Pet Owners Share The Most Intelligent Thing Their Fur Babies Have Ever Done
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It's quite likely that pets are smarter than most people.

So it doesn't necessarily surprise us when we hear that someone's pet has done something pretty damn intelligent.

Thanks to Redditor Gearski, who asked the online community:

"Pet owners of Reddit, what is the most intelligent thing your pet has done?"

"Before letting my dog out..."

Before letting my dog out into the garden I usually put the kettle on so I can make a coffee on my way back, well now he has figured out how to turn the kettle on and does this whenever he wants to go out.


Awww. This is adorable – and brilliant!

"When he was a puppy..."

When he was a puppy, he taught himself to clean up. We still kept him in a nice and comfortable cage back then so he had a place to go to when he was tired or overwhelmed. Every night he would drag all his toys with him into his cage, and every morning he would bring them back out again.



He knew what to do! Very cute!

"My parents used to have..."

My parents used to have one stupid cat (Tilly) and one Bond Villain genius cat (Elsa).

Elsa figured out that the food waste went in a certain pedal bin. She demonstrated to Tilly how this pedal worked by pressing down with both paws to open the lid.

She then boxed Tilly's ears until she understood that the beating stopped if she stood on the pedal like Elsa had shown her.

With Tilly holding the pedal down, Elsa would climb up onto the kitchen counter, and lean over the edge and hook food out of the top of the bin.

We knew they were getting in somehow from the aftermath, but it wasn't until my Mother saw this routine from outside in the garden, through the kitchen window, that the ruse was foiled.

Well not foiled so much as made sure to empty the bin at 75% full.


Empty it? Oh no.

You had so much cleaning up to do!

"My fiance..."

My fiance and I have two dogs. The older one is extremely clingy and is always laying on or near one of us (usually me). He is also pretty stupid. Last night, the younger dog was having a pretty tough time. Panting, fast heart rate, etc. He is pretty anxious all of the time, and last night he was especially so.

The older dog, in a rare showing of emotional intelligence and sympathy, went over to lay on the other dog. Within 10 minutes, he had accomplished what we couldn't - the younger dog was calming down.


That's very sweet. Dogs have feelings just like we do.

"What I mean by this..."

My dog "can spell". Now I'm sure he's just memorized the grouping of spelled letter as it's own phrase, but it's still adorable.

What I mean by this... we can't say certain words/phrases like "dog park" because he knows what that means and he will freak out if we don't immediately leave for the dog park after saying dog park. So we started to spell things out like D-O-G-P-A-R-K or W-A-L-K... well we should've come up with a few other names to call it to rotate between, because he now knows what those spellings mean too


You've got a very clever dog on your hands.

First the dog park, then the world.

"My mom had..."

My mom had a horrible and untreatable type of cancer, but she didn't want to go to hospice so we did in-home care instead. She had been bed-ridden and all but completely unconscious for several days, and we knew that she was going to go soon.

I was watching television and just being with her, when suddenly her dog (now mine) got up, started whining and looking directly at her. I immediately knew what was happening, called my aunt in from the other room, and we held my mom's hand as she died just a minute or two later.


There are many reports of animals knowing when people are about to die. Many of them can also sense extreme weather events. It's fascinating to read about.

Sorry for your loss.

"I once saw my dog..."

I once saw my dog make a poop joke. He walked into our living room and stood in front of our older dog. Then he kicked his legs back like he had just finished taking a dump towards the older dog and looked around the room with a look that I swear was smug and self satisfied.


Animals have a sense of humor just like we do!

"I got outplayed."

I wouldn't give one of my dogs a treat since the other dog was elsewhere; I didn't want to play favorites.

So the sneaky little bastard leaves the room. Few seconds later, he walks back in, other dog trailing behind.

I got outplayed.


You did indeed.

How does it feel to live in a house with conmen?

"My cat..."

My cat said hello to me one time. It was incredibly cute. Also, I feel like cats have a specific language and every time we meow back, we say something completely random. One time I meowed at him, and I guess I said something a tad bit rude, cause he hid under the bed and glared at me.


You offended him without realizing it!

"My older dog..."

My older dog got a stomach bug one time, and he never goes to the bathroom in the house. Well, I guess this time was the exception. He had diarrhea in the house, but instead of going all over, he climbed in the bathtub and went in there for easy cleanup! I wasn't happy, but it was sure as heck better than the alternative!


Maybe we can now revel in the possibility of a world where our fur babies rise up and claim the world from the rest of us.

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