Smart People Reveal The Times They Questioned Their Own Intelligence

Smart People Reveal The Times They Questioned Their Own Intelligence

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Smart people do some of the dumbest things - but the truth is, everyone does. We don't know what causes it, but it's almost like the human brain just has a built-in pre scheduled brainfart that needs to happen from time to time. Who doesn't know someone who's looked for their phone in a dark room by using the flashlight app on their phone. Yeah, you were holding the phone that whole time weren't you, Brenda? One Reddit user asked:

What did you do that made you question your own intelligence?

And the responses have us feeling so much less alone. It turns out there are stupid people everywhere, because everyone does stupid stuff. It's encouraging, really!

Milk Comes From Chickens

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My coworker asked if there is lactose in eggs, I thought to myself "they both come from the same animal, so maybe". For 5 seconds, I thought milk came from chickens.

My Own House

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A couple months ago, my husband and I went on a walk. There are a lot of trails where we live and a couple of lakes. So we walked down a trail to the lake, turned left up another trail, and ended up at the top of a street. We start walking down the street and I realize there is a house that has a wishing well in their front yard like we do. I point it out to my husband and then I realize they have the same truck we do, too. I point out the truck and then I realize that we were in front of our own house. It wasn't my brightest moment.

Are Blue Eyes Real

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One time I was thinking about Aqua from Konosuba and I thought "natural blue hair isn't real, but what about blue eyes?"

I have blue eyes

I have blue eyes and i was questioning their existence

Ask Google

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I've gotten so used to just googling any questions I have. I've googled "where is my phone/wallet/watch etc." sooooo many times.

A few years ago I googled "do the people upstairs have a cat?" and it has never left me :/

I've been looking for something in the grocery store and thought, "I'll just Google it... no, wait." This has happened multiple times.

More than once after loosing an item an looking everywhere I've sat down at the computer ready to google "Where did I leave my sunglasses" or something close to that.

I Google searched for "where is my shoe?"

Flushing A Phone

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I was on my phone when I felt a sneeze coming on. I quickly grabbed a tissue from the box on my desk and sneezed into it. I then went to the bathroom to pee. Instead of throwing the tissue into the toilet bowl, I threw my phone in.

I don't think I've ever been the same since.

Lit Match

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Wanted to light a candle. Struck a match. Changed my mind about which candle I wanted to light, and decided to light a Yankee jar candle instead. Couldn't get the lid off with one hand. Stuck the lit match in my mouth so I could use both hands to get the lid off.

Couldn't smell the scented candle.

Could only smell singed nose hair for days.


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I saw an animal in the woods behind my house and my immediate thought was KANGAROO!

I live in Indiana.

Electric Stove

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A few years ago i could not figure out if the new electric stove was on or off. I was familiar with flame stoves so i stuck my hand flat on the heating coil. My hand had burnt circular stripes all over it. The stove was hot.

Deaf People Are Waterproof

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I frequently see a man cross a four-lane road near my home. We have a fairly similar schedule and I see him often. He's well-known in the neighborhood and he's deaf. NBD.

I once slowed down as he crossed the four lane in driving, white-out, downpour rain and I though to myself, aw man, he doesn't know it's raining because he's deaf.

Car Troubles

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I drove over a mattress

It was in an alley in a puddle, I thought I would glide right over it. I was wrong, the thing got stuck in my tire well. I had to call a tow truck to lift my car and beat the mattress out with a hammer.

The next morning, I found out that the mattress had punctured my front left tire. Obviously, I needed to get a new one. Then I did another dumb thing. For whatever reason I thought when you bought a new tire it came with a new wheel. So I ditched my wheel by the dumpster and then drove to the garage on a flat spare. They sent me home to get my wheel.

It was a bad day or two.


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I once had a brain fart and forgot that porcupines were animals.

I was hanging out with my family and my niece mentioned that her favorite animal was a porcupine, and I laughed for a good long time before explaining to her that porcupines weren't animals. I'd gotten them mixed up with pine cones.

I have a graduate degree. My niece was maybe 6 at the time. She schooled me.

The Lemon

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While helping my girlfriend make dinner one night we needed some lemon juice and she asked me to squeeze a lemon. Now logic would dictate you cut the lemon in half before you squeeze the juice out of it. No sir! I just squeezed the s*** out of it, rolling and palming it in my hand until the peel finally broke, releasing the lemon juice into a bowl as requested. Needless to say, when she turned and saw what I had done she was amazed (probably by my impeccable ability to follow orders).

She then asked how I ever managed to live alone, and I'm pretty sure that's why I'm not allowed in the kitchen anymore.

Clearly Wrong

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I went my whole life thinking the saying was "the ghost is clear" instead of "the coast is clear". I'm 21 just found out yesterday at work.

Three. Times.

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Three times now, I have taken the cap off of a tube of super glue and put it in my mouth to hold it. Three. Times.

Throwing Rocks At Yourself

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I once threw a stone high in the air directly above me. Absolutely no reason for that, just because I could I guess.

Instead of walking away, _I kept standing there _looking at the stone falling down until it was too late to move.

I still managed to put my hands up protecting my head, hurt a lot anyway.

I don't think I'll ever win a Nobel prize.


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A couple of weeks ago, I heard my neighbors cat meowing, so I responded with a "meow" of my own. This went on for about 3-4 exchanges until I opened the door and found it was not a cat, it was just another dude meowing back at me. So many unanswered questions. I had a whole meowversation with another person thinking it was a cat.

I did not initiate the first meow. It's unclear whether he did, although I reeeeaaaaalllly want to believe a real cat was involved. Also, when you look down expecting a cat and you see shoes, jeans and eventually a weirdo, you black out.

Licked It

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Made some soup on the stove in a saucepan and poured it into a bowl and some of the soup dripped down the side of the boiling saucepan so I licked it

The Reenactment

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I locked my car keys in the trunk of my car, hours later when I got my keys out, I proceeded to reenact what happened to my friends, complete with actually locking my keys in the trunk again....

Know what makes it better? When I was closing the trunk during my reenactment I said "so from now on I'll never close the trunk without ensuring I have my keys!" The little beep my car makes when you close the trunk and all the doors are locked sounded more like a small laugh....

Water Everywhere

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Fixing a clogged sink by removing the drain pipe and thoroughly rinsing it underneath the tap of the sink I just removed the drain from.


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I was sitting in traffic, and I noticed that all the other lanes were moving while mine hadn't budged an inch. I craned my neck trying to see what the hold up was, and finally figured out that I wasn't in a lane at all, but had been patiently waiting behind a line of parked cars.

H/T: Reddit

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