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Americans across the country rolled their eyes at the news that a "straight pride" parade organized by Trump supporters in Boston, Massachusetts would likely be going forward.

Turns out, some people did more than roll their eyes.

Three organizers of the parade were alarmed when they received suspicious envelopes in the mail. The packages weren't marked with a return address and one of the organizers said he could "hear something shaking" when handling them.

The organizers called authorities and soon, a bomb squad was on the scene to investigate.

As it turns out, the packages weren't a threat at all, but a masterful trolling of the pointless parade.

The packages ended up being filled with glitter.

Twitter couldn't stop cheering.

In addition to glitter, the packages also contained bible verses about love and compassion, as well as notes signed "Happy Pride" in rainbow.

Let's hope they can learn something from the bible verses.

You can attend the "Straight Pride Parade" and show your feelings with this shirt, available here.

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