People Divulge Which Things They Wish We Could Bring Back From The Past
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Affordable housing. The ozone layer. Tan m&m's.

The past was full of awesomeness that we really should get back to.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses, we know that.

None of us are over here with the whole "I was born in the wrong decade" mentality—but you gotta admit a lower cost of living would be pretty dope.

Also that blue m&m's are inferior.

Reddit user Darko992 asked:

"What should we bring back from the past?"

Here are some things Reddit really wishes we never let go of.

Frock Yeah


"They look cool, often one size fits all, easier to take on or off than a jacket, and don’t have a dumb zipper."

- lordcaledonia

"Ya know how in Harry Potter they walk around London in cloaks and sh*t and people don’t even notice? "

"Well I was in the line at TSA and didn’t notice for a full 10 minutes that the lady in front of me was wearing a full-on velvety cloak. Once I did notice, my first thought was 'sh*t that’s a cool cloak.' So now I understand Muggle London"

- hausishome

"When I was stationed in Yongsan, South Korea I was waiting in line at Taco Bell when I see another soldier I kind of know walk up. We were both in civilian clothes - but her version of civvies was an awesome cloak."

"I got to talking with her and asked if she was going to a larp, she said no and said she just felt like rocking a cloak that day. "

"To this day her confidence has inspired me!"

- 360Entertainment


Practical Effects

"More real effects instead of CGI in movies. Obviously, CGI has made the impossible possible, but directors like Guillermo Tel Toro prove that there is a lot that can be created believably and beautifully on film."

- -PyramidHead

"Good practical effects will hold up basically forever, too. Look at The Thing; that movie is now forty years old and the effects still look top notch."

- ironwolf56

"Good CGI goes unnoticed. Slightly bad CGI looks f*cking terrible."

- crysco

"It still doesn't age well. The best CGI from the 90s looks decent (IE: Terminator 2) but you still have to be like 'It looks good....for 1991' since it never holds up to age."

- HelmutHoffman

What Wear When?

"Every fashion from every era at the same time. I'd love the mess it would make"

- AldaronWilwarin

"The 1720s. Puffy pants and powdered wigs baby"

- Joke_Mummy

"Well right now 60's-90's is apparently coming back in style, plus Amish attire."

"Source- worked at Nordstroms for a bit this year."

- PrityBird

"If capes were back in style I'd cry from joy."

- CityOfZion

"Definitely already a thing, with people coming in mullets and thrifting"

- GabrielliaPumphrey


"The expectation of lack of availability."

"The amount of technology we have is truly amazing and I love that I get to experience it. That being said, the idea that I am available 100% of the time from morning to night is easily the biggest source of stress I have in my life."

"I miss the time before smartphones."

- andlecrusher

"I felt the same, that anyone could demand my attention at any time and I would be expected to give it especially with phone calls."

"For the last few years I've had my phone on silent (no vibration). I choose when I look at my phone and respond to texts or call people back. Its freeing."

"Some people get frustrated by that, but that's a them problem."

"Just because they want to talk to me at a particular time does not mean that they can, I have a life too."

- isthisthewifi


"Unless it's my girlfriend or my family, I just don't respond to texts or anything after like 5pm."

"Phone call? Go to voice-mail."

"You don't owe anybody your time, regardless of how they may feel about that."

- gamesireallylike

"I agree and I've learned to set boundaries so this is no longer an expectation."

"Work knows my hours and that I am not going to respond outside of those hours."

"The worst offender was my mother, who'd call like 5x in as many minutes at 10pm (I usually go to bed at 9pm, she knows this)."

"I set the boundary and told her that unless its an emergency, please do not call after 7pm (that's family time for us). Texting is ok, but I'll respond at my leisure then."

- cheesemongrel938491

Love Thy Neighbor

"A sense of community"

- Jaxxs90

"It's odd, this one. Because everyone alive would love for it to happen, but nobody wants to make it happen."

"When was the last time you spoke to your neighbours? A while ago I bet."

