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Companies can have good reasons for keeping secrets, proprietary formulas or equipment for example.

Sometimes those secrets aren't so well justified, though.

Reddit user u/VincentMetzger asked:

"Reddit, What's a secret your job keeps from the public?"


Olive Garden Server: You can get 3 free wine samples every time you go.


Pretty much every restaurant will give you about that many samples if you ask.

It's a dick move if you don't actually plan on ordering a wine, but every place I've ever worked gave out draft beer and wine (only ones served by the glass) samples when requested.



About a quarter of all the gonorrhea we find is in the throat. And a new study suggests transmission from"deep kissing."

Not necessarily a secret but it's challenging to get other providers to do testing for all sites at risk.

Just a reminder, whenever you go for your routine STD testing, make sure every orifice that's touched a pink part gets swabbed!



I work at a cemetery, and I can confirm that the concrete or metal vaults that the casket goes inside of in the ground do NOT keep the caskets from getting wet. Actually they do the opposite and just hold water inside. The sales team will always try to paint a nice picture in your head of what the casket/vault combo will look like in the ground, and it's a complete lie. One of many lies in the cemetery/funeral business.



I work at a major chemical plant up river from a major city. If it came out how old, run down, and poorly maintained literally all of the equipment that we use to make sure that hundreds of millions of gallons of contaminated water don't leak or straight up spill into the river, the EPA would shut every plant on the river down.

However, the EPA is aware of how inefficient and poorly disposed all our waste products are. The plant I work for has a yearly budget dedicated to paying fines.



At the hospital they have "secret" employees (I am one) who walk around to make sure doctors and nurses sanitize their hands before entering and existing a patient's room. You'd be surprised how many dont follow protocol and end up getting written up in a day.




Worked in a library for two years. We don't make diddly squat from your book or DVD fines; they're designed to be a deterrent more than anything else, and under the right circumstances we're very amenable to just making them go away. If you had a tough week and couldn't make it to the library to return your books? We can work something out. Laughing about being too lazy to bring them back/forgetting you had them entirely? Yeah, those fines aren't going anywhere.

That being said, libraries don't like to penalize people who can't pay their fines. If your kid has so many fines that the computer locks him out so he can't do his homework, we're usually more than happy to help you get logged on for the day.



Your child's school report is probably word for word the same as half of their class. There's only so many ways you can say 'works hard but needs to focus on accuracy'


My kid's current school limits the teachers to a set of stock sentences, so their report card reads like a primitive chatbot wrote it.



Most of the time all it takes for a free upgrade is being polite. My manager will literally ask us "are they being nice?"

Unless it's the weekend/a show night. Then we literally do not have the availability.

Yes, even if it's a show that you are not personally interested in going to.

For everyone asking what I do: just assume it's like this everywhere, because it usually is.



Municipal worker, we do actually work hard and care about the city and its hard on us when people stop/call to yell at us without getting all the facts and we know we can't really defend ourselves.

Most of the time you are reaming out a labourer who has no control over your taxes or which street is getting paved.




Your package gets thrown 5-20 feet more than 5 times in its journey to you. A lot more the further it has to be shipped. If it doesn't say fragile its getting chucked.


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