Countless men and women think hands and forearms are the sexiest part of a man, which is why many people are over the moon about the sight of a man in a button-down with rolled-up sleeves.

There's just something about it, isn't there? You're thinking about it right now, aren't you?

If you've not a single clue what people are attracted to, then have a look. You'll be surprised some rolled up sleeves, form-fitting T-shirts, and a well-tailored suit can take you.

People shared their thoughts with us after Redditor [deleted] asked the online community,

"What is the sexiest thing a man can wear?"

"Especially in combination..."

"A properly tailored suit. So hot, even on average or below average looking men. Especially in combination with good general hygiene and a nice aftershave."


Then it sounds like you'd have a great time walking down Wall Street anytime before 5 p.m.

"My boyfriend has..."

"My boyfriend has an old green T-shirt that's barely too small but it makes his shoulders and pecs and back look SO good and it slims down his stomach. So... old T-shirts that contour their bodies well."


Ah yes, the form fitting T-shirt. Baggy ones have their place, sure, but the form fitting T-shirt is truly something.

"I'm a guy..."

"I’m a guy and while I’m not endorsing it, I’ve gotten the most drenching levels of thirst from both men and women while wearing a Spiderman suit. Fellas, do with this info as you see fit."


So what you're saying is you're the only person in a Spider-Man outfit who can get a date while heckling people in the middle of Times Square.

"Anything that communicates..."

"Anything that communicates competence. This is why uniforms are hot."


Never heard it explained this way before, but you know what? It makes sense.

"I like when they know..."

"A little bit of stubble. I like when they know they don’t have to be clean cut or put together to be fine."


Clean shaven isn't for me. Stubble definitely has its place!

"If my husband..."

"If my husband, who is 50 and not considered fashionable, ever went back to his younger metalhead days and wore tighter jeans and Doc Marten boots I'd sit on his face so fast."


I mean... you could tell him. Would probably do wonders for your sex life.

"In public..."

"In public, a tight, but not too tight, somewhat stretchy shirt. Gives a subtle hint to what's underneath. In private, a pair of boxer briefs exhibiting the same characteristics as the shirt above is also hella sexy."


Again, some love for the form-fitting T-shirt! And form-fitting underwear is great, too!

"Anything that tells me..."

"Anything that tells me about him or what he’s into. A T-shirt with a video game he likes, a rock band, Hell, even anime. I like men that aren’t afraid to let their personality come through in their clothes. And if you’re not into music or games? I like a nice flannel."


It sounds like you definitely appreciate some personality and that's sweet!

"A nice trenchcoat..."

"A nice trenchcoat, some sick goggles, a devilish grin, and four massive metal arms protruding from his back."


So it sounds to me like you're really attracted to Alfred Molina as Dr. Octopus. You've seen Spider-Man 2 and No Way Home countless times, haven't you?

"I made out hard..."

"COLOGNE!!! I made out hard with a dude I was not even remotely attracted to whatsoever for an entire summer just because he SMELLED SO DAMN GOOD!!! And bonus points to him for never telling me the name of it. Seriously boys, find your scent!"


Whhhhhhoa. Tell us how you REALLY feel while you're at it.

"I love..."

"I love baggy black hoodies. It’s so simple but so attractive on anyone."


Well, it sounds like that works... for you.

That's good.

Well, guys. You know what to do.

Time to get yourselves some well-tailored suits, some form-fitting T-shirts and at least a pair of Doc Martens while you're at it.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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