It only takes a few words to start to excavate a person's truest self.

We'd like to think we're all way deeper than that... but no.

A few pointed questions. That's it.

Maybe a drink request and BAM... I know all I need to know.

That is the lesson people should take on dates.

Or when interviewing politicians.

Show me who you are in seconds.

Everyone started to chat about the small details that expose who we are when Redditor FamiliarStreets asked the online peeps:

"What is a seemingly mundane question you can ask somebody that will tell you a lot about their personality?"

Do you like ADELE? The answer is all I'll ever need to know.

Know It All

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"Wow, coincidently just had this conversation earlier today and my friend proposed:"

"'What topic could you give a 30 minute presentation on with no preparation?'"

"I thought it was genius."


The Best Of Me...

"Favorite compliment they've ever received. It tells you a lot about what people think of themselves, and what they tend to value."


"I had a really good (platonic) coworker friend who was a good bit older than me, but we'd pal around and get lunch sometimes on our breaks. We always laughed a lot together and one day at lunch he said, 'you invigorate my life.'"

"This was like 13 years ago and I'll probably never forget it. I thought it was such a great way to share that he enjoyed spending time with me, had a lot of fun, but was still keeping things platonic. It was really special and made me feel really special."

"Miss you, Heath!"


Explain It

"How would you describe the internet to a caveman?"

"It will show you how they look at what the internet is used for. For example, some might say it's a source of information, or it's a way to connect people who are far away. I know one person who said they wouldn't explain it to a caveman because they wouldn't go back in time without AC."



"My father-in-law went on a job interview about 10 years ago and absolutely nailed the interview, as he was being shown around the office a high level person in that company who normally wasn't there just happened to be there that day. After they were introduced he asked my FIL what kind of animal he would be."

"My FIL said he panicked and picked bear (he's a bigger guy) and the other guy said something along the lines of 'that's a little too aggressive maybe this isn't the job for you.' So he didn't get the job but I guess it worked out because he's got a pretty good job now and if I was him I wouldn't want to work for someone who hires people based on what animal they think they would be."



"What would you do if you won the lottery? For me, it's a non invasive way of listening to people's attitudes on finance in general, and also how they feel about the rich."


How you would help others with your profit? So important.

The Menu

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"What are you having for dinner tonight?"

"It’s really cool to hear about what people like, what their culture is like (because food is a huge part of that), and generally just how they live. Expensive or cheap? Quick or elaborate? Adventurous or safe?"



"One I saw on a dating-site of all places (I forgot the name of it) was:"

"'Do you think the concept/consequences of a post-apocalyptic world is, in some ways, interesting?'"

"And it really resonated with me. It shows whether a person is interested in abstract thinking and imagining. Most people on the site voted no."

"I even had a conversation with someone who was like 'No? Why would you want the world to end?!' - I don't, but the idea of how it would be like, how the world ended, what society looks like afterwards, is interesting. I probably don't match up well with anyone who would vote no to that question."


“got it”

"What was the last thing you did that gave you child-like joy?"


"My 14-year-old asked for a longboard last spring. I’d said no before because I figured it’d be something I spend a few hundred bucks on that she’d try once, not be good at right away, and never touch it again. It wouldn’t be the first time. After being locked up for two months with quarantine I figured why not?"

"It gets her outside and maybe something she’ll enjoy. At that point I just wanted to get her out of her room and off her phone. I’d never seen her work so hard at something she wasn’t good at right away. After two back-to-back six hour days of practice she started to get the hang of it and asked me if I wanted try."

"I couldn’t even stand on a board when I was a kid, but as an adult I just 'got it.' I wasn’t on it 5 minutes and I said, 'I need one.' We left right then and picked one up for myself. We cruised all spring, summer, and fall. Not only was it great for bonding, I hadn’t felt that kind of joy since I was little. A moment I’ll never forget. Can’t wait for the snow to melt."


Special Gifts

"What super power they want."


"I know there are more powerful powers that could get me wealth or whatever but man... teleportation would be dope."

"Can travel the world but always sleep in your own bed and never need to book a flight. Never need to use a public restroom. Easily visit family. Only take road trips if I want. Can live and work anywhere."

"The rest of life could be normal but it’d be great."


Small Talk

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"My co-worker asked me how I was doing and I randomly blurted out 'I want to die.' We've been dating for nearly 2 years now. The unexpected honesty is what made him want to talk to me more. It was originally coworker small talk. Then apparently the passion I have for my hobbies. Not shutting up about D&D in a crowded break room was the final straw. LOL."


It's so easy to get to the truth.

What questions would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments.