Shocked Pet Owners Reveal The Smartest Thing Their Fur Babies Ever Did

Shocked Pet Owners Reveal The Smartest Thing Their Fur Babies Ever Did

Shocked Pet Owners Reveal The Smartest Thing Their Fur Babies Ever Did

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**Fur babies are the best. They cuddle with us, they kiss us and love us more than any other useless homosapien would. And often they are proven to be Einstein level genius. Your dogs, cats, ferrets, horses... they think deeper and know far more than we realize. **

Redditor **SwiftMonster **_asked ___Pet owners of Reddit, what was the most intelligent thing your pet has done? _The stories can flooding in. _


When I was a kid, we had two dogs: a Pyrenean Shepherd, and a Labrador Retriever. The Retriever was a goofy idiot, but the Shepherd was smart.

One day, the Retriever gets loose (we had to tie him up in the yard because he kept chasing things and running away), and the Shepherd runs after him. We never even realized what had happened until we saw the Shepherd coming back with the Retriever, holding the would-be runaway's leash in his mouth, and leading him back to the house. Must have been a weird sight for the neighbors.


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I used to have a border collie/German Shepherd mix named ash. We had a 6 foot chain link fence with about an acre-sized backyard for him to roam freely. One day, we couldn't find him and an hour later he was back in the yard. As his escapes happened more often, I decided to watch him from the window. He would stick his front paws in the fence, pull himself up so his lower legs went in the fence, then put his front paws on top of the fence and climb over it like a damn human. He could do it from the other side as well and never hurt himself doing it. I was so impressed I wasn't even mad at him when he continued doing it for the remainder of his life. He was the smartest animal I ever had.


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I had a genius ferret. All of my ferrets were smarter than you might expect, but Mia was ridiculous. I have tons of stories, but here's my favorite.

My roommates and I used to hangout in a TV room that had door way with no door (entranceway?). Since I wanted the ferret to be able to run around while we were there, I put a baby gate across the exit. Took her ten seconds to climb it, of course. I then wrapped the gate in carpet runner, so she couldn't scale it. She tried for a long time, but could find anything to get a grip on. Three of us are all kind of marveling at her commitment.

She stops trying to climb, and just freezes for a minute, her eyes panning around the room like she's concocting a scheme, and then she starts eyeballing a shoebox on the other side of the room. Eyes up on the gate, back to the box, back to the gate. My buddy says "No way. You think she's figured it out?" She walks over to the box and starts sliding it across the floor, stopping every foot or so and checking her progress. Finally gets to the gate, hops on the box and jumps up and grabs the top of the gate. Whoop she's up and over and dancing down the hallway.


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We used to have this dog when I was younger, she learned how to open our fridge and she would eat almost everything in it. It got so bad that my mom had to buy a child proof lock for our fridge, she ran a daycare so it was always funny when parents asked about it and she had to explain it was for our dog and not the daycare kids.


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A couple years ago, my grandmother who doesn't walk very well anymore fell while walking in the living room.

They have a plot of land so it's pretty big and a couple of my family members live there, but at that time nobody was home. When our dog found out my grandmother fell, he ran all around to look for another person. When he didn't find anyone, he lay down and sat with her until she found the strength to stand up again. She told the whole family and I think we were all a little more thankful he was there for her that day.


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Cat would not let me go to sleep and insisted I follow her to the kitchen. We had just gotten a new stove with a glass cooktop and didn't realize one of the burners was still on very low. Thanks, kitty.


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My cat is a sadist. She has learned my work/school schedule and if I'm not getting up in the morning, she will step on the button of my CPAP machine, causing me to choke and wake up. If I have a panic attack, she meows until I pick her up and pet her, until I calm down.


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I have a German Shepherd that will let me know he's about to vomit and needs to be let out by nudging my legs, licking his lips, and then running to the back door. I'm so thankful he's learned to try to hold in his vomit so he won't do it in the house.


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My cat uses her claw to make her water bowl ring like a bell. I'm apparently the servant being called to refresh the water.


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My cat gets really ashamed when he hacks up a hairball. He will sit there looking very sad until its cleaned up. Well one day I was at work when he threw one up, and since there was nobody in the house to clean it up for him, he tried to clean/cover it up it on his own. He found one of my dirty socks I kicked off the day before, unrolled it, and then neatly placed it over the hairball. I still ended up stepping in it though.


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I don't know about intelligent but it was rude: I was sitting at the kitchen table using my laptop and singing. My cat came from across the house, hopped up on the table, and slapped me across the face.


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I once had a dog that would look both ways before crossing the street. She was legitimately looking for oncoming traffic. One time she started to cross, but then saw a car coming. She backed off, and only crossed after the car passed.

On the other hand, I once had a dog who would sun bath in the middle of the street. Literally in the middle, as to block traffic in both directions.


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Our dog and cat have learned to work together to steal food from the kitchen counter. The dog goes first, and if the dog is unsuccessful, the cat goes and knocks the food onto the floor for the dog.


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We have smooth wood floors that can be kind of slippery in socks. One night I took a corner too fast, slipped, and went down hard. I wasn't hurt, just sorta stunned so I just stayed on the floor for a second (I was belly-side down, but propped up on my elbow). When I didn't get up right away, my dog leapt over the couch to get to me, wiggled her body under mine then stood up, so that she was kind of lifting my body up on hers. I'm not sure if it was at all her intention, but I like to think she was trying to help me. As soon as I got up on my own, she proceeded to tackle me and frantically lick my face in celebration. :)


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Was in the middle of packing to move and one of us forgot to close the hamster cage. Hammy gets out and is running around. Cat notices hammy and makes this loud strange meow that wakes us up and alerts us to the loose hamster.

Pretty decent of that cat to not eat the hamster.


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One time my dog had a minor blockage and we took him to the emergency vet to see what we could do. The vet decided to give him some fluids to try to flush it out. Later that night he woke me up by punching me in the face and looked deeply into my eyes as if to say "this is going to be a photo finish." Let him outside and he let out the biggest poop I had ever witnessed him take. Thanks for not doing that in the house buddy.


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My cat hid under a comforter when my house caught on fire when I wasn't home. It saved his life because the layers of the comforter acted as an air filter and saved him from dying of smoke inhalation.


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I'm pretty bad at keeping track of my 3D game cartridges. Lucky for me, my cat isn't. I once lost my copy of Pokemon X, nearly destroyed my room trying to find it. A week later, I'm outside exercising and my cat walks up to me, drops the missing game cartridge at my feet and then just walks off like it's no big deal.


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My chocolate lab woke me up one night barking in my face. I was really mad because he does that. When i got up to see what was up I soon realized I was having a massive Heart Attack. He saved my life. Thanks Luke.


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I was trying to teach my husky "paw" and he wasn't getting it, after about 5 min of watching my lab mix comes over and puts his paw in my hand to show his brother how it's done.

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