People Describe The Most Severe Case Of Someone Being Out Of Touch With Reality They've Ever Seen


For some wayward folks, the logic and reality they've concocted in their own minds is so convincing that it takes a massive blunder and all the consequence afterward to come back to reality.

And for others, even that's not enough.

"Out of touch" is a vague term.

The phrase casts a wide net. It's used to describe people that didn't advance as time and culture did around them. But it also denotes people so coddled in their upbringing that the real world's dynamics never even crossed the mind.

The term even describes clinically psychotic people who's reality is literally a fabrication.

For such a broad term, a Reddit thread is ideal. The forum is one of the few that attracts a wide enough array of examples to match the all-encompassing term.

These responses remind that understanding the simple truths of life and the world are nothing to be taken for granted.

mouldygoldie asked, "What is the most severe case of someone being completely out of touch with reality you've ever seen?"

A Very Poorly Executed Ruse

"My 'friend' stole my card information and bought loads of expensive stuff."

"I asked her if it was her before reporting it, knowing that a) she was going through a tough time and I wanted to give her a chance to make it right and b) that I could be in trouble for conspiracy to fraud if I reported it and they believed I'd got stuff delivered to my friend to claim fraud for the money back."

"She said no, I thought someone else had done it so I reported it."

"When she got arrested she said she didn't think 'they'd take the fraud thing so far'. She thought you could just call up banks to get the money back and they wouldn't investigate."

-- SapphicGarnet

Morale Myths

"I'm fairly convinced that my current shift supervisor thinks anyone who works an overtime shift is doing it out of loyalty to the company, and not because of the 1.5x pay rate." -- darksaber522

"I work for myself. I still sometimes work for money instead of loyalty!" -- Conchobar8

The Center of the Universe

"Had a friend who insisted she was in a relationship with a C-list celebrity whom she met once during a comic convention."

"All the celebrity's Instagram and twitter posts were for her and everything had a meaning behind it."

"When the celebrity got married, she said that it was just for the media so she and celebrity could live a quiet life. When he didn't do anything for her birthday, she had a breakdown."

"She went to therapy not long after."

-- stormy-darklordofall

Suddenly Confronting Reality

"My cousin was spoiled and sheltered her entire childhood through college. Then her parents stupidly cut the leash without any preparation and released her into society."

"She quickly got in trouble for bouncing checks all over town. My mom picked her up and asked why the hell she was writing bad checks everywhere."

"Turns out my cousin was under the impression that as long as you had checks in your checkbook, you had money in your account. She didn't understand that you deposit in a number and then can spend or withdraw up to that amount."

"Please teach your kids basic finance."

-- Corporate-Asset-6375

And Just What is Working About?

"This was from a Regional manager of Starbucks.

They removed merit based raises that could go up to a 5% increase, changed them to a flat 2% increase. When she asked if people liked the new raise plan, I said, 'Actually no, they feel unmotivated with no reason to perform any better than just normal.' "

"Regional manager said, 'Your staff need to realize working isn't about money.' "

-- Thejustinset

A Horrifying Theory

"I knew someone who unironically tried to convince people that not only is Pokemon demonic, but they exist in real life and there are reported cases of then attacking and harming people." -- Scepta101

"That's the dumbest thing I've heard in weeks." -- woodysroundup95

"Yeah the fire last week was due to some weird monkey fighting a giant bug. It happens sometimes..." -- NotCreativeWithNamez

A Very Real Mental Struggle

"My step-father's grandpa suffered from psychosis in a strange way. He wasn't able to distinguish mirror reflections from real life."

"He would often be found talking to the mirrors (his reflection) for hours. Later on, he wasn't allowed to have any mirrors because he would believe that 'that man' was there to kill him and often would turn violent. Turn violent as in he would start punching and clawing against the mirrors."

-- CAPTponders11

Cognitive Dissonance

"I was at a bar and some guy was giving an impromptu lecture of why Millennials are so broke and blamed it all on us being lazy students who don't want to work and go to school. When asked what he did he was a property owner and owned a few apartment buildings."

"Then someone chimes up with he fact he doesn't own any properties he manages them for his uncle who pays him to do nothing all day."

-- gamageeknerd

A "Turdmaster"

"Had a dorm mate he was kicked out of the dorm. He would crap all over the common bathroom and leave it . Didn't understand why everyone else was upset . This happened several times until he was removed. Unbelievable!"

"We had a mentally ill Turdmaster."

"He would sh** everywhere..... And just leave it. Walls, seat, floor etc. We think he would sh!t standing over the toilet. We would confront him and he didn't care. Management made him clean it the first time, the second time he was removed from the dorm."

-- wsyoung

A Very Tough Audience for a Breakup

"I knew a girl who cheated on her boyfriend. When he found out, he broke up with her. She said 'you can't break up with me, it has to be mutual.' " -- kamamit

"what. the. f***." -- stonks_and_stronk2

"Sounds like the makings of a stalker." -- Crushing76

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