People Break Down Which High School Stereotypes They Fit Into
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We all spend our formative years trying to figure out who we are. Who we think we are actually determines the subjects we take, the things we become fans of, and the friends we make.

This is especially true in high school. Whether it's because of who we already are, or because of labels others gave us, we all fit into different cliques and groups.

Being studious, I fit in well with the honors crowd. My tendency to start new clubs, as well as become a part of already existing ones, also earned me the unofficial title of "all-around joiner."

Curious about these stereotypes, Redditor MountEverest14 asked:

"What high school stereotype did you fit into?"

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

"The military brat."

"I showed up for a year, sometimes less, and then disappeared again and never spoke to anyone from the school ever again."

– FormalMango

The Quiet One

"I was so quiet I was marked absent from a study hall class for nearly a whole semester. That I actually attended and never missed."

"Got pulled into dean's office for it and it got rectified there."

"I grew up in a household where I basically had to live as a be seen not heard...but got too good at it and basically became never seen or heard Milford school "least seen on campus" winner."

– Tee_hops


"Background actor #4"

– FanciiFrog

The Typical "Nerd"


  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Virgin


– AmeripeanBoi

Casper The Invisible Ghost

"Ghost. I was the one who no one knew after going to school together for four years.

I've changed, sometimes I actually participate in life now."

– ofsquire

The Everyman

"The happy go-lucky kid that could hang out with the popular kids, the sporty kids, the stoners and the nerds. Basically a social butterfly."

– thunderfart_99

High School Chameleon

"I was the definition of a floater."

"I was equally loved (and probably hated) across all the stupid cliques. I was an art kid, an ESL misfit, a stoner/skater, I was cool with the jocks, with the nerds... My girlfriend was in the orchestra, my homies were in detention. It was a mess of a journey, but I made it."

– monstersommelier

Non - Spiderman

"the andrew garfield peter parker minus the hot girlfriend and cool super powers"

– ItsDocL

The Tag-Along Nomad

"The new kid. I went to 7 high schools in 3 states. My mum married an old man who didn’t know where he wanted to live"

– 2muchonreddit

Some people discovered who they were in high school. Others discovered who they were not. The good news about high school is, who you are then isn't who you have to be now. Be who you are, and live your best life!

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