool off and then figure out what she was upset about. I was going to walk down the street for a bit but something told me to turn left, walking behind the bar and then turning to the side of the bar when I see a girl laying down on the sidewalk and people walking by her."

"As I'm walking over to help I realize it's my friend and she's not very conscious. She was probably drugged while I was getting smokes and who knows what would've happened if I hadn't decided to go that way. Scares the sh*t out of me."


Eat First

"I was walking to the barbershop, and for some reason, everything just felt off. I ignored the feeling but every step I took just made me feel like something wasn't right, so I decided to just go grab some food and come back. While I was eating I saw police cars and ambulances driving to around where I was before, it turns out there was a murder. Now I always listen to my gut feeling."


I Was Right There

cougar Htown GIF by University of HoustonGiphy

"I was building a fort in the woods near my house as a kid. Got this eerie feeling that something was wrong so I packed my stuff and made my way home. Next day, on my way to school on the bus, my friend mentioned a cougar his family saw running across the road that was within a couple hundred feet of where I was. It just so happened to be at the same time I was out there."


Listen to THAT voice... it knows all!

Do you have any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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