Shocked People Share The Wildest Secret They've Ever Exposed.


Have you ever exposed a well-kept piece of information, whether intentionally or unintentionally? Here, people share the wildest secret they've ever exposed.


1. Guess what?!

When I was young, I had a friend who lived down the street. She had a trampoline and I didn't, so naturally we spent a lot of time together.

I also had a cousin who was a year younger than us, whom I saw quite often. Someone decided it was a good idea (or possibly just forgot I was there) to mention the fact that my cousin was adopted while in front of me.

That's a pretty big secret in itself, but it also turned out that my friend from down the street was adopted... from the same birth mother as my cousin. My friend and my cousin were super secret brother and sister and I was a 9-year-old with this information. How exciting!

Who wouldn't want to know they had a secret brother or sister? So I called them to the tree house on the schoolyard during recess once and spilled the beans. My family hasn't told me a secret since.


2. Gotcha.

I was training at a pizza place as part-time help many years ago. My manager was explaining the register procedures to me and everything sounded a little weird. You could mark just about any inventory as a baking mistake.

So I asked them how they stopped people from just taking cash transactions and marking off the inventory. He had never thought about it. Two weeks later he had the assistant manager arrested for stealing. I didn't work there for long after that, it was a bit awkward.


3. Watch the world burn.

A couple years ago when I was still in high school, some kids I knew started an "anonymous confessions page" for our school on Twitter where people could Direct Message the account and the page would post it anonymously.

Being that we were all still young and naive at the time, naturally the page got tons of submissions almost immediately. It started off innocently enough, things like 'I have a crush on X' or 'I think Y is cute,' but as the page gained in popularity the confessions became more and more profane. Eventually, the confessions got to a point where people were submitting very personal secrets about their friends like 'X cheated on Y with Z' as well as some graphic sexual fantasies.

After a few weeks, the page gained notoriety and everyone was keeping up to date with the latest confessions. Anyways, at this point the kids who were running the page decided that they wanted nothing more than to see the world burn.

They took screenshots of every submission with the person that submitted it, and on a dark Sunday evening, posted every single screenshot on the page for everyone to see. In an instant, best friends became enemies, longtime couples were broken up, and perverts were outed.

In a way, I like to think that these kids were chess masters, slowly moving pawns until finally exposing the fake and superficial nature of high schoolers in a cold and calculated move.

School was pretty tense the next day.


4. Whoopsie.

I knew two people who were first cousins and married to each other. I offhandedly made a remark about it, and found out that was suppose to be a secret.


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5. My husband is the grandson of a former Russian dictator - enjoy the cake!

One time my mom went to her friend's wedding and the bride took her aside and revealed that the groom was the grandson of Stalin.


6. Stuck to his word.

In Kindergarten, my best friend told me he knew where his dad's gun was and wanted to bring it to school to show me and our other friends. I told him not to, and that I would tell the teacher if he did.

About a week later, at recess, he pulled out the gun. So I went and told the teacher. But being the 90s, he only got suspended and a stern talking to by the police.


7. He's an imposter!

I was hanging out with a childhood friend of mine and my brother. His mom tells us to go to his brother's film final presentation (all film students make a short 10 minute film to be graded by the audience, staff, teacher, and fellow students) so we go. What we didn't know was at his college he had a persona of an immigrant working hard to make it in the reality he was born in NY.

When they (his friends) meet his (the guy pretending's) family they ask who we are and we tell them. They ask why don't we have accents (friends and brother) and we say we've all lived here since birth. We hear the next day we completely messed up his social circle and he's been blacklisted by the Colombian clique at school. Not very exciting but it was the biggest one I uncovered.


8. Don't mess with grandma.

A few years ago I was cleaning out our attic. My house was my grandparents' house so there was a lot of very old paper work. I was curious so I was combing through all of it. In one box I found divorce papers from 1952 with my grandmother's name and some unknown mans name.

I showed them to my mother and she told me that my grandmother was married for two years before my grandfather. This may not sound very shocking, but the story of why they got the divorce was eye-opening.

Turns out grandmother married the guy right after college and moved to Detroit. There he turned very abusive. She couldn't get a divorce because he wouldn't allow her to get one. Turns out it was hard for women to get a divorce if the husband didn't want it.

