People Share The Best Random Advice They've Ever Received
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Sometimes, the most useful advice you will ever receive might come from the most unlikely of places.

Be it a random stranger you meet on the bus or in an anonymous online chat room.

Sometimes advice that might seem generic and vague on the surface might help shed light on other areas in your life you didn't even realize you needed help with.

With this in mind, Redditor gaps610 gave the Reddit community an opportunity to help out others by asking:

"What is some completely non-serious random advice you wanna give to your fellow Redditors?"

Unless you want your romance to be literally "fleeting".

"Don’t fall in love in the airport."- mdrnsavg

It goes both ways

"Definitely don't sweat the petty things and absolutely don't pet the sweaty things." - User Deleted

Can save you money on buying new dolls

"Barbie clothes will fit on bananas."- highmaintenancebunny·

bananas in pajamas GIFGiphy

Quit while you're ahead


"Whatever you’re thinking, just don’t."- Hold_My_Anxiety

Same goes for your shoes.

"Don’t wear your socks in the shower, they’ll get wet."

There are no "losers" in life

"The answers are all made up and the points don't matter."- Sad_Thought_4642

video games kids GIF by Children's Miracle Network HospitalsGiphy

It's just polite!

"Hold the door."- WaCandor

In case of the need to carbo load!

"Save time with food prep by boiling all the water you need to make pasta for the week each Sunday and freezing it."- TennisADHD

It stops being as easy as it looks

"As you get older and have to get down on your knees (gardening, etc.), Bring a 5 gallon empty bucket to help you get back up."

"If you are too proud you can pretend that you are using it to carry tools."

"Being a young punk in my youth making fun of older people has caught up with me."- charlie2135

Stand Up Help GIF by FC Schalke 04Giphy

Know when to stop...

"Delete that really long text."- The-Zesty-Man

It's easy enough to dismiss these dubious words of wisdom as nothing more than a little frivolity.

But, best to keep all of them in the back of your mind.

After all, who knows, you never know what doing something as simple as holding the door might lead to.

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