People Break Down The Most Shocking Confessions From Someone They Barely Know

People Break Down The Most Shocking Confessions From Someone They Barely Know
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When you're just starting to get to know someone, there are number of typical "icebreaker" conversations people tend to use to get to know one another.

Favorite films, books and tv shows, recent travel, hobbies, all shared in the hope of finding common interests.

If things seem to be going well, people often begin to get comfortable enough to move past the generic questions and begin to get more personal.

Which can prove to be a risky endeavor, as some intimate information might end up being revealed, which the receiving party wasn't quite ready to hear.

Redditor Butt_Roidholds was curious to hear the most shocking information people received from others they wouldn't exactly consider friends, leading them to ask:
"What's the most f**ked up thing someone has told you about themselves after barely getting to know them?"

Not At All The Same Thing!

"Visited a coffee shop for the first time on holiday."

"Barista commented on my tattoos."

"I said thank you."

"She told me she's not allowed to get tattoos but she cuts herself to enjoy the pain and that's nearly the same thing."

"I found a different coffee shop for the rest of the holiday."- kyridwen

You Meet All Kinds Of People

"Stuck driving a coworker out to a remote gas plant to do a system install."

"He was kinda f*cked up but assumed it was just socially awkward IT way."


"He starts telling me about him and his dad collecting nazi memorabilia and how proud he was of his German grandparents."

"Trying to make other small talk and he would just trail off answering questions and start singing to himself."

"Thought for sure I’d end up on the news and a manhunt would be conducted."

"Second best story, met the neighbor right after we moved in and she started telling me about them wanting another kid but doing the deed was hard because she was overweight and had bad knees and it just made it difficult."

"I’m a guy who never met her and have my kids playing mere feet away so I can’t call her batsh*t crazy." - Reddit

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Coffee

"A customer explained to me the benefits of a coffee enema to heal everything from my acne to preventing cancer."

"I couldn't get her to leave me alone for an hour because it was dead and no one was there to help."

"I worked for a skincare counter in a department store."

"Like if you don't need my products because cleaning your butt with coffee fixes it, why are you here?"

"But she went on about how she started her kids on these and did their enemas until they could do theirs on their own."

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"Then she also grabbed my hands and kept saying promise me you'll try it."

"Promise me."

"She left after I promised."

"No, I didn't try it." - Reddit

Makes You Value What You Have

"Had to get my picture taken for a visa so went to a local photography shop that took the pictures and printed them out for you right there."

"I had been talking to the guy as he worked on other people's photos and when I finally got my picture taken he started opening up about his family."

"Apparently his son was killed 3 years ago in a car accident and he was telling me how much I reminded him of his son, going to school for engineering, 1st generation college student etc."

"The son was killed in his senior year so didn't even get to graduate, he even showed me pictures it was heartbreaking."

"To make things worse he said he had a degenerative muscular disease and doctors had given him about 2-3 years before he'd be bed ridden."

"He then went on to say his daughter was taking care of him and how she isn't married yet and deserves to live a young persons life and man, it really put into perspective how bad some people have it."

"I still think about that guy to this day and hope he's doing well."- EA721

Don't Be So Sure Of Who You Can Trust...

"I made the unfortunate mistake of inviting my old neighbor over when we were having a party."

"He had like five gins in my kitchen and confessed to an unsolved murder in Nunavut, Canada."

"He's in jail."- _HossBonaventureCEO_

It Takes Courage To Ask For Help

"Moved to a neighborhood not to long ago."

"First person I meet was an older woman in her 50s."

"She told me all about her drug use and how sometimes she ends up outside naked and asked if I would help her back inside and put clothes on her."

"This was all in 5 minutes of saying hello."- Horribleheadaches

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An Unexpected Family

"Sat on an Amtrak across from a very sweet older man, who within twenty minutes was telling me about the purpose of his trip to Maryland."

"To meet his biological father, who he had discovered via 23andMe, to discuss changing his last name, which was the condition of becoming the sole inheritor of his father’s estate."

"And that he was feeling a little guilty about that because his three half sisters would be excluded from their father’s will because he 'finally had a legacy.'”


"He disembarked twenty minutes later, and I have thought about it constantly for the following four years."- mom_jean

No Better Truth Potion Than Alcohol...

"Bartender for awhile."

“'I’m here to meet a man to cheat on my husband with'.”- Oh_Archie

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