Things People Brag About That They Really Shouldn't

It's never attractive to gloat.

Though every so often, we can't help boast about our accomplishments or the accomplishments of others.

Even so, it can get exhausting to hear others go on and on about a recent achievement.

Particularly if that achievement might not exactly be worth celebrating.

Indeed, some people are so inclined to brag about certain elements of their life, that they often don't stop to consider whether or not bringing attention to it is, in fact, a very good idea.

Redditor Left_eared_turtle was curious to hear the many things people mistakenly brag about to others, leading them to ask:
"What is something people brag about that they shouldn't?"


"How much xanax they took and posting it all over social media."

"So many people in my high school took xanax like it was candy and thought they were the sh*t."

"Like congrats, you're now a vegetable for a while."- slav_squat_98

Being Mean

"Treating people like sh*t."- thickredhead27

How Smart Are You?

"Their IQ, especially when they got it from an online IQ test."- captainmagictrousers

Jane Lynch You Are The Weakest Link GIF by NBCGiphy


"How much they hate their spouse yet stay together?"- holdmyicetea

Sleep Deprivation...

"How little they sleep."- NoSexAppealNeil


"How trashed they get, every day/weekend."- King_Bean031

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Questionable Perseverance...

"Going to work no matter how ill they are."- Reynoldssas

"Going back to work right away after having a baby."

"I had a boss that used to brag about not taking a day off even when each of his kids were born."

"I’ve met others that brag similarly."

"So, you are more dedicated to your job than your family?"

"Seems odd to me, but whatever."

"Do you."- Round-Goat-7452

"Not taking PTO on their jobs."

"Its kinda sad in my opinion."- juliani01·

i feel sick flu GIFGiphy

But How Do You Really Feel?

“'I have no filter!'”

"I'm not talking about folks who, through no fault of their own, have difficulty with 'filtering'."

"This is about folks who are basically proclaiming that they're a**holes without saying that they're a**holes." - Reddit

If there's a trait anyone possesses which is most definitely brag worthy, it's having excellent self-awareness.

As they will know not to brag or boast about certain things.

But one should never expect those people to brag about anything.

They're too self-aware to do so.

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