High school is such an interesting time. Everything can seem possible, depending on who you are of course.

There are a certain handful of people we look at and think... "they've got it" or "they're gonna go far."

We wonder, why can't we be them? They have it all.

And then the facade begins to crack, the veneer blemishes.

We soon realize... "goodness, I think they're only going to ever have high school."

RedditorThementalisttwanted to know about the people in high school who never soared farther then the days of pep rallies and prom, so they asked:

"What’s a sign someone didn’t grow mentally after high school?"

I know so many high school people that really just plateaued.

It's sad, because potential is a tough thing to waste.

True Story

"They get arrested for getting drunk and playing with an illegal firearm and their mug shot looks exactly like their yearbook photo. True story." ~ Largicharg


you're not special...

"Here’s an unconventional one. People who were smart, did well, were popular, and were at the top of their class who never got out of that mentality."

"They constantly blame other people for having flaws and continue to think that they’re above other people at work or in society. They think because they made an achievement in high school means that they can judge other people for the rest of their lives."

"F**k you if this is you. Get your snobby little a** outta here." ~ SubiWhale

Crazy Popular Girl

"I know a girl who went and became a teacher. She follows her students on instagram but won’t add them on her Facebook."

"I noticed that she copies a lot of her students (especially the popular types) outfits but she only ever posts them on her fb. She also likes to play the mean, popular, 'you can’t sit with us' role on her fb in all the pics she posts."

"I wonder if she became a teacher so she could be the popular girl she dreamed of becoming when she went to high school." ~ Dry-Tough2994

I'll be Outside!

"I came back during college and was hanging out with old friends. We were are pretty drunk and one pulls out a gun and starts showing it off handing it around. I hand to sit outside until they put it away since I didn’t have a way home for a bit."

"Come to learn while sitting out there with apparently the only other person there who isn’t a dangerous moron, this is not the first time and the last time the gun went off in the apartment."

"WHY IN THE F**K WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN? The one I was outside with is the only one I talk to anymore." ~ Mewchu94


"They still hang out with the high school kids helping with parties." ~ soiledsanchez


Well those are sone serious red flags.

Who hangs out with high schoolers when you're not in high school?

Move On!

"When they talk about scoring 4 touchdowns while at Polk High School." ~ Tink2013


Poser Majesty...

"I know a woman who is well into the second half of her life who volunteered with an after-school program and went full queen bee when some of the kids didn’t unquestioningly follow her whims. Some of which were outright dangerous, mind you." ~ Amiiboid

Sour Coffee

"I have a 'friend' who I had to stop talking to because every time we would get together to have coffee and catch up, she would tell the same stories and the same drama over and over from HS instead of talking about her life and job, etc. We are mid 20s now and she's still going strong so I just left her to it." ~ False-Animal-3405


"I was friends with a girl at school until her boyfriend hit on me. I was blatantly not into it but he didn't get the hint. I let her know in private, and she stopped being friends with me, and tried to get others to do the same."

"She stayed with the bf until he dumped her so he could explore his options at Uni. I bumped into her at the pub a few years later and she completely blanked me and glared all evening." ~ EveningConcert

It's Everybody!!

"Have you been out in the world? I’d say 80% of the population never grew mentally after high school." ~ Valuable_Armadillo90

Cecily Strong Season 44 GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

High school ends; and every privilege that goes along with it.

Someone should warn people.

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