People Share The Signs That Someone Is A Genuinely Good Person
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Not everything that glitters is gold.

Sometimes it's glitter; fun and sparkly but will also make your eyes rot inside your head (I know from experience) - which kind of makes it a perfect analogy for the kind of people who seem like good people, but have ulterior motives.

Being able to tell genuinely good people from the "nice guys" can be hard without practice, which is often painful. So let's just learn from other peoples mistakes, shall we?

Reddit user JustAMildKingPin asked:

"What's a sign that someone is a genuinely good person?"

Here's what we want to be looking out for, according to Reddit.


"They have made mistakes, acknowledge them, and have worked to make sure they never happen again."

"Good people want to be better people because they can see their own failings."


"And if those mistakes do happen again, they act better than they did the last time they made them. You're looking for growth."


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He Noticed

"I knew he was a good person when he was with all his friends playing dodgeball."

"He noticed that a girl who didn't have any friends was watching the game intently and invited her over to play together."

"He noticed her when all of the others, even those who mutually knew the girl, were purposely ignoring her. I was that girl."

"Thanks, man. I really, really, appreciated it."


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Yes You Kant!

"They try - to the best of their abilities - to function and live in such a way that, if everyone lived that way, the world would be a more peaceful and fulfilling and joyous place to live in."

- InfiNicty

"I know that theory! That's Kant!"

"I had to write a paper about categorical imperative in my high school psychology class."

"I titled it 'Yes You Kant!' ”

- TheDandy9

"I'm a high school English teacher and I would have given you bonus points for that title. I'm a sucker for a good title and you nailed it!!"

- solitasoul

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

"Tired that streets are always dirty and full of trash? Don't litter and pick up the occasional piece of trash from the floor."

"Tired that people are mean and unreliable? Be kind and reliable."

"Tired that people take advantage of the system? Don't take advantage of the system."

"It's hard sometimes. It would be easier to do the wrong thing. But I guess that's what makes the difference between an average person and a truly good person."

"Nobody is perfect. Even I often don't do the right thing."

"But I do my best. And I call my friends out when they do the wrong thing. And I'll teach my kinds strong morals and show them to always do the right thing, and teach my friends kids the same thing."

"Ultimately, it's not much. But if everyone did just a little, the world could change"

- dhrbtdge

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Holding Space

"If you tell them about your problems, they don't say "Others have it worse" and acknowledge that you do indeed have problems."

"Holding space for someone to be allowed to just feel their feelings is so special."


"I find this super important when talking to teens."

"Sure in the entirety of someone's life breaking up with their 10th grade boyfriend will barely register, but at the time their feelings are very real and it is incredibly important to them."

"Let them experience their heartbreak, don't diminish it. Be supportive without being dismissive."


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The Cart Test

"They put their shopping cart back"


"There is a SPECIAL circle of hell for people who leave their carts in the accessible (handicap) parking spaces."

"I don't know why they always seem to end up there."


"This is the answer I was looking for."

"When I was dating my ex, she just shoved it to the side and intended on leaving it. I gave her an annoyed look and put it away myself."

"I didn’t stick around much longer after that."

- captaintrips_1980

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That Hesitation

"When you can tell they don’t want to do the right thing."

"Like they see someone/something suffering and they stop a second and let out a sigh like 'Okay, okay… I’ll help.' "

"It shows that they are compelled by their conscience to do the right thing, even when it’s inconvenient to do so."

"It’s easy to stop and help when you’re in a good mood, have free time, and the funds to do it. It’s a little harder if you’re in a sh*tty mood, just got off a 10hr shift, and are flat broke."

"Good people help anyway."

- fartssmellgreat


"When some rich, comfortable, safe person donates money I don't see a wealth of goodness in. Especially not compared to when some average person gives up their limited free time to help others."

- HuskyLuke

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No One Thing

"There is no one sign that someone is a genuinely good person, but there are many things that can be symptomatic of someone who is good."

"For example, someone who is good will often have empathy for others and be willing to help out whenever they can."

"They will also usually have a kind and caring personality, and will not be quick to anger."

"Additionally, a genuinely good person will likely be humble and not boast about their accomplishments."


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No Need To Advertise

"They never ever tell you 'I’m a good person' or say things like 'I’m not like that.' ”

"A genuinely good person isn’t trying to convince anyone that they’re good! They show it with actions and often don’t want or care for credit if they do any acts of kindness."


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The Thought That Counts

"I was hanging out with an old friend and at one point they looked kind of lost in thought so I asked what they were thinking."

"They said they just remembered that our other friend had a job interview coming up and was thinking about how awesome it would be for him to get the job."

"He went on and on about how our other friend has worked so hard for this and is so good at what he does. He mentioned how he was really hoping a new job works out for him!'"

"If you meet someone who not only keeps up with what's going on in the lives of others, but also spends time actively thinking about and putting out good vibes out there for people who aren't even present, that's a sign that they are a good person."


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"When I was a teenager, I went to a boarding school in another country. My best friend's dad pretty much adopted me straight into his family."

"I spent every weekend at their place when I wasn't staying with my grandparents."

"My best friend was his adopted son. Not always the easiest thing, my friend had all kinds of issues, from his ADD to the various traumas of going through the child-services system."

"His dad was always patient, and forgiving of a lot of crap from his son that I probably wouldn't have been so kind about. Kind and soft-spoken, generous with his time and his heart."

"He was a supply-teacher who headed up the local Scout group. He helped organize village fairs, made sure to check in on the elderly in town. He did charitable work and supported the church (despite being an atheist himself.)"

"I have fond memories of being behind the scenes at all sorts of local events helping out."

"We were always helping stack and unpack chairs or furniture, it was his price for taking us places we wanted to go. If we wanted something from him, we could earn it by donating our own time and effort."

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"That makes it sound more mercenary than it was, but I look back on it as good parenting. He never refused outright to take us somewhere, he just wanted us to give in the spirit that we received."

"He was basically another Dad to me. I remember him as one of the most genuinely Good people I've ever known."

"He died while I was in university. A Brain-Aneurysm."

"It came pretty much out of nowhere and he passed painlessly in his sleep. His health was never the best."

"I remember that the church was completely packed. Standing room only, and the doors were open wide with more people gathered outside."

"There were people who had come from clear across the country to be there."

"Everyone loved him and everyone had a memory to share and a kind word on their lips about him. It astonished me the amount of impact one person could have on so many people, and yet he was always humble and quiet."

"He just did Good. One person and one village fair at a time."

"RIP Kevin. The world was a better place for having you."

- Ruadhan2300

OK hang on, we're kind of verklempt over Kevin and his kindness.

Talk amongst yourselves in the comments while we get it together over here. Tell us how you know a good heart.

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