Women Explain Which Skills Make A Potential Partner More Attractive
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It can be quite a challenge to find a person with everything you're looking for in a potential partner.

So we settle for less than everything and go with a the person who have a few certain things.

Sometimes a person can have that little extra "something" we didn't know we liked.

"Something" can tip the scales in a new direction.

Perhaps a handy skill we didn't know we'd find appealing.

That's why musicians are so popular.

Redditor hearsdemons wanted to compare notes on that little extra something that can make a possible lover that much more enticing.

So they asked:

"Women of Reddit, what skill or talent makes a man more attractive?"


Why is that so arduous?

Be a communicator.


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"Patience. It's so annoying to be around someone who throws a fit over every little inconvenience throughout the day."



"Any skill honestly. But mostly intellectual curiosity to keep figuring out stuff and trying new things. If you learned X in high school and that's your party trick now but you never learned a new hobby, maybe to fix stuff, do anything new, then it wears thin fast. Anything. Do you cook, hike, know a lot about cricket? Hunt, fish? Cars, planes, boats? Music, movies? Opera? I'm always interested in somebody that can teach me something new. But it does get boring if they just rehash the same stuff and milk it for 20 years."


Serve it Up

"A good cook. I love cooking and am good at it, which guys typically like, but I appreciate when a guy wants to cook for me instead for a change. It's attractive when they know their way around a kitchen and have confidence in their culinary skills without my help!"


"I love to cook but I once dated a very high-level chef who worked for Joël Robuchon/Four Seasons. I made her a simple chicken and rice dinner one night and she destroyed me with constructive criticism. I appreciated it but dating her was so intimidating when it came to anything food related. Tiny little Vietnamese bad@ss. I miss her."


Easy to be around...

"Kindness. Genuine kindness."


"This. My partner was a kind coworker, he brought us all thoughtful little gifts one year and then after we started hooking up, he was very sweet to my elderly cat and now that we live together, he is an excellent stepfather to my two spoiled little dogs."

"We cry together when things are sad. His desire to be kind has enabled us to have difficult conversations and learn to not be on the defense when we disagree. He makes me coffee on weekends when we wake up at the same time. Kindness is the most important quality."


How witty...

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"A sense of humor, but it must be paired with a talent for reading the room."


"Humor + reading the room have to go together. 'Saying what everybody is thinking' is only funny in the appropriate moment."


Comedy and a good laugh go a long way.


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"Not only listening, but follow through afterward!"


Relax Yo...

"Staying calm. Men which stay calm almost 24/7 have such an attractive skill. I can‘t really discribe why but it is really attractive to me."


"I was on a date and got a flat tire from a pot hole in a parking lot. I simply changed it and went on with the date. After, she turn me down for another date because she didn't like that I was so calm about the blown tire. Pretty sure I dodged a bullet with that one."


Act like it...

"This isn’t a skill or talent, it’s a trait. Being generally nice to those around you and not hurting those around you just to 'be a man.' If acting manly means abuse, I don’t want to marry them."


"I will say, I don’t think I’m that nice. But in my defense I think I’m very nice to nice people. Its so rare to find a genuinely nice person. It brings so much energy being around a nice person. I will defend them with ferocity if people ever make fun of them or give them a hard time. Gotta preserve their niceness as long as possible."



"The ability to genuinely apologize. Not a mumbled '…sorry' or a defensive 'I’m sorry jeez what do you want?' but a true heartfelt apology that lets me know you understand what happened, are taking my feelings seriously, and will actually follow through with doing better next time. Too often 'sorry' sounds more like 'What do I have to say to get this conversation to end.'"



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"Anything really. I just love watching people do something they love and are passionate about. It is attractive when a man has a passion and talks about it."


Can you imagine one person encompassing of all these? Oh my...

What skills would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.