Security Footage Captures Woman As She Drops Through Ceiling Of Colorado Jail After Being Released
Tea Partiest/YouTube

Jessica Leger was released from a Colorado jail on November 21 but found herself back behind bars after an alleged psychotic episode.

The 29-year-old was using the women's restroom in the inmate services lobby of the Jefferson County jail after being released.

She locked herself in and began yelling, "get me out of here." She then managed to escape the bathroom and fell through the ceiling in the lobby 20 feet away just moments later.

Here is the surveillance footage capturing her fall.

Woman Drops Through The Ceiling Of A Colorado Jail

According to an arrest warrant obtained by Fox 31, Leger told the deputies trying to pry open the bathroom door that her life was threatened by someone who was released before her.

She also told them she had "booby trapped the door" and demanded they call her uncle and father.

One deputy overheard her saying she was having a psychotic episode before embarking on her stunt.

Leger broke off a paper towel dispenser in the wall and appeared to abscond through an opening before crawling in the ceiling.

Once she made her descent back into the lobby, she could be seen in the video footage running into the corner of the room before a deputy apprehended her.

Leger was booked for criminal mischief and spent an additional two nights in jail. On November 23, she was released on a Personal Recognizance bond, or a no-cost bond in exchange for a signed agreement to appear in court.

She had caused $400 worth in damages to the bathroom, according to court records.

A spokeswoman for the Jefferson County District Attorney concluded that it was premature to affirm Leger suffered from a mental breakdown.

The defense lawyer was given the option for Leger to seek a mental evaluation to determine whether she would be competent enough to appear in court.

Andrew Romanoff, the President and CEO of Mental Health Colorado, was disheartened but did not specifically refer to Leger by name in an interview.

Andrew RomanoffTea Pariest/YouTube

He told Fox 31 that 55% of state prison inmates and 65% of county jail inmates suffer from mental illness or substance abuse.

"There are too many people in Colorado with mental illness who aren't getting the care they need, turning our jails and prisons into warehouses for folks with mental illness is the most expensive and least therapeutic decision we could make.
"You shouldn't have to be charged, you shouldn't have to be incarcerated in order to get care."

The story sparked a conversation about mental illness and how Leger suffered the consequences of a broken system.





There is a genuine concern about people's reactions to the video of Leger escaping from the bathroom.



The destruction Leger caused to public property was not overlooked, but the justification was also immediately contested.



It remains unclear what Leger's original charges were that landed her in jail in the first place. She is due to appear in court on January 17.

Fox 31 noted she could not be located as her contact listed on the booking sheet was no longer active.

H/T - Fox31, Twitter, Fox

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