- fancybigballs

"I read a book about this. It's the idea of social infrastructure- creating spaces that encourage physical, human interaction and a community."

"Cars and suburbs in America have really f*cked this up because they prevent social interaction/sense of community."

"You get up in your suburban home where your nearest neighbor is still fairly distant, get in your car, and drive straight to work. Then you drive back home. Maybe you drive to some large superstores."

"In contrast, imagine more walkable cities like some in Europe or Asia. Neighborhoods where people live in closer proximity, where shops/cafes/libraries/small businesses owned by families are within walking distance, and where walkable paths and parks abound."

"A day might involve a lot more walking, passing by your neighbors on your street, building common interactions with locals, and where communities can hold more community events like farmers markets and stuff. "

"It's better for humans, better for the environment, better in almost every aspect."

"Not to say these things don't exist in America, or only exist in other countries, but most cities are such a far cry from this kind of community."

- ButterfreePimp

Built Tough

"Stuff being made to last a lifetime rather than a few months to a few years."

- Nobody91765

"Yes. A ban on planned obsolescence would be VERY nice."

- UsedLandscape876

"Poorly made throwaway goods have always been a staple of the market."

- ReallySmallWeenus

"It's not planned obsolescence, it's a 'defined service life.' "

"Materials science got to a point where they can cut costs down and deliver absolute minimum quality of material to hit a desired lifespan on a product."

"You can still buy things that last forever, they're just considered luxury product and cost 3-4 times as much."

"Go to the grill section of your local Home Depot and check out a Weber Genesis next to your average Charbroil or NexGrill for a visual example. "

"The Weber will easily last you a decade-plus, probably 20 years if you take care of it. On the other hand, the Charbroil will rust out within 3-5 years."

"Basically, if we want things that last, we either have to accept that everything is going to get at least 30% more expensive, or we just need to go pay for luxury items now."

- duffman13jws


Get Ronald On The Phone

"Old design of McDonalds buildings"

- Left-Pop-9420

"Right?! The new design looks like a depressed millennial. I want my free circus again!"

- arlingLee

"Including the ball pits and play places"

- obert-wan-kenobert

"When the new commercials came out that featured the retro lamps I got excited. I thought a franchise wide re-design was on the way. Nope."

- keylabulous



"A relaxed life style and more family gatherings"

- adallal

"I would kill for the first one alone."

"Take me back to a time where like, you would just need to do your job, your part, and maintain your responsibilities and that's it."

- MolhCD

"Yeah. Now, it's more complex than just that."

"I think now we have too many responsibilities and higher expectations that those of the old days. This brings more worries and stress."

- adallal


"Expunging juvenile records for stupid and petty crimes."

"I get having to prosecute minors as adults for serious crimes, but for stupid and petty things they don't automatically expunge them anymore like they used to and a juvenile record can haunt them for years."

"As long as the crime was petty and non-violent I want to get back to letting that child have a fresh start once they're an adult."

- llcucf80

"Wow! I didn’t know that changed. I’ll have to look in to that. Kids make stupid decisions and shouldn’t have to carry that burden in to adulthood."

- Equal_Nail925


Let's Get Physical

"Physical media. I miss the days of VHS and browsing video stores."

- lunchboxbeard82

"Yes! Physical all the way! I hate it when I hear an album or song and I find out it’s not on CD. I need something to play in the car!"

- Ok-Call-4805

"That's more on the consumer's end. Most digital media is still available in a physical counterpart."

"I'm somewhere in between, I get the appeal of physical media but I don't like having things. I still dislike streaming that turned media into basically a service that most of their users take for granted."

"I tend to buy digital copes of albums and keep listening to them in the same behavior I did when I was a kid and bought a cassette tape and was the only thing I heard for some time."

- flacocaradeperro

"Get that too. For me I miss the ritual of browsing and picking up an album or movie, reading the box, opening the box first time, etc."

- lunchboxbeard82 Giphy


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