People Explain Which Simple Mistakes Can Get Someone Killed
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People who aren't necessarily daredevils like to say they like to live life by throwing caution to the wind.

While their fortitude is admirable on a conceptual level, being overly confident and physically engaging in something perceived as bold can make them vulnerable to the one time something goes horribly wrong.
Curious to hear examples of potentially dangerous scenarios, Redditor The_Lollygagger1 asked:
"What is a very easy mistake that can get you injured or killed?"

Not only are your endangering your life by doing, or not doing these things, you're putting others you at risk.

Dangerous Distraction

"Messing/texting on your phone while driving."

– azakd

Gauging Fatigue

"Underestimating how tired you are and then getting behind the wheel."

– ---Spitfire----

Beware Of A Delayed Response

"The risk here isn't just that you might fall asleep at the wheel, by the way. When you're drowsy, your reaction time is impaired, very much as it is if you've had a few drinks. Drowsy driving is bad for the very same reasons drunk driving is bad; while one of these is that you might become unconscious and completely unresponsive, another is that your reactions are impaired even while you're still awake."

– fubo

Assess The Situation

"There would have to be certain extreme circumstances, but I've heard that after a serious car accident, people have died by turning their heads too quickly. When the adrenaline takes over and you can't really feel the pain, some people don't realize that they have serious injuries in their necks and they break them quite easily after trauma like that."

– domoronnoc1

Even the most innocent circumstances can be subject to great harm.

Remove Loose Articles And Accessories

"Wearing jewelry while working with heavy machinery. My Dad saw a guy get his arm ripped off because he wore a wedding ring that cause his hand to get caught in the machine."

– Nacho_eating_Zombie

Don't Underestimate Slipping

"Especially elderly people. My grandmother's legs are paralyzed and she has to use an electric scooter to get around. She fell one day and broke her wrist, doing much better now though."

– gabesnightmare

Taking time for inspection can potentially save your life.

Final Checks Before Operating Heavy Machinery

"Long hair or loose clothes around rotating tools or machinery. Second, not making sure you have the breakers turned off before doing electrical work."

– ShortPlains

Rinse For Your Life

"Not washing food properly."

"Food poisoning is really dangerous."

– Rule34ofAntartica

Having common sense is extremely beneficial.

Exercise Awareness

"It's a bit of a general thing, but not being mindful of your physical limitations. A few particular variants that come to mind is people who get stuck in narrow spaces, or who fuck around at water parks. Just... don't. Especially if alone. If you're going to have to maneuver yourself to grab something from a tight, enclosed space, go get a broom or something. Etc."

"It's a complicated and general thing, but young people especially tend to overestimate their immortality and dexterity. Stop and think."

– xatrue

There's No Competition

"Trying to beat a train."

– lightonahill

Bad Chemistry

"Trying to put out a grease fire with water."

– lovelynutz

When theme park operators tell you to keep your hands and arms inside the moving vehicle at all times, it's for a reason, and probably because a tragic incident in the past led to the warning.

I don't have to be reminded to keep my arms and legs inside my rocket whenever I ride Space Mountain at Disneyland.

With all those metal beams seemingly inches from my head as I whizz by, I dare not even think about raising my hands in the air as most people on roller coasters do.

If you don't want your hands severed, I strongly advise you heed the warning.

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