People Share The Biggest Rookie Reddit Mistakes They've Ever Seen

Reddit is one if those internet things that either you totally get, or you absolutely don't.

To some, it's a ridiculous echo chamber of people who live to egg one another on.

To others, it's a supportive community with its own sort of rules, culture, superlatives, and even language.

Whichever camp you fall into, there's some stuff you need to know if you're gonna survive.

Like it truly doesn't matter if you're in the woods to cut it down or to enjoy the splendor - you should still know that bears will eat your face off and they don't necessarily kill you first.

Reddit user ihavethebestmarriage asked:

"What are some reddit rookie mistakes?"

So here's how to avoid getting your proverbial face eaten off by an e-bear on Reddit.

"Reliable Source"

"Thinking consensus on Reddit represents widely accepted views in outside world."


"I used to secretly make fun of people who quoted Reddit as a credible source before I joined. Now I increasingly find myself starting sentences with, 'I read on Reddit…'."


"That’s your mistake. You just have to say 'I read that…..' and never mention that your source is a random Reddit comment."


"Yes. To avoid the shame."


The Nothing Awards

GIF by Australian OpenGiphy

"Unnecessary award speech edits"

-User Deleted

"Also: following up with a 'what do I do with this gold' question."

"Nothing sir. The answer is nothing."


"Also: What do I do with all this karma."

"Nothing sir. The answer is nothing."



"My mom joined reddit and was posting in subreddits related to her work."

"She wasn't constantly shilling, but would if the person was in her service area, mention her business explicitly."

"Her username even included her business name in it."

"I had to explain that Reddit wasn't really supposed to be a marketing tool in the same way Twitter or Facebook were."


"It is, though, you just have to frame it in a cutesy way so that people can pretend you aren't marketing: "

" 'I just started my business! Here's a cupcake I made!' "

"Predictable redditor or sock puppet account: 'I would buy one of those!! Where are you located??'."


"No, it's better to say 'I just found this business, they look like they could really use support'."

"A LOT of those posts are self-advertising, as reddit generally is against that, along with it being against the rules in a lot of subreddits."

"Know someone who used to help smaller businesses do that, basically advertise their stuff pretending to be a 'genuine' person who just happened to discover and post about their stuff."

"Happens a lot more than people think, even on a large scale. Businesses have been hiring actors and people to pretend to like their products for ages now."


Social Standing


"I had no idea my low social status could keep my posts from going live."

" 🥺 That explains a lot"


"This is to prevent new accounts bots from polluting the place, your karma will rack up quickly as you interact with people, give and get awards, etc."


"I just gave you a my gifted silver award… now it’s prompting me to buy more awards."

"I didn’t realize people were paying to give awards and now I went from wondering 'how' to wondering 'why'…"



"It irritates me to no end when people treat Reddit like it's a 90s forum used by 37 people."

" 'I'm new here, first time poster' "


"a/s/l ?"


"My first reply to a question like that was '14/not yet/home'."

"I was a dumb kid in the 90s."


"I like to say: I don't really know American Sign Language, but I am trying to learn"


In The First Place

george w bush door GIFGiphy

"Joining reddit in the first place"


"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."


" 'Relax, ' said the night man, 'We are programmed to receive'."


"Exactly. Leaving is the easy part. It's staying away that's tough."


"Reddit is like Runescape. You never stop once you start. You just take breaks"


Lurk Hard, Play Hard

Tim And Eric Reaction GIFGiphy


"Spend some time in a subreddit before commenting."

"Read the rules, read the FAQ, read the top-voted posts. Spend a week and see what topics come up often. Search prior posts which discuss the same topic you want to post about."


"I browsed comments for like a year before I even made an account."


"I wish that I could remember what comment I needed to make so badly that I created an account after more than a year of lurking."



"When you comment 'This.' under someone else’s comment."

"Just give them your upvote and move on, no need to comment if you aren’t adding anything meaningful to the topic"


"underrated comment"


"Louder for the people in the back!"





"Believing everything you read and at the same time disbelieving everything you read that goes against your personal opinion/narrative."

"Having a healthy dose of skepticism without being a jerk about it is a good life skill in general."


"Yup but that’s not just reddit rookies, that’s 80% of the global population."


"A good habit I’m working to build is whenever I have a question about anything, even if I’m thinking to myself, I google it."

"It helps build a strong knowledge base."



jim carey comedy GIFGiphy

"Responding to every reply to your AskReddit post."

"Just shhhh"


"I do this LOL. I like doing it because I asked a question and people have responded, so I respond back because I want them to know that I read it and found what they said interesting."


"I do it because I have nothing else to do."


"Every comment boosts the likelihood that the post will survive more than an hour."

"Askreddit new is brutal. Unless you get a bunch of comments or karma within 30 minutes or so, your post will die a quiet death."

"Then its really just shh"


And there you have it - a survival manual for the wildest place I'm the universe.


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