People Confess What They Didn't Know About Sex Until They Lost Their Virginity
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The first time we all have sex is such a nerve wracking experience.

Everybody wants to be good. No... GREAT!

That probability is highly unlikely though.

There is so much to learn and navigate when it comes to sex.

Redditor Bobirrr wanted to talk about the birds and the bees and all the information that surprised us. They asked:

"What did you not know about sex until you lost your virginity?"


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"You gotta guide it much more than you think."


Keep Trying

"Just because you’re having sex doesn’t mean you’ll become good at it without a remarkable amount of trial and error."


"More than trial and error, you gotta ask your partner how it was, what they liked and didn’t like and what they want to try. Being able to have an open and honest conversation about sex with your partner makes it so much better."


"Agreed. An ex friend of mine boasted that he was great in bed because his body count was over 50. Bro, if your body count is that high at that age, it means no one’s coming back for more."



"When you have that mindset you won’t ever get the chance. It’s not that big of a deal and not something you need to put that much pressure on that you’re fretting about it like this. It’ll come, just be you and don’t sweat about it. I was 21 when I lost my virginity and all my friends were 15-18 when they lost theirs. I don’t regret when it happened and I don’t feel like I was late or missing out, it just happened when it happened."




"That two bellies rubbed together at just the right angle can make a loud fart noise. Funny tho when it does happen for the first time."


I hate that noise. Gross. It's confusing.


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"How you pleasure yourself can be a huuuge influence on your sex life."

User Deleted

It'a All New

"Instead of just after virginity, after years of having sex and looking back at my first time where my partner was much more experienced than me, I’ve realised that pretty much all sex with a new person, virginity or not, feels new. I was really hung up on being good at it when I should’ve treated it as a learning experience for the next time."


Too Much Porn

"That foreplay is SUPER important. You don't see it too much in a lot of porn so until you get into the bedroom you don't really consider the prep. Often times you just see people going at it which is great and all but everything is much better when both parties are warmed up."


It makes sense...

"That I was allergic to latex."


"Same. Friends would talk about having sex multiple times a day, and I was over here wondering WHY they would ever put themselves through that. It took days to recover. Someone finally mentioned a latex allergy, and it all made sense."


"Omg this. Except my allergy was fairly mild. It meant peeling skin a couple days later. Literally took me years to find out why that was."


Noises Off

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"The large amount of sounds that can be produced by the human body."


No Hands

"Penises can move on their own! Well, be moved by their owner without hands, that shocked me that they can make em bounce."'


"If a persons heart rate is high enough while sporting an erection, their penis will pulse (move) along with their heart beat."


I'm Out!

"How sleepy you got after you have an orgasm... Stuff can be like an instant valium."


"My bf figured that one out early during our phone sex sessions it takes me maybe 10 to 15 minutes to recover and want more when I reach climax but my bf is just 'Alright! Time to pass out!' which kinda sucks on my part."


Bad Substitute

"Porn is a terrible guide for virgins. You are unlikely to be coordinated enough or understand your partner's body well enough to do any of that weird stuff. Also, 90% of the positions you see in porn are uncomfortable as all hell. Start slow, communicate, explore each other and learn, that is the key to having a good first time. Source: someone who had no idea what he was doing and made an absolute jacka** of himself on his first attempt."



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"The vaginal canal is often at an angle and not simply directed straight down."



"It's a good idea to stretch before. A cramp can really throw the mood off."


"And if you get a cramp it's better to own it and be honest with a quick minute break than to power through it or enter a new crazy position that makes no sense at all and leaves your partner wondering where the f**k you learnt this from."



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"It doesn’t have to be fast… slow and steady wins the race."


Low Expectations

"The vagina is lower than expected, I assumed it started at the same place as a penis, and with my first gf I slipped a hand down her trousers and thought she was some weird barbie doll human with a smooth patch instead of genitals. Jeez this innocuous work toilet comment really resonated with people."



"How important push-ups are."


"Best tip I can give is learning to put the majority of your weight on your knees, you don't need them up in the air while on top. Doing that I can go 15+ min even though I'm fairly out of shape myself."


"Planks even more so."


Look Away

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"That I’d have to kick my cat out of the room because she would sit at the end of the bed and watch."


"Lol... our dogs do the same. It’s like you have your own private audience if you get caught up in the moment and forget to kick them out."


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