When looking at a resume, it's easy to understand how prospective employers will assume someone is very intelligent based on their education and past experience.

But one shouldn't only assume someone's intelligence based on what they read.

More often than not, one can tell rather quickly that someone possesses above-average intelligence, based on how they speak, how they behave, or other telling details.

Redditor PadWanKenobi was curious to hear what people felt were the tell tale signs they were in the company of a possible genius, leading them to ask:

"What’s a sign of extremely high intelligence?"

Instant adapability

"Ability to intuitively and quickly understand complex systems and how lots of parts relate in a coherent whole."

"Like I work with some people who just keep tons of concepts in their head and easily integrate new information into their understanding of those concepts."

"They immediately know what questions they should be asking to better understand."

"And these are things they're currently working on, not like things they spent time studying in school over years."

"They just have a very strong ability to synthesize new information into their understanding."

"I sit in meetings distracted and confused having forgotten what we talked about in the previous meetings, and these folks just consistently have a solid handle on everything."- Ok-Control-787

Innate Problem Solvers

"They know when not to solve a problem."

"This took me a while to understand but the smartest people I know do this."

"It could be a really simple thing like ignoring emails from people asking for help."

"The supervisor or boss might have a quick and easy solution for the situation but instead of just handing it to the person that asked they let them figure it out on their own."

"They know who they can do this with and when to do it."

"If they did that with all of their underlings it would just create a mess."

"Another example that I can think of is planned chaos."

"Some people can predict exactly where things will go wrong and they could fix it before it creates a problem."

"They don't because nobody ever notices what's going on in the background when things are working perfectly."

"Once things fails then everybody notices and if you are the one person that fixed it you become the hero."

"They can also use then chaos to reach a goal they couldn't get before if things were working correctly."

"There's many examples of this in every day life that I didn't see before until I realized what was happening."- atapes


You know what they say about people with small hands

"If your hand is smaller than your face."- FallofTheKnight

The all knowing glow.

"When someone asks you a question and you push your glasses up while light comes out of it and covers your eyes for some reason."- JonEregor

Those giveaway behavioral quirks

"Wearing glasses and saying things like 'ah yes', and 'I see' while you pensively rub your chin."- iuytrefdgh436yujhe2

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Encouraging others

"When they explain something they make the people around them feel smarter, not dumber."- redkat85

Being one step ahead.

"The capacity to understand complex things, see patterns where regular people don't."- Ostepop234

"They have this tendency to make you go 'Ohhh, why didn't I think of that?' when listening to them talk."- did_it_forthelulz

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An endless love of learning

"A passion for knowledge and expanding understanding of complex concepts."

"The plumber can be just as insightful as the scholar."- KatatoniK94

Some people like to flaunt it.

"Your username is EitiFrie."

"Jk."- EitiFrie

Take your pick...

"Talking to yourself while constantly working out things in your mind."

"Asking many questions - curiosity."

"Having anxiety and depression."

"Not having motivation to try once you fail something - you’re used to 'getting' things immediately."- I_Just_Want_2_Live

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Those who really hear you.

"Being a good listener."- IMeanHeck

Careful considerations.

"They actually think logically about conspiracy theories without completely believing them."- skyistootired

No one likes a "know it all"

"Knowing when to say 'I don’t know'."- CattDawg2008

"Knowing when to give up in an argument."- ShauryaP

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A nose for trouble...



"Understanding exactly how doomed we are."

"The next 50 years are going to be brutal."

"21/22 was just a warm-up."- hopeianonymous

It's not always easy.

"Unfortunately Schizophrenia and a ADHD."

The ususal...

"The most intelligent people have ."

"A good general knowledge."

"idk but speak 2 or more languages."

"Have an understanding of crypto and programming."

"And finally know how to fix a car."

"That is the most ultimate smartest person, we should be able to all agree on this."- hehehhe_

The company they keep

"Discreetly distancing themselves from raucous buffoons."- Chameleon777

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Of course, one shouldn't always be fooled by what they see.

As many people are masters at appearing much smarter than they are.

In fact, one important sign of super intelligence is being able to separate those who appear smart, from those who actually are.