So she had to convince him to get a divorce. So she shot him in the butt with her gun and moved back here to Tennessee. He mailed her the papers. No one but my mother knew this. So now I have an interesting story for my grandmothers old gun.


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9. Mom, who's "David"?

We were at a pool party and one of the girls was lying on a sun lounge by the pool. I picked the sun lounge up by one end and was about to throw her in the pool but then thought I should ask so as not to be a jerk. She said it was fine so into the pool she went. Unfortunately she had forgotten her phone was in her pocket so it was drowned at the bottom of the pool.

She borrowed her mum's old phone to use as a replacement, and noticed her mum hadn't erased all the texts in her inbox. She saw one from a name she didn't recognize and opened it - it was her mum's boyfriend. She had been cheating on my friend's dad for years with this guy and my friend brought it up, it all came out and they got divorced.


10. Pay up.

My jerk boss owing over half a million to the IRS. A lot of us immediately jumped ship. My new job is in the same building and I had the pleasure of witnessing the FTB raid his office in full riot gear. Haven't seen his doors open since.


11. Yikes, that must be tough.

I have managed to expose that my mum has been cheating on my dad...on 3 different occasions..


12. I was going to tell you...

Went to my cousin's wedding and I got stuck at the miscellaneous table with a bunch of random people. Anyway, I was bored and I started talking to the bride's BBF since she was the only person close to my age.

She really liked to talk.

After a few dances and the cutting of the cake, she was pretty tipsy and let it slip that even though the bride was marrying my cousin, she was still very much in love with her ex, the real love of her life.

Turns out just weeks before, the bride took a trip to see her ex and begged him to take her back. The dude said no but only after a few days of illicit sex. She had made a deal with herself that if he said no she would marry my poor sap of a cousin.

The BFF keep on going on about how she really missed her ex and how much trouble my cousin had with erections in the bedroom. I was being told this while watching my cousin and his bride playing some silly wedding game.

Now, they have one child and seem to be happy.

I debated telling my cousin at one point but then he came by the table and started to make fun of my job, my house and even my suit. It was a nice suit.

What the hell I drove three hours to get there.


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13. He did the right thing.

My best friend had a girlfriend. She was a really nice girl, loyal too. My best friend was cheating on her. He would send me texts with different girls he hooked up with in the club. He used to think he was so cool. Well I showed his girlfriend, because she really didn't deserve that.


14. What's up, bro?

Found out my dad had a kid with his ex wife, that he abandoned and instructed never to contact him again.

This was years before he met my mum.

Got a Facebook message in 2009 saying basically : Hi I think we have the same dad.


15. When in doubt, tell the truth.

I knew this one girl who lied about having thyroid cancer in order to get her friends to come back to her. She told me details that weren't biologically correct and claimed that she got shots every month to stop the cancer and that the shots would stop working after she turns 20 and she would die.

Since I was studying biology at the time, I knew that what she was saying wasn't even correct and called her out on it. She ended up changing her story and claimed she got the shot when she was 7 in Sri Lanka. Most of her friends didn't realize she was lying until I pointed out all the wrong facts. I honestly don't feel bad that she doesn't have anyone else left because cancer is not something you lie about.


16. Unexpectedly complicated.

When I was 16, my parents and I were in the process of moving to another state. My parents would go to the state we were moving to every month to look for houses. During one of their trips, it was supposed to be just me and my step brother at home for 4 days. Shortly after they left, my step brother tells me he's going on a trip for two of those days to go visit a "friend.

The thing about him was, he had no friends. He was home schooled and kinda of a jerk, with no social skills. It didn't really bug me though - two days home alone when you're a 16-year-old punk seemed awesome.

When he comes home, I decided to figure out what he did. He said it was a romantic trip. After a while, I finally got it out of him. He met another man on adult friend finder, and had a "wild weekend".

After a while, he would go on trips every weekend, and wouldn't tell my parents anything. Finally, my mom is begging me to tell her if I knew anything, and I caved. I had to tell my parents that my step brother was gay.

They are very liberal and accepting people, but this is when it gets wacky. My step brother's lover was a 50-year-old police detective, who was married to another man. He had no hesitation on telling them that he was in love, and they didn't use protection. It made for an interesting summer.


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17. The truth comes out.

