Things That Instantly Make Someone Think 'That Person Has No Manners'

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There are certain behavioral traits that can instantly tell you everything about a person without even sharing two words with them.

The way they hold themselves, the frequency with which they smile, and how they interact with others could reveal everything you may need to know about them, particularly their manners

Outrageous as it may seem, even the most minute detail could be all it takes to expose an individual's manners or lack thereof.

Indeed, while some people might not realize that they are behaving in a rude or inappropriate manner, others might be more aware of it, but make no effort to improve their behavior.

No matter how much side-eye is being unleashed upon them.

Redditor Fonzie1225 was curious to hear the dead giveaways of people having a complete lack of manners, leading them to ask:
"What is one thing that instantly makes you think 'this person has no manners'?"

Control Your Children!

'People who let their kids run around in a movie theater, kick the back of your seat repeatedly, and hang on you."-- curious_cat123456

"Parents who let their children run rampant anywhere."

"I've seen parents watch as their kid pops their fingers through every package of meat at the grocery store and do nothing."

"Parents who let their kids kick a strangers shoe or other belongings."

"Letting the kids spit on windows and rub it with their hands."

"Letting them run around the store, playing with anything and everything and leaving a mess for others to clean and the parents literally just ignore it!"

"I never understood that."

"They really are your obligation, not the store associate who's unlucky enough to be working the shift you happen to stroll in during."

"Be a parent!"

"Bad kids can turn into sh*tty people."- Maliagirl1314

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Have They Learned NOTHING From The Last Three Years!?!?

"Coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth."- 2baverage

A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way...

"When you offer your time and money to drive someone and they don't thank you for the ride."- mishmash_iam_trash

Where To Even Begin?...

"So i have a roommate who i’m entirely convinced has absolutely no manners whatsoever."

"For context, I live in the barracks, so i have no choice but to live with this guy."

"I have a million and a half stories about this guy, but i guess i’ll start with the basics."

"Doesn’t clean up after himself, and refuses to help clean, even if he’s a guest in someone else’s home."

"Chainsmokes/vapes in peoples cars, flicks ash 'out the window' but everyone knows that literally will just kick it back into the jeep. tries to constantly 'teach' people things, and will talk your ear off and basically just dominate the conversation."

"No listening or allowing for a different perspective."

"Motherf*cker literally introduced himself to me as 'the smartest man in any room' he plays music and sings in the shower at 4, 5, 6 in the morning and will take 45+ minute showers , 20 minutes to sit on the toilet and 25 to have his concert."

"The last straw for me was when I came home on leave and saw his flesh light sitting out in the common area table."

"We’ve stopped inviting him to places."

"He sits in his room alone playing xbox all day because i’m not responsible for teaching a 21-year-old child basic manners."

"It’s not happening."- bluebreez1

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Who Invited You?

"Inviting everyone in the friend group to an event and excluding just one friend, then proceeding to talk about how much fun they’re going to have at said event in front of the person that was purposely excluded , in front of everybody."

"Happened today and thought it was pretty rude."

"This did not happen to me and second we are not in high school, we are in our late twenties / early thirties which makes the situation even more upsetting."- TDiddy_


"Littering."- Regularjay69

Roads Are A Shared Space!

"People who don't use turn signals."

"Sh*t drives me crazy."- Pillsburyjewboy7

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