Software Developers Divulge The Dumbest Ideas For Apps People Have Ever Pitched To Them


That's gonna be a hard pass!!

We all have a good idea in us. An idea that will not only rain down the coin but shape the culture as we know it. And this day and age all that shifting all leads back to the inventions in technology. Who will be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Facebook? Or... who needs to be? Who will top them? Not many of us sadly. We're already app saturated and ninety percent of what's left to come... is a big bleh. Just listen.

Redditor u/funky2002 wanted to hear from developers out there to discuss the bad ideas on the tech forefront by asking.... App developers and programmers of Reddit, what was the dumbest app/program idea someone ever proposed to you?

A to B....

My uncle suggested I create a type of digital map that could direct you places and help you get from point A to point B.

He suggested this three weeks ago. im-not-fbi

The "New" Internet. 

Someone tried to sell a friend a membership to the "New Internet." She asked me to sit in and listen to the sales guys pitch. At the time I was running a web hosting business along with managing a smaller dial up isp's networking infrastructure.

The new internet was going to be built new from the ground up. All new infrastructure but without all the stuff that makes the internet "bad." The sales guy couldn't explain how that was going to work.

For only $50 my friend would get a lifetime membership.

Members of the new internet could surf the old internet and enter information about old internet web pages into a form on the new internet about those old internet pages.

Then the new internet could suggest pages on the old internet when members of the new internet did searches about them. The members of the new internet would get paid for entering this information on the new internets system. SO after awhile, new internets members would start making money and recover their membership fee. roger_ramjett


My favorite but dumbest was "Chipotledate" which would match you with people with similar or compatible Chipotle orders. crazyman32

I think it's so dumb that it actually goes full circle into genius territory. All I see is untapped potential, I mean it's so off the wall that I guarantee it will become a trending meme and from there you'll see profit rise exponentially. From there you could branch off into other cuisines and even develop a sharing platform for the matched couples to share and rate chipotle restaurants From there you could even do endorsements and perhaps even come out with your own brand of chipotle. At that point your tapping into the food industry and then Sky's the limit. glorymeisterglorymeister

Thanks Mom.

My family has a technology business, and when my mom started to learn to make apps to support the product she made a test app first.

The whole app was just one search bar that you could type any word and it would do nothing, unless you searched "loser" and then it would pop up with a picture of me from middle school with a bad sunburn and braces.

Thanks Mom. naplanner

No Mirrors Please.


A friend of mine wanted me to make an app that turned your phone screen into a mirror. Not front facing camera, not just blacking the screen, but a literal mirror. He couldn't grasp why this wasn't possible.

Also ANY kind of new social media app that they think can be made by one person in an hour. 8BitStarfish8BitStarfish

The Plethora. 

  • Any attempt to create another social media app
  • Knockoffs of popular games (like the plethora of Temple Run games)
  • An app for a smart watch that will run in the background and periodically meow. cfast20

I couldn't count the number of people I've seen who think they've come up with a brilliant new app or social media platform that will earn them the big bucks. These people tend to be in their late 40s to early 50s, around the age when thoughts of retirement and nest eggs start kicking in. It's always difficult to sit them down, look them in the eye and explain in very kind terms that their idea is stupid and they shouldn't waste their money. I will admit that part of me enjoys it, though. M_WHY_YOU_DOWNVOTED

It's NOT Magic. 

Not mine, but for our capstone project, various faculty around campus get to put in project proposals for us to choose from.

The worst damn proposal was a magic 8 ball type of app but instead of a magic 8 ball, it was a psychic dog. It was supposed to "scan" your dog's paw and give some kind of 8ball-esque answer to your question.

The group that got stuck with that project... I felt so bad for them. Repeatedly asking for changes the night before each deadline and getting upset when it didn't come out the way they wanted. Also they wanted to charge money for this crap app too. XSaber522

The Buddy....

I have a buddy who is a programmer and a while back wanted to just get used to making an iphone app and uploading to the itunes store so that he was familiar with the process for when he wanted to do a real app. As practice he made an app that would randomly generate a name based on census data (more common names were more common).

It made it on some websites list of top 10 lazy apps and a bunch of authors started buying it. Last I heard he had made about $20,000 on his stupid app he uploaded for practice. ACorania

Any old App... 

  • An app that does your taxes for you after talking about a site that does it.
  • An app to make XYZ noise
  • A web site to take custom butcher orders. The reason this is dumb is that nobody in the shop would know how to run it except for me, and I was one of the butchers. Nitrocide17

On that point, I remember there was a local pizza place that wanted to do online orders, and they ended up with a website that, on submit, made a phone call with a synthesized voice to actually place the order. That way the shop didn't need to change any of their workflow, didn't need to add a computer and check it regularly, etc. The orders came in the same way they always had. RiOrius

"youtube, but better."


I had a friend who had an idea for "youtube, but better."

He didn't know how it would be better. Also he had no idea about domain names, hosting, VPS, maintaining a website, designing a website, or literally anything.

After he explained it, I let him down as gently as I could. "That is the stupidest idea I've ever heard." BCProgramming


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