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"It's the small things in life that make you happy."

Indeed, even when you've been having a day where simply nothing seems to be going your way, it's always possible to find a pick me up that is guaranteed to lighten your spirits ever so slightly.

This could be anything from a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe or a gentle breeze, to the sound of your children's laughter when you come home.

Or, for that matter, simply coming home and sitting on your sofa, safe and comfortably.

Sometimes happiness can be found in the most unexpected and unlikely of places.

Redditor Nightchildd was curious to hear what little things made people happy, leading them to ask:
"It’s the small things in life that make you happy, so what small thing makes you happy?"

Starry Starry Night


"I was wearing glasses since I was 5."

"Each year I would see less and less stars until I could only see the brightest ones, and even then it was hard for me to see them unless I concentrated really hard."

"This winter I had an eye surgery."

"And when I laid down under a summer sky one night, it was as if someone changed resolution on a video lol."

"I honestly laid there for more than an hour, after 17 years finally being able to see all the constellations."- AbbreviationsNice465

All Comfy And Cozy...

"The sound of rain hitting the roof while I'm all cozy in bed."- D3vilUkn0w

Kids Say The Darndest Things

"When my kids use expressions I wasn't expecting."

"6 yr olds were playing rock paper scissors in the back seat."

"Daughter yells up to me 'Dad, you wanna get in on this?!'"

"Or when their fandom lines up with mine."

"Discussing super heroes fighting each other and who would win for 45 minutes at bed time, and I have the biggest smile on my face the entire time."- DrowZeeMe

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Happiness Is All Around

"A good song."

"Seeing someone smile after I give a compliment."

"A deep belly baby laugh always puts a smile on my face too."- angie6921

Feline Companionship

"When my cat makes that little brrpppt sound when she wakes up."- AJTwinky

Human Contact

"A hug."- Zetjex

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"I'm a pizza delivery driver."

"It doesn't happen very often now that the pandemic is over, but when people leave me little notes on their door thanking me it makes me so happy."

"I keep all of them in my glove box and look at them sometimes when I'm having a bad day."- Artemis7797

"Being acknowledged."- Mission_Anything_429

Sibling Love

"Seeing my kids get along like I always want them to."

"The other day, my wife was out with the middle daughter, and I was home with the eldest, tween, and the youngest, pre-school, daughters."

"It was the middle of the day, and I was working."

"I heard them saying the same random words, walked out of the home office to see what's up."

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"My eldest was helping my youngest practice her sight words."

"I sort of hid to just observe them without them seeing I was there."

"My eldest then helped the little one with getting through a simple kid book and thereafter did her hair and put her in a Moana costume."

"Just seeing them bond warms my heart."- Alarming_Topic2306

With the world in a constant state of uncertainty, not to mention being at what is hopefully the end of a global pandemic, it's very easy to get down on ourselves.

Making it all the more important to be open with our emotions, and take advantage of those seemingly frivolous things which are guaranteed to put a smile on our face.

Even tiniest bit of happiness can go a very long way...