People Divulge Which Scientifically Proven Things Scare Them To No End
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Moviegoers who love horror films get their thrills from watching protagonists get hunted by immortal psychos, get tormented by evil spirits, or ravaged by blood-thirsty zombies.

Fans of the horror genre can take all the gory violence unfolding up on the screen because they know the perils depicted are far detached from reality.

However, these thrill-seekers may have another think coming, as there are real-life horrors in life that threaten their existence.

Curious to hear from vulnerable strangers online, Redditor Flimsy_Finger4291asked:

"What scientifically proven thing scares the living sh*t out of you?"

There are way too many infections or diseases that can be fatal, and therefore, more terrifying than axe-wielding psychos.

Near-Death Sentence


"It started as a light fever. I took a nap and woke up 3 days later in the hospital and had lost all function in my lower body. I was bedridden for 3 weeks, and spent longer in physical therapy. It was an absolute nightmare and I was VERY lucky I didn't die."

"My friend in high school contracted it too. He was a football player, healthy. He died two days later."

– Tathanor

It Started With A Headache

"I had it too. The headache was so bad, COVID had a similar feel to it. Had to say in bed for almost two weeks. My dad almost sent me to school but thankfully I pleaded with my parents and they took me to a hospital that diagnosed it and I was able to get the treatment."

– amnz19

"F" To The "C"

"Cancer. I’ve had 4 aunts, 2 uncles and both grandparents killed by cancer."

– Away-Philosopher5853

A Fighter

"That's my answer. I have metastatic breast cancer. Right now, it's stable, but I'm not tolerating one of my medications. So I'm in the middle of getting re-scanned and the oncologist is making a new plan for treatment."

– insertcaffeine

These threats are a reminder that we're really sitting ducks in life.

Beware The Bite

"Rabies. I know, I know, there's a vaccination for it if you get bitten, which I would get as soon as possible. But knowing that if you can't get the vaccination in time/didn't know you were bitten, then you go insane with a disease with no cure terrifies me."

– IsaacTower

The Little Ones Are Worse

"Scarrier, if you get bitten by a small bat which have the rabies virus when you are in deep sleep, you don't feel anything except itchy at that bitten place. 99% you will die because you don't know you are inffected and when the symptom appear, it is too late for you."

"I scared of that as a child because in our small garden at that time had a lot of bat, they ate fruits and sometimes flied into our house. We had to chased them out before sleep."

– SrImmanoob

Food For Thought

"brain-eating amoeba in waters is pretty up there on the wtf list."

– dionthorn

When you really stop and think about these concepts in life, they truly are frightening.

Vastness Of Space

"That most of the universe is unreachable to us."

– liarandathief

Deathly Detritus

"Or how about if our satellites keep breaking into smaller pieces we’ll eventually be stuck on earth in a deadly atmosphere of microscopic metal pieces flying around the planet like bullets?"

"That’s always a fun one!"

– Chiggadup

When The Body Fails

"Powerlessness in the face of health. I'm not scared of death or mortality, but my body is falling apart."

"I've had back surgery, knee surgery, a hip replacement, I've got a trapped nerve in my chest cavity, in constant pain and have to sit back and watch as my pain levels increase and my health slips into further into damaging my quality of life. I'm only in my early 30's and have a hard time being as functional as the average 50 year old. I eat carefully and look after myself, but there is nothing I can do to arrest the wear and tear my body is accumulating over time. Tis no fun."

– Sudden-Sand-Storm

Watery Depths

"The Abyssal zone and Hadal Zone of the Ocean. Nothing should go that deep, nothing should be alive at such depths and, water is terrifying."

– Watermelonwater17

Underwater Dump Site

"Trash has been discovered at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. It isn’t a surprise, but it’s incredibly frightening. Like…how much more trash will there be in 50 years?"

– Silent_and_Smelly

I'm not afraid of death, per se, as our inevitable demise is unavoidable.

What terrifies me is that any one of us can literally drop dead from something so sneaky and iniquitous as a brain aneurysm.

There's no warning. We could all have one and survive without it ever rupturing, or we could have one just waiting to pop.

Carpe diem folks. Live without regret, dance like no one's watching, gather ye rosebuds while ye may, all that stuff.

Because the truth is, we're not given an expiration date. And what a waste of our lives if all we've ever done with them is binge-watch Netflix all day or let our jobs define us.

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