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Seth Meyers recently hung out with Barefoot Contessa's Ina Garten for a segment on Late Night with Seth Meyers to demonstrate that day drinking can be more enjoyable than a raucous night out.

The pair knocked back a few libations, like Duke's Cosmopolitan and Whiskey Sours, concocted by the celebrated cookbook author for their "refined afternoon."

In the spirited competition of who makes it better, Meyers failed miserably at duplicating her recipe, indicated by Garten's measured sips followed by intense wincing.

Here is the full video of their day drinking segment on YouTube:

Seth and Ina Garten Go Day Drinking

Their segment was a main dish that delivered all the feels, with a generous helping of laughter.

In another segment called "Don't Be a Dip," Garten tested whether Meyers's palate could differentiate between her homemade dip and fast food dips. In the event he guessed incorrectly, he had to take a drink.

Now that's a mark of good sportsmanship!

Because of her expert culinary prowess, Meyers was able to correctly distinguish all the samples based on excellent taste, although he did have involuntary assistance in figuring out which one was the KFC gravy.

When he correctly guessed the McDonald's BBQ sauce, however, he joked that the other sauce was just "okay."

There were plenty of giggles, which enabled even more imbibing.

How could anyone not want to hang out with these two?

Being the "Barefoot Contessa," Garten was tasked with identifying whose bare feet photo belonged to which celebrity for another hysterical challenge, and other games involved matching celebrity chefs with their synonymous quotes.

If these two were hosting a party, we'd so be there.

Garten said she had a blast day drinking with the affable host. Who wouldn't?

But she did warn, "Don't try this at home!!!"

Let's face it, day drinking is the new panacea to all the division faced by our country right now.

The segment ended with Meyers's rendition of Garten's Hot Pink Butter Cake in honor of her 71st birthday (February 2), which visually didn't live up to its former reputation but was filled with a lot of love. She said "I love my cake," called the afternoon "the best birthday ever," and gave her friend a sweet kiss and a hug.

Now we're just jealous we weren't there.

Happy birthday, Ina!


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