'She Caught The Groom Cheating On Her': The Most Cringeworthy Wedding Trainwrecks Of All Time


At weddings, emotions run high. Everyone gets worked up about two lovers being joined in matrimony, and sometimes not everyone is in favor of the union. Throw a few drinks into the equation, and mayhem is bound to happen.

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I was an attendant at my best friend's wedding. Her father walked her down the aisle and while he was not visibly drunk, he was definitely a bit tipsy and had a hard time walking behind her in a straight line. 

Just as they are getting to the front, he steps on her dress, ripping it from her back down to her behind, revealing some very noticeable underwear. They had to stop the wedding so she could find safety pins.


During the best man's speech, he proposed to the maid of honor. No one knew about it in advance. Totally stole the night from the bride and groom. 

Now the best man and maid of honor are in the process of divorcing.


At my own wedding reception, I saw my wife's grandma, who was about 98, very slowly and with a terrible sense of inevitability fall sideways off her chair. She remained in a sitting position but just slooowly tilted sideways until she was on the floor, still in the exact same pose.

Luckily she was fine, and lived for another few years to see her 100th birthday.


At the reception, the bride received a tip to go out to the parking lot where she found her new husband making out with his ex-girlfriend who he had invited. The ensuing fight came inside the hall and the party screeched to a halt. 

Both families were displeased and stuck him with a LOT of bills. We kept our gift.


During the "man of honor" speech (like a "maid of honor" but a guy, yes it's a thing), the guy repeatedly said the name of the bride's ex-boyfriend instead of her new husband. Three times. 

"When I first saw [the bride] and [the bride's ex], I knew they were perfect for each other." Stuff like that. And he caught himself, too, every time. He was extremely embarrassed... but he still did it three times throughout the speech.

It was so awkward watching it happen... probably the biggest social trainwreck I've ever seen.


The bride's step-mother and mother got into a fight with their step-daughter/daughter standing in horror a few feet away. 

The step-mother bites the mother's arm. Wedding comes to a screeching halt.


Was at a wedding this summer. The groom's family absolutely tore their son/brother apart during the speeches. They didn't say one loving thing, and went on to talk about all the mistakes he made during this life. The worst thing they brought up was how he was responsible for a car accident that badly injured someone else. 

The worst part? Dinner wasn't served until 10 p.m.


The bride's father had a heart attack while they were reading their vows, and the wedding shut down. Sadly, he didn't make it. Not a great way to start a marriage.


At my best friend's wedding, the groom got so drunk that he flat-out disappeared from the reception. 

Things got real awkward when it was time for the wedding to be OVER. The venue was kicking us out and the bride and groom were supposed to take off in their vintage car and drive off to their honeymoon suite. The music went off, lights went on, and the celebration turned into the guests searching for the groom. 

My husband finally found him in the parking lot, lying face-down on the concrete. He obviously couldn't drive, so the bride's grandfather drove them to the hotel suite. My friend (the bride) later told me that when they got in the room, her new husband passed out cold on the bed and she had to wander the halls in her wedding dress, looking for someone to unhook her dress for her so she could get out of it.


I was once at a wedding where the groom broke down and admitted to everyone that he was actually gay. Right there at the altar. 

That was a pretty unbelievable moment. The bride actually was sick from the stress, and the room went into chaos. I saw a kid eating a slice of cake under a table. Children screaming, dogs barking, and a priest trying to calm everyone down. Like a movie or something.


For the bouquet toss, a middle-aged guy pulled his middle-aged girlfriend by the hand out onto the floor laughing, then stood beside her while she looked uncomfortable.

The bouquet was caught by an excited little girl. The guy proceeded to yank the bouquet out of the little girl's hands, gave it to his middle-aged girlfriend, then ran off the floor cheering loudly to high-five one of his buddies. The little girl ran away crying.


At one of my closest friends' wedding reception, they didnt have any tables or chairs.

We had nowhere to sit or to put our plates down during the entire 5-hour ceremony, and yes it was indoors in a reception hall. Everyone had to hold their food standing up and put their drinks down on the ground. Since there were no chairs to make an aisle for her to walk down, the bride (my friend) just kind of strolled through the crowd while people were confused and talking.

Where are the chairs? was the theme of the wedding. I was a close friend so our group sent me to ask our friend why there were no tables and chairs. She simply said, Oh you have to pay extra for that.


I was an event manager at a mansion that did a lot of weddings so I've seen my fair share of wedding drama.

My favorite is probably the one where the entire wedding party started drinking at noon for a 6pm wedding. The groom passed out around 5 and we couldn't get him up. So I made him a ham sandwich and propped him up in his bed while I hand-fed him.

Managed to get him and his friends down to the courtyard and then had to run back in and escort the women down. The bride spilled her mimosa all over her dress, two of the bridesmaids couldn't find their shoes, but everyone was super happy and nice.

There were about 150 people at the reception and every single one of them got drunk. The mother of the bride kept sneaking up on me and hugging me and the groom made me pose for some photos with them. They also gave me all the leftover wedding cake and a nice bottle of wine. I miss them.


There was like an 8-year-old boy who had loads of confetti in his hand. I didn't think much of it, but it turns out he thought it was sugar paper and ate all of it. He then proceeded to be sick all over the floor, right in the middle of the ceremony.

