People Divulge The Biggest Lies Society Still Believes
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How many of us heard the old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" as a child?

Or were told by their parents that watching too much television would make your eyes fall out?

Needless to say, these, as well as other sayings and superstitions, were not 100% accurate, possibly even having no truth to them whatsoever

Rather, these were merely a way to encourage, or scare, children into better eating habits, or getting away from the TV once and a while.

Some however, have, took these and other unsubstantiated pieces of information literally, and continue to believe them to be true.

Redditor wste96 was curious to believe what other falsehoods people continue to believe, in spite of proof to the contrary, leading them to ask:

"What's the biggest lie ever told that we, as a society, still believe in?"

Justice will be served... won't it?

"What goes around comes around."

"Sometimes it doesn't."- Recent_View6254

"That people get what they deserve, or must deserve what they get."- HugeMcAwesome

It's just a phase.... or is it?

"That acne will go away after your teen years."- One_Arachnid_1256

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Better cut back on those TV dinners...

"Microwaves give you cancer"- Salt-Significance702

Absolutely no justification.

"That torture is an effective method of extracting information."

"Every ten years or so, some three letter agency or another is forced to admit that their torture program yielded nothing but false leads and wrecked lives."

"Then goes straight back to doing it."

"The general population shrugs and says 'if it's the only way to get intel' as if they weren't just told point blank that it doesn't work."- barnfodder

A little kindness goes a very long way

"That being nice and accommodating is a sign of weakness."- AidilAfham42

Be Nice GIF by Susanne LambGiphy

"Square cut or pear shaped, these rocks don't lose their shape..."

"Diamonds are rare which us why they are expensive."

"They're very very common, their price is kept high by controlling how many enter the market by the De Beers group, which basically has a monopoly on them and hoards them."

"Synthetic/lab grown diamonds are the exact same as natural and even cheaper to make, but people are still convinced they're not as good as 'real' diamonds."- no_ps_wow

Unrealistic expectations on society

"That we need to work tirelessly and wear ourselves out in order to have a good future and stay happy."- iambigego

"Go to a great college and get a great job and have a great life."- MewsikMaker

When you just can't hold it any more...

"That there is a chemical you can put in pools that turns blue when you pee."- Sad_Cherry2884

GIF by South Park Giphy

As the saying goes, you can't believe everything you read.

But for the sake of others, still best to avoid peeing in pools.

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