We all have blind spots. It's okay to admit this to ourselves because that's how you figure out what you need to improve on. Life can be pretty difficult if you go on never acknowledging where your weak points are. However, those blind spots can sometimes feel like they should have been exposed to us a long time ago.

Why weren't you ever taught how to tie a tie? Or how to ride a bike?

There's a story for everything and they may not be as far away from your reality as you might think.

Reddit user, u/Xanduh, wanted to know where our blind spots are when they asked:

What's something you surprisingly still don't know how to do?

It's Over...Under...Tie The Rabbit Ears? No. That's Not It.


Properly tie a tie. I'm almost 27, I've been taught dozens of times, and YouTube exists, yet I still do some BS overhand knot that looks passable but clearly isn't the right way.


I really struggle with this and I tie my shoelaces in a very haphazard way too. But I honestly cant tie my tie for some reason. Someone can show me and then that knowledge is basically reset when I'm on my own. I honestly think I'm "tying ropes dyslexic" or something. So so bad at it.


Why Aren't There Less Sheets?

How to properly make my bed. Whats up with all the extra sheet? Which one am I suppose to fold down? What?!



Roll my Rs.

Never understood what people mean by rolling your tongue.


Maybe Try An Online Program?

Pay my taxes properly.

I've been doing it since I was 18 but I'm sure I'm f-cking it up somehow


Don't Even Know What Half These Terms Mean


I'm a 37 yr old woman who can apply makeup the way they did before contouring became a thing. But I can't apply different colored eye shadows to "shade", "enhance", or whatever. And I sure as hell can't do a cut crease. I can't apply eyeliner OR put on lashes to SAVE MY LIFE. I can't contour. I don't know the order in which you apply these products and I sure as shit don't know what "BAKING" is or why you even do it. I don't have time to sit around and watch YouTube videos to learn.

Besides, when a friend who has this ability, applies makeup to my face the proper way, I end up looking like a prostitute. Mainly because I assume I'm not used to how I look in makeup.


A Twofer

Swim. I can doggy-paddle if I'm desperate, but I cannot properly swim. What's worse is someone has tried to teach me, but I've never been able to grasp the technique at all.

Also: drive. I'm 25. I realise it's not actually a big deal and loads of people learn late, but others make a deal out of it like: 'omg, you haven't ever learnt how to drive?' OR 'omg, you don't have a car?' No, it's an expense I don't currently need or want to invest in. How do I manage? I walk. When am I going to learn? Whenever I feel like it. Jeez Is there a time limit or something?


Too Much Of A Time Investment

I'm 28F and I cannot figure out any hairstyles that are not a ponytail, a messy bun (which I'm pretty sure I'm not doing right) or just leaving it all down. Can't braid, don't use straighteners or curling irons, don't know what the f-ck all the differently-shaped brushes are for. Just wash, comb, put in hair towel to dry, shake it out a bit after, and go.


Just wave the blow drier around all over the place till your hair is like 90% dry (or just let it air dry while you do something else). Then grab a brush that will get some good tension. High tension and high heat will get it smooth. Flip your head upside down and do it that way for some volume. Once it's totally dry, switch your dryer to cold and wave it around a bit. That'll set the hair and help it to not get frizzy/ keep it shiny. Round brushes will give some wave/ curl/ more volume. Bigger the round brush, softer the wave. The flat square paddle brushes will give you straighter hair. Any other brush is totally pointless.


...What The Hell Comes After Q?

I still can't tell you what comes after the letter 'T', without singing the entire alphabet song.


Same, it's so unbelievably annoying when for example people with last names A-L are supposed to go to a different place than the rest, and I stand there trying to recount the alphabet to L, then backtracking to see where I fit in, while everyone else is already sorted


...What The Hell Comes After 11?

I cannot do maths in my head. If people ask what 7+14 is, I would simply wait to somebody else to figure it out and just agree to what they say.


Learning This One Seems More Of A Necessity, Now.




Do you want to drown?? The ice caps are melting like T O D A Y.


It's Just Like Riding A...Oh, Sorry.


ride a bike


Neither can I. I'm 26. My Dad tried to teach me when I was young but he had a bad temper and was basically verbally abusive. I didn't catch on right away and he started yelling at me and made me cry, so I gave up and never learned out of spite and it is a bad memory for me. I never learned now because I just don't see myself using it for transportation and for leisure/exercise I would rather walk.


Well, You've Gone Ahead And Given Them All The Power

Being silent and letting the other person speak first - specifically in negotiations.

I find it awkward but I have to learn to be comfortable at these points


Seems Like You're Missing Spots In Both Areas

Showering. I can do it but I don't think I do it well.

Showing affection. I don't think it's very uncommon to struggle with that but I'm very extroverted and I'm surprised I don't know how to.


Wait, So The 10 Is Really 50?

Read the time from an analog watch.

I stop and stare weirdly at it for like a minute, while I do all kinds of mathematics computations in my brain.


Wow! Incredibly Unfortunate...

I was 14 years old before I finally learned the months in order. One time I got hit in the head with a baseball during a game, and the concussion lady asked me to say the months backwards, and I kinda just went "uhhh" and they concluded that I had a mild concussion. I did not have a concussion(no light sensitivity, headaches, etc.), I just didn't know my months forwards!


Eating Is Hard

I don't know how to eat normal portions and have a healthy diet without obsessing over the calories or carbs or fat or worrying whether I'll be hungry and end up bingeing.

I admire people who can just pick up a sandwich for lunch and then go home and just decide what to have...a bowl of pasta...and no guilt.

I always swing from restrictive diet to trying to have better habits to bingeing.

In theory, I know all the formulas that work...keto, low carb, fewer calories, self love etc etc etc But it's something I obsess over without being able to enjoy the food.

I love being home atm but the one bad thing is that I spend the whole day thinking what food I can or should eat and how much of.


Don't Be THAT Mom At Her Kid's Soccer Game. No One Likes Her.



It's honestly better for everyone that you never learn how to do it.

I have a guy at work who loves to whistle. He's good at it, but it makes people see red.


...Maybe Read Better Magazines.

Article in a men's magazine years ago (men's Health maybe) listed all the things a man should be able to do...tie a tie, open a bottle of wine, drive a stick shift, have a decent aim with a gun, ride a motorcycle, but the one that blew me out of the water was, in an emergency, land a plane.....I was doing good until that one....


Just Remember The Home Row. Everything Else Comes Easily After That.

Type using all my fingers


Hated learning it as a kid in school but am so thankful I did. Makes accomplishing anything so much faster and it's nice to be able to type without having to look at the keys.


Guess It's Not Just The Ladies With Hair Problems


I'm a 24-year-old male and I have never learned how to comb my hair.

When I was little, I always hated when my mother would comb my hair. I often went to school with really bad bed head. Then, in 2nd grade, I discovered buzzcuts and never looked back. Nowadays I completely shave my head to avoid paying for a haircut every 2 weeks. I tell people I do it for aesthetic reasons, but it really all comes back to my inability to comb my own hair.


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