Single Men Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Meals They've Ever Made For Themselves

Single Men Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Meals They've Ever Made For Themselves

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We have all had a quick and lazy meal, but these single guys take it to the next level.

Reddit user WeathermanDan asks:

Single men of reddit, what's the most "single guy" meal you have ever made?

Get ready for some extremely low-effort meal ideas!

The un-chopped salad

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Bought a head of lettuce and ate it like an apple over the sink while occasionally dribbling salad dressing over it where I planned on biting.

Meal for 1-5

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Stouffers Family Meal. Family of me.

The easy clean up meal

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I've thrown the bottom of the bag tortilla chips in to the jar of salsa and ate it with a spoon.

Meals that make you get wild

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I had ice cream for dinner on friday because I'm not drinking this month and still wanted that crazy friday feeling of letting loose

One pot for life

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Former single man.

I pretty much lived on one pot dinners. Cook in it and eat from it.

Sometimes when I was feeling fancy I would use a plate but I would lay a tortilla on the plate before putting food on it, saved me washing the plate.

Whatever is left in the fridge will do

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With nothing in the fridge I have resorted to eating the entirety of a parmesan cheese container. Popped the top off and went at it with a spoon like the shameless sack of man I am.

Everything is better fried, so fry everything

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When I moved into my own place my dad bought me a pretty fancy deep fryer. I would toss a couple of corn dogs, 3 or 4 chicken strips and a handful of onion rings in it and let them all deep fry for about 10 minutes. That was my dinner. Not as "oh, look at the silly man eating from a can" as some of the other answers here but to me nothing screams "single man" quite like an entire meal of frozen food deep fried.

The alternatively made meal

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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches... made with an iron.

A meal with your wing man

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My brother and I once opened like eight cans of pasta of various varieties, dumped them all into a pot and stirred it all together. It was amazing.

Eating like an animal

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Pizza and I ate it over the sink like a rat.

Meal in a can, with accessories

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A can of chilli, cooked not by decanting it into a pan and warming it on the hob, or by pouring it into a bowl and microwaving it... but by taking the lid off the can and putting it directly onto one of the oven's rings.

Then eating it directly out of the red-hot can with a spoon, whilst wearing oven-gloves.

Getting the most out of that canned chili

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Canned Chili in between pieces of sliced bread. I called it a taco.

The lone ranger meal

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Arrives at restaurant:

Host: "How many?"

Me: "Just me, one please"

Host: "You'll have to wait 15 minutes"

Me: "Can't I just go sit at the bar like always?"

Host: "I'm going to have to see some ID"

Me: shows ID, gets a nod and walks to the bar to have some wings.

The false meals

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I ate a box of Oreos for breakfast on a Sunday once.

Last night I ate half a log cake.

Eating tuna out the can.

Peanut butter dipping buffet

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Not single anymore, but when I was I frequently made meals of granola bars dipped straight into the peanut butter jar.

Desperate and dry times

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One day all I had to eat in my apartment was this giant jar of crunchy peanut butter that had a label indicating it was a part of some sort of UN humanitarian program for African nations. I got it from my grandmother who received it as part of a help package for elderly pensioners. It was extremely dry and tasted like cardboard. Lived two days on it, until my pay day.

With time comes wisdom and flavor

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You want the real answer? The real answer? The bowl of cereal that's been sitting on my kitchen counter for the past three days.

Simple solutions

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Cornflakes at 10:30 pm because I just got back home from a trip, the supermarkets were closed for the night, and that was the only food in the house. I used water.

A creative alternative

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I wanted pizza. I did not have pizza. I was extremely broke. I did, however, have wonder bread, ketchup, kraft slices and a couple of leftover hotdogs.

I called it 'hobo pizza'. You may think because its easy and cheap to make, and kinda resembles pizza (bread, tomato, cheese, processed meat) but actually I called it that because it was like eating a hobo's ruptured hemorrhoid on a piece of his cardboard bed.

The meal that never ends

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2lbs of Shepard's pie. Store bought. Started eating it and just...didn't stop.

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