Things People Should Never Buy Second-Hand

There are just some things we really need to buy fresh off the line.

I am all for frugal in most things.

Any way I can save money, I will do it.

But there are certain items where I'll just cave and do firsthand.

Borrowed clothes are one thing, because you can wash them.

Second hand cars... of course.

But more intimate things, it's a big no.

Redditor LikeaHorse33 wanted to discuss what items we may want to acquire firsthand when shopping. So they asked everyone:

"What’s the one thing you would never buy second hand?"

Food. I've seen people try it. No... I don't want you half eaten apple. I believe that counts.

For the Stove

pan GIFGiphy

"Non-stick cookware."


"Just don't buy that period, get cast iron or stainless and use oil/butter."


Safety First

"Motorcycle helmet."


"I saw one at a pawn shop once, the left side of it looked like someone took a belt sander to it for a minute straight. Plastic was gone and the inner foam was visible (and cracked apart) They wanted $40 for it."


"I've bought motorcycle helmets numerous times in the past, ended up getting very expensive 400-600 dollar helmets for 200 bucks in like new condition. Sometimes people just don't like them or the way they fit. But there's a lot of good deals out there for used helmets in like new condition and it'll save you hundreds of dollars, but hey to each their own."


Don't Sit

"Couches. I know people buy them second hand often, but I find it’s easy to conceal prior spills on certain couches. Most couches are disgusting after a few years of use."


"One time, my roommate had a party and someone literally pooped on my couch. I had no hope of cleaning it despite one weak attempt (I was a poor student) so I just pitched it to the curb, as unattractively as possible."

"Wouldn't you know it, someone dumpster-dived and hauled it away. Still grosses me out almost 20 years later."


Good Keys

"Keyboard. I've disassembled quite a few for cleaning, and they are disgusting. If I have the chance, I'd rather use my own or buy a new one. Detest the thought of using someone else's."


"Seconding this..."

"I ran a build and repair service for (high end) keyboards for a while. Quit in part because of the crap people sent me. I have horror stories, with pictures to back them up. Clean your keyboards folks, and try not to eat (or participate in other activities ) at your desk."


Fly Safe

Cow Skydiving GIF by Pablo LopezGiphy

"Lol I used to always answer this question with, a parachute! Then my paragliding instructor told me to absolutely buy my first chute used! He said I would save thousands and probably resell it for close to what I pay, and as long as it's inspected, it will be totally safe."


Seriously... who buys a used parachute? Too dangerous.

For the baby...


"Baby carrier or child seat. Only from friends were I can be sure that they are accident free and clean."


"My mom has always gotten ours and passed them off to family and friends. I’d assume for this reason."


Sleeping Necessities



"It depends. I got a practically brand new mattress from a presumably rich university student who bought a new mattress and only used it for two semesters and now she was selling so she didn't have to store it over the summer. Excellent deal, excellent condition and I put a hypoallergenic mattress cover/bag thingy over it anyway."


Never Assume

"My local goodwill sold bathing suits, used bathing suits. Used lingerie too (just the tops), once my big sister was going to buy both but assumed they were new but given to goodwill because the person who bought it ended up not liking it or something."

"She even asked the lady at the desk about it. When we got to the car she found out both were stained especially the lingerie. You can assume with what. I could never buy either of those used, especially after that."


No. Hard pass...


"When I was pregnant, my mother in law gave me a plastic baggie of used pacifiers. She had bought them at a garage sale and told me they'd be fine to use if I just boiled them first. No. Hard pass. They went straight in the trash when I got home."


"I just found out they have a lifespan too! Apparently you should replace them after a few months (check w manufacturer) because the tips will eventually break off. I was babysitting and a toddler came over to me with a broken pacifier, he looked funny so I swept his mouth and found the last 1cm of silicone in there. He’d just worn it down gnawing on it over time."



oh my god omg GIFGiphy

"Makeup, never know what germs or mess they have."


"I noticed someone selling a used lip gloss. Like halfed used. No thanks."


Yeah, there are just somethings that need to be full price.

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