People Confess Which Sexual Misconceptions They Held For Way Too Long

Sex talk is still considered a taboo subject in many households. And I don't mean going into detail about your bedroom conquests at the dinner table.

Overprotective parents tend to be evasive about discussing the birds and the bees with their kids because they feel it's not up to them to have that conversation.

Remember Carrie White's religious mom who refused to talk about intimacy with her 16-year-old?

We all know how that turned out in the classic Stephen King novel.

Anyway, parents turning down an opportunity to have the uncomfortable convo or having their kids miss out on sex education can lead a child to potentially develop damaging misunderstandings about their body and puberty.

The effects of which were explored when Redditor sparklingshanaya asked:

"What’s a sexual misconception you had for way too long?"

It helps to have an earlier understanding about your body when you're younger.

Sex Education

"As a girl, I had no real idea of where/what the vagina was until I was like 11 or 12. My mom didn't give me a real sex talk, just a puberty/body book that said 'the vagina is between the woman's legs' and just had a full frontal diagram (legs closed) of a woman with an arrow pointing to her pelvic region. I also didn't know a period lasted longer than a day until I got mine at 14, and then wondered why it was still going on the next day."

"When my mom realized how abysmal my sex education was, her solution was to rent a video from the library about it and make me watch it on the big family TV in the living room at like 3pm. Granted— it was a very educational video but I won't ever forget one of the educators (a 50 year old woman) talking about how to give a satisfactory blow job."

– ash-on-fire

Hard Epiphany

"Ok so I grew up in a VERY conservative household. Was not allowed to take sex ed in middle school and they helicoptered in high school. Any internet access they had access to view so I never watched porn/looked at pics. Absolutely nothing. So for a long time I thought penises were shaped like a smaller pringles can. I thought it was just like...a straight up cylinder. Moved out at 17 and googled some things and man I had men's anatomy SO wrong."

– WholeLottaIntrovert

Wrong End Of The Stick

"Friend of mine has a similar background and I just about lost my mind when she said the balls are the END of the penis. Like she had seen those doodles and had it upside down so they just dangle off the end of the shaft lmaooo."

– xchakrumx

Let's get verbal about getting oral.

Satisfy A Woman

"Learn to go down on a woman, like become a master at it. Do this."

– ecallawsamoht

Excuse For Supper

"I second this. Been married for 20 years and it's something I'm happy to do."

"Get involved, people."

"Edit: thanks for the medals and upvotes, people! Be assured that I'll be celebrating tonight."

– AhabVanCleef


"Friend of a friend thought it meant kissing. And they were like 19. So glad they found out through a conversation and not through a dude asking for it, or her talking about it. That would've been extremely confusing for everyone."

– SilverWaters793

Pucker Up

"My friend back in middle school thought a blowjob meant to literally blow on it. I still tease her about it to this day."

– Ashurii_desu

Failed Expectations

"Man, I thought I was gonna get so many blow jobs. That’s just not true."

– Studying_Politics

As young adolescents, these Redditors got these terminologies mixed up.

Dirty Talk

"When I was around middle school age I thought that oral sex meant talking dirty :’)"

– strawbrykat

"I used to sext with my girlfriend in high school. When we broke up, she just went crazy and told everyone in our grade that I was great at 'oral sex' (she meant sexting💀) School hasn’t been the same since then."

– Particular-Ad4356

Learning By Example

"I was kind of sheltered growing up, and like most sheltered kids, I learned a lot about sex through porn. I kept seeing 'blowjob' videos, and (i had no idea what a blowjob) assumed it was some kind of sex blooper. Like, something got messed up and the director said 'Oh darn, you blew it! Let’s take it from the top.'”

– Danny_my_boy

Pucker Up

"That a blow job is like blowing up a balloon."

– LizzieJeanPeters

A Redditor recalled how one child was majorly misled thanks to religion.

Immaculate Conception

"A kid (very devout Muslim) in sex ed was being taught how sex works. He boldly stood up and claimed the teacher may be right about non Muslim babies, but Muslim babies are not made via sex, god delivers them in a white robe to parents who are married and good Muslim."

"It’s been almost 14 years and I still laugh about that."

"Edit: just in case this is interpreted wrong, I myself am from a Muslim background and this is not about Islam or religion, just a 13 year old who was still fairly innocent."

– Kip_zonder_kop


"Muslim here. When I was 10, my Christian friend said something about sex (can’t remember what) when I said 'I wouldn’t know, I’ll never have sex' and that’s when he told me even Muslims have sex. 10 year old me googled some interesting things that night."

– MyMissingNugget

Nuts Into Holes

"I knew a very devout Muslim too, once asked him how sex worked (just out of curiosity for his answer) and he paused for a moment before saying 'You put the nuts in her hole.' He was 16 at the time. I tried to explain how it actually worked but they guy would not have it."

– tommypseudo

I had sex education in sixth grade after my parents gave the school permission for me to attend the special assembly centering on the topic.

But I remember how vague the instructor was. By the time I eventually had my first nocturnal emission, I remember being terrified, yet simultaneously elated. It was very confusing, and I didn't know what happened.

I remember reflecting back to sixth grade and thinking the school must've skipped that part in sex ed.

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