Guy Spent Six Months Altering His Girlfriend's Favorite Disney Movie Into An Incredible Marriage Proposal
Lee Loechler / YouTube

In theory, you only get to propose to your significant other once in a lifetime.

Some people prefer a more relaxed approach to popping the question, but some prefer to create a proposal that is unforgettable.

One guy spent six months preparing for his happily ever after, setting the bar higher for proposals everywhere.

When Lee Loechler decided to propose to his girlfriend, Sthuthi David, he did everything in the next six months to ensure the proposal would be perfect.

Loechler, an artist in animation, worked with a small team of fellow animators to recreate the most iconic scene from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, which also happens to be David's favorite Disney film.

Easily the most beloved scene of all time from the film is the moment when the prince discovers and kisses the princess, awaking the sleeping Aurora from her curse. During this scene, when the prince appears at the princess's side, Loechler got to work, replacing Aurora with an animated version of David, and replacing the prince with an animated version of himself.

Instead of the prince leaning down to kiss the cursed princess, Loechler the Prince proposes to an awakening Princess David.

In a video that's gone viral, Loechler recorded a split screen of the event, showing the personalized version of the film alongside his and David's reactions to the film.

When Aurora first appears on screen, depicted with David's dark hair and tan skin, David starts making a confused face up at the screen. Her confusion appears to worsen when the new prince appears on screen. Even at the point when the prince proposes, David still appears confused.

But Loechler made the moment even better by creating the illusion that his Prince Charming self threw the boxed ring to him, from screen to audience. At this point, he turns to his future bride to propose, much to the delight of the audience behind them, filled with their friends and family.

From redrawing the animation of the film, to selecting a ring, to renting out a theater space to show the film, and inviting all of their friends and family for their special moment, Loechler truly pulled out all the stops to make this the best moment on their way to the couple's happily ever after.

Loechler even created a "Plan B" film reaction at the very end of the movie, just in case his future bride declined his proposal. When the sad reaction to David's acceptance starts to play, it added a hilarious, and certainly charming, twist to the end of his proposal.

You can watch the proposal, with the adapted film, here:

Reddit users are loving the proposal, and the video has gone viral on Twitter.

Loechler certainly set the bar high for future proposals everywhere, but more importantly, he reminded everyone to make them personal to the couple, to make them fun and to roll with any mistakes that may come up along the way.

You can get the Disney classic Sleeping Beautyhere.

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