Was one of the funniest and most disgusting moments of my life.


This was at my husband's friend's wedding. I knew the groom but barely knew the bride. 

After the ceremony, I swung by the bathroom to make a pit stop. I walked in on the bride crying in the bathroom. Apparently, she didn't want to get married but only did so because she and her husband had slept together, and it was her 'duty' to marry him (note: they'd slept together ONCE, and she wasn't pregnant). We spend 30 minutes talking with her crying her eyes out before her grandmother turned up and took over for me. The bride was gone for 90% of the reception. Her husband was having a grand time dancing with his friends and really hadn't noticed his wife was missing.

We lost touch shortly after the wedding. Years later, we ran into the guy, and he said that the two of them were still happily married and now had 3 kids together. Pretty wild, I hope she's genuinely happy.


Ex-boyfriend of the bride got super inebriated at the reception and started rambling loudly (heard by half the reception hall) about how the marriage was wrong and how he was the love of her life.

He was there with his then-new (presumably soon ex-) girlfriend. Who knows why the bride invited him.


At a friend's wedding, the bride's nephew (about seven, I think?) was the ring bearer. Instead of sitting at the front after he made it down the aisle, he decided to do karate moves in front of (and sometimes behind) the couple during the entire ceremony. He's in almost all their photos.


I was at a wedding where a nervous groom stood with his legs straight for too long. Fell forward and knocked himself out cold, hitting the first step to the platform with his head.

He was fine, woke up and continued the ceremony with a purple lump on his forehead.


My dad's friend's son got married when I was a teenager. He's a really cool guy and we played Nintendo a lot whenever we visited. Anyway, the embarrassing story is about his bride.

She decided that she wanted to sing to him at one point during the ceremony, so she chose the song, "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler. Midler is an alto. The bride was a HIGH soprano. Unfortunately, she couldn't sing very well, either. So for several minutes she squeaks this song out while he's standing there with the most awkward look on his face. I think everyone felt embarrassed. I know I did.

The good thing is that they're still happily married and have a daughter.


My friend got married around age 21. Neither he nor the bride had much money, so the wedding was modest but still very nice. They did have a lovely 3 tier cake though.

The ceremony goes fine and "The bride will cut the cake" music is playing. She was a tiny person, maybe 5'2" and 100 pounds at most. She approaches the cake with the knife, barely touches it and BOOM! the whole thing immediately collapses, all three tiers somehow, all over an elderly grandmother who was seated right by the ill-fated cake.

The grandmother, who had barely moved throughout the whole affair, shot out of her chair like she was fired from a cannon, screeching at the top of her lungs and sending cake shrapnel all over those nearby. Another close friend and I watched the whole thing from close range and were purple-faced from hysterical breathless laughter, as were many of the other guests.

I later heard the bakery refunded them for the cake due to its not-up-to-code construction. They should have charged them double for generating memories that no one there will ever forget.


The groom arrived 45 minutes after the ceremony was to begin, during the ring exchange, and gets this blank look and says he didn't know he was supposed to buy his bride another ring. 

Luckily the bride stayed strong and just slipped off her wedding band and handed it off to the preacher.


The bride never showed up.

My cousin was the groom and had about 500 people in attendance. He got on the mic and said the bride wasn't coming, but we should have the party anyway. Everyone just danced and had a good time. He married someone else 2 years later, so it all worked out I guess.


This was at my cousins wedding, shes the second of 3 sisters. The eldest sister is a bit of an attention-seeker and tends to be overdramatic. The younger cousin is the first to be married, and the older cousin is clearly upset about not being first in the days leading up to the wedding. 

The older cousin was also known to do some very strange things. So, the day before the wedding, the older cousin (whos then single and unattached) comes up to me and says, Dont tell anyone but, Im pregnant! So, I naturally tell my brother-in-law and sister immediately and they tell me she already told them. We validated this with multiple other attendees. Shed gone around and told what seemed like everyone.

The next day at the wedding, the bride's cousin is furious because shes now caught wind of the fact that the older sister is going around telling people shes pregnant. It finally came to a head at the reception. The older sister gave a toast and started it with, I WISH i could be having a proper drink right now but--ooops. Well, it's true, Im pregnant. The bride's cousin just sat there wide eyed while everyone half-heartedly clapped for the pregnant cousin.


I went to a wedding in a huge manor house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The house was lit up by big floodlights in the floor pointing up at the house. When it got dark some guests ran inside to the bar/dancefloor and shouted at people to come outside and look.

A man and a woman, who met for the first time at the wedding, were having sex below one of the floodlights but didn't realize that their gyrations were being projected 50 feet high on to the side of the house! A perfect shadow of two lovers. They were very embarrassed when they found out.


Not a bad thing that happened for me, just really awkward. Went to wedding of someone from my church a few years back. When it came time to say the vows, he pulls out a sheet of paper and reads on for like 5 minutes, getting really intimate and pouring his heart out to her. It was kind of awkward tbh. 

But the icing on the cake was her response. When he was done, she just giggled loudly and all she could get out was, "ditto!" That's it. That was her wedding vow. Awkward, but also kind of adorable. I guess they're perfect for each other.


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