One of my friends (A) was staying at another friends of mine's(B) house. During the night, B's boyfriend got up and snuck into A's room she was staying in. They had sex all night. He then snuck back in to B's bed and they both acted like nothing happened. A told me thinking she was so great that B's boyfriend couldn't resist her and she was so much better than B. I was disgusted and told B.


18. The only downfall of being ahead.

I was in kindergarten. Most kids there couldn't read, or didn't bother to read, but I read everything that came into my sight because letters were fun.

One day, a real live Santa was going to come and give us presents. I didn't really believe in him by then any more, but whatever.

So there was this big, beautiful noticeboard in the changing room full of writing. I would often read everything posted on it. So, on this particular day, I went to read it through, and something caught my eye. Read it again to make sure, and after I was really sure, I marched into the playroom and announced it to the whole group:

Lisa's father is gonna be Santa Claus!

Most kids started crying, all the teachers got pissed. They thought my parents told me so as they came for me the teachers all went off on my parents. In turn they got a lecture about how they shouldn't leave sensitive information on the noticeboard when they know I can and do read.


19. That escalated quickly.

I was really into this cute manager at the pool where I worked. After telling my friends at a sleepover, they both revealed at the same time that they had hooked up with him previously, to the surprise of all of us.

After talking to more people at the pool, it was discovered that the manager was hooking up and sleeping with not just my two friends, but a number of girls at the facility. This wouldn't be a problem except he was hooking up with his employees in the storage area at the pool WHILE ON DUTY and, as it was a pool, most of the girls employed were ages 16-20.

Fast-forward a bit, upper management found out, and an interview from the human resources later, I found out he was fired and banned from the pool deck. Not sure if he got in more trouble, but from what I've heard he now works again as a lifeguard for another pool.


20. RIP.

When my sister was 19, almost 6 years ago now, she met a guy online and fell in love. Surprisingly, we lived pretty close to him. We loved to sit in her room and gossip about him and trade off the keyboard to say things to him and make him confused. He seemed pretty funny online, and my sister decided to finally meet up with him at a park.

Everything went great! So great in fact, my parents decided to take advantage of my sister's great mood and go out to eat Mexican food. We are all laughing and talking about the date, but I'm feeling a bit left out of the conversation since I'm the youngest, so I blurt out, "It's so crazy how easily you met him online!"


Apparently my sister told my parents she met him through a mutual friend since my parents were a bit helicopter-y and thought everyone online was a middle-aged predator.

RIP my sisters relationship, 2010-2011.


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21. You didn't go unnoticed, buddy.

I exposed a coworker who had, over the course of several months, stolen a few thousand dollars from the store we worked at.


22. He owes them big time.

Married my high school sweetheart. Didn't last long. Divorced due to him cheating. He was in the military at the time.

Fast-forward 4 years later when I enlist in the military. When wrapping up my paperwork to ship to basic, they ask me if my last name is "Smith."

I tell them it hasn't been that in 4 years since I divorced my ex. Turns out he never reported to the military. He divorced and collected BAH (extra pay for being married and having a dependent) on me for 4 years. They reported it and he owes backpay of over $24,000 to the government.


23. Thank goodness.

The nurse who was physically harming our geriatric patients. I put in a report, there was an investigation and now she can never work in any type of "patient care" position again!


24. Always ask questions.

I live in a townhouse condo complex and have for the past several years. My husband is the owner on title and as (bad) owners we never showed up to the annual general meetings. The first time we went, I was nominated and elected to the board.

From there I began questioning odd decisions and where money was going. Turns out the president of the board was dating the maintenance man (who used to be on the board and helped arrange his own $1000/month contract) and they stole and spent money how they wanted without board approval, lied about how decisions were made, lied about work he did, used condo money for their own benefit and tried to make me look stupid for asking so many questions.

After a couple months of this the maintenance contract (which had expired) was not renewed and the president resigned. Now it's looking like I'll be taking over as president in July to try to clean up their messes and instil trust in the board again.


25. Good try, cuz.

I had a cousin who got arrested for embezzlement but told the family she went away for 2 years to go to nursing school. I didn't know exactly what happened, but I knew the nursing school thing was BS. I was able to find the court docket online and showed it to an aunt who was thoroughly convinced that the cousin had told the truth.



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