No matter what people say, everyone goes through a struggle of one sort or another in their daily lives.

Some of these are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, however, and are the sort of things one simply vents about with their friends or family.

Others are a bit more serious, and much more personal.

So personal, in fact, that people feel as if they have no one they can talk to, as there is simply no one who could even hope to understand what they're going through.

Redditor achub0 gave people the opportunity to openly share their current struggles which they haven't told anyone about, leading them to ask:
"What silent battle are you fighting at the moment?"

Unhappiness Or Uncertainty?

"The urge to quit my job without anything lined up."- ShadowoftheDrake

Coming To Terms With One's Past

"All the traumas I'm having to heal from so i can properly function in life."

"I'm tired of feeling so held back because of the sh*t I had to go through growing up."

"I'm very thankful I've got therapist that I have, but it's just very exhausting working through your past so you can move forward."- urbanlulu

Crippling Lonliness

"Surrounded by family and friends but lonely as hell inside."- KenzoAtreides


"Binge eating addiction."- flowery9777

Battle Of The Office Temperatures...

"A war of epic proportions over the ideal temperature for the office."

"Any time my colleague leaves the room I adjust the AC to a non-cataclysmic heat death of the universe level, and when I leave the room she turns it back."

"It's been years."

"A word has never been said."- P1cn1cProblems

"Alcoholism but I’m approaching my first 24 hours sober in 15 years."

"As a career bartender I’m in the process of changing careers as well and I have a wonderful support system with my close friends and family!"

"I’m in the process as well of looking into non-religious community support groups in my area and should be attending my first meeting in a few days!"

"You’re all beautiful."- Liah_Natas_420

On/Off Relationship With Work

"Going to work, I usually get bursts of energy for a couple months, and other times I can’t stand the thought of going."- skittleyskittlex

What To Do With My Life

"What I want to do as a career, I feel stuck."- Goosetefer

Deep, Deep Rooted Issues

"I’m coming to the realization that I am an idiot."

"All my life I have been taken care of."

"My Grandmother and then the mother of my children. "

"I have zero mathematical abilities, numbers just don’t make sense to me."

"I can’t remember the order of the months or tell time."

"I have never been able to play board games or understand the process of doing a sport."

"Just situations that everyone seems to be able to do break down when I try to do them."

"If I ever messed up and said something completely wrong or incorrect I was always able to raise my eyebrow and convince the other person I was just joking."

"Now that my wife has moved on to her new family she still helps me daily."

"I guess I should say ex wife."

" Since I was very young I have been able to nod and parrot what a person in charge is telling me to make them believe that I understood the assignment."

"I found a job in a factory right out of high school that put me in a floor supervisor position and it allowed me to take what my boss said to me and I just relayed that to my crew."

"I did that job for 16 years and when we went to online work during Covid I was found out."

"As soon as it came to light that I had no Idea how to do the things that I was asking other people to do I just quit my job."

"The last couple of years I’ve lost everything and am grasping at straws to try to live some kind of life."

"It’s been a little over 7 months now and I don’t leave the house anymore."

"My Grandma has passed and my lovely ex-wife has helped me set up a small apartment that I can exist in."

"It's a silent battle to just keep going every day now that the person I was pretending to be my whole life has died in his own bed of ignorance."- jiffypopper44

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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

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