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You don't have to search far and wide to realize the things that make us the happiest are within reach.

And the most satisfying joys in life are simpler than you might think.

After coming home from a long and stressful day, there's nothing quite like being greeted by a loved one, a spastic puppy that's been eagerly awaiting your return, or even a glass of wine. Or two.

Curious to hear about the little things that bring smiles, Redditor SlugsLoveBeer asked:

"What are some of the small things in life that make you happy?"

It's the little things we don't think of that can relieve us of life's many burdens.

Free Da Feet

"Taking off my work boots at the end of a shift."


"This. So much. I have about 2 hours left in my shift. Can not wait for that 530 am beer on the back porch with my boots off."


Simple Comforts

"Freshly washed sheets on the bed + just shaved legs + the windows open with a perfect cool summer breeze."


When Nature Sings

"Listening to the rain while I'm indoors."


The Hush

"Moments of quiet."


"This used to be mine."

"Until I got tinnitus."


A Delightful Buzz

"Iced Coffee, simple pleasure of a cold caffeinated drink."


Pets are given when it comes to making us feel all the feels.

Loyal Protector Of The House

"When coming home and your dog sees you from a distance and gradually gets more and more excited as your approach, to finally greet with joyous love and show you what a good boy they've been protecting the house."


A Purrfect Companion

"When a cat sits on me."


"My cat will often sleep in bed next to me and usually gives me spiky back rubs at bedtime.Sometimes though when he's really happy, he'll reach out and hold my hand with his paw."


Cat Talk

"My cat has a specific special meow she only uses when I sneeze. It's super cute and makes me laugh a little every time."


Our positive reactions with people can truly influence our mood.

They Nourish Our Souls

"Having people genuinely care about you. Mutual love and respect is one of the best feelings in the world. I also love food. Food is comforting."


Showing Teeth

"A genuine smile in return of mine."


"Yes. Like, when someone sees you and you can just tell they're really happy to see you, they're not just smiling to be polite."


Love Embrace

"Falling asleep with someone laying in your arms next to you. That calm kinda peaceful feeling of just relaxing. Not the part when your arm falls asleep or when you have to get up to pee though lol"


My joy-inducing thing is a little bizarre, but I trust this is a no judgment space.

I love to sit down to read in my love seat situated in the corner of my living room. But the act of reading itself is not the thing that makes me happy.

It's the smell from the pages after opening a new book that brings me such joy. It lets me know I'm about to be transported and it evokes a childlike sense of wonder that grounds me.

And it is one of the most comforting feeling. A literary aroma.

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