People Share Their Amusement Park Horror Stories

You put your life in your hands for that Ferris Wheel.

Everybody loves a good thrill and again. Who doesn't relish the thrill of a roller coaster or the romance of the ferris wheel? Those are the experiences that we remember forever. However amusement parks and carnivals are often not the safest places and the memories left can be more of a nightmare. Case in point....

Redditor u/gakuow wanted everyone to share some warnings for our next trip to Carnival by asking.... What is your worst experience at an amusement park?

What a World.


Last year Tokyo Disney reopened the "It's A Small World" ride and I went on it the day of reopen. It got stuck. For half an hour I sat there with the song blaring away in not-english, which was occasionally interrupted by the vaguely threatening announcement:


Up & Down! 

I got stuck at the top of one of those "rise up high, then drop you down" tower rides because there was a technical malfunction.

We were up there for five minutes, and they apparently didn't have a speaker installed in the ride at the time, so nobody had any idea what was going on. PM_ME_YOUR_WORRIES

Out of my Seat. 

A friend and I kept going on one of those massive metal rides that spins you around up in the air, with all the seats in a circle facing inwards. We kept circling back into the line to get back on it. Everytime we sat down on the ride the guy operating it had to come and pull everyones belts down and then the metal floor opened like a book to give room for the ride to swing around. On the last time we went on it the guy forgot to pull my friend's belt down and nobody noticed until the ride started rising up and the floor opened and suddenly people were screaming over the music and the guy turned the ride off. If it had started spinning she would have went flying out of the seat. The guy was laughing saying it was a joke but it put me off completely. jeffreynorthcott

Love Broke. 

The girl I was dating in high school and I got stuck in the amusement park's "Tunnel of Love."

Apparently, the pump that kept the water moving to propel the "love boat" quit - and there we were, about 1/3 of the way into a long, deep tunnel, barely moving.

It was a little scary, but cozy, being the only ones in the dark space at the time. Back2Bach

Reckless Abandon.


A wasp got stuck in my shirt while riding Son of Beast at Kings Island. We sat on the brake run for several minutes while it stung away with abandon. DenL4242

The Roar. 

I was at Six Flag Over Texas in 1999, on the Roaring Rapids Ride. It's a ride where you sit in a round boat thing and splash down a concrete lazy river. Our tube looked a little low, but nothing crazy. Towards the end if the ride, it started to sink. It eventually flipped over. My dad had to swim against pumping water to save my brother and I had to hold onto a side faux rock for dear life. It took the employees forever to turn off the pumps.

1 lady was unable to get her seatbelts off and died. It was horrific. I remember holding on to the side singing the Titanic song to myself watching my dad disappear and reappear in the water getting to my brother.

However, we ended up getting a settlement (like $100k) out of it so that was nice. The family of the woman who died got millions. Will never ride that again. Fastthrowaway0303

Harness Yourself. 

I was on a wooden rollercoaster with my sister, and it was both of our first roller coasters. She was (and still is) a scrawny little thing, and she is pretty short, so she couldn't hold onto the railing in front with ease. She decided to hold onto the harness thing that comes down, even after I told her not to multiple times. About halfway through the coaster, we reach a small flat area, and she's pulling on that harness hard, and the thing popped up, like completely opened so she was sitting there with nothing holding her in. I had to hold onto her for the rest of the ride, but I wasn't a strong kid, idk how she didn't fly out. We both love roller coasters still though so ¯_(ツ)_/¯. swaghunter24

Under the Sea. 

Mark me down as stupid. I stood in the line for the submarine ride at Disneyland for at least an hour. When we got towards the front I realized that those damned things actually go under water. I'm extremely claustrophobic so I had to bow out. I guess I thought maybe you stayed above water and were in "pretend" water. RonSwansonsOldMan

Just the 2 of Us. 

Some place in Wisconsin, probably the dells. Couple years ago. One of those giant family slides, where your inside a tube on a floaty with 4 people. The weight balance was off, as a teeny me was facing my grandpa. Just the two of us. He went down and I went up. Or should I say off. Didn't hurt, but terrifying when the next group on a floaty jam packed comes flying at you so you have to sprint through flowing water towards your 200 pond grandfather who is desperately trying to slow down. That was a fun experience. 10/10 recommend will do again. FreezerburntLab

Whip It. Whip it Good.


When I used to work at one. Every other customer had a death with. They didn't want to follow safety rules which was really stressful.

Also, if someone got hurt on a ride, they could sue the operator as well as the company. At minimum wage, it really wasn't worth it.

Guest: Why is the safety harnesses so tight?!!

Me: Because I'm whipping you into the air 120 miles per hour on a ride made by a company notorious for killing people! Why do you think? HueTitle


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