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Every child loves a snow day, but the polar vortex setting records for freezing temperatures across the Midwest isn't exactly anyone's idea of a good time.

Cancelling school can be a difficult decision for school administrators.

Cancelled classes translates to lost learning time, of course.

These administrators decided to go about cancelling classes in a creative way.

Brett Hoesing, the superintendent in Missouri Valley, Iowa, a district home to 700 students, announced school was closed with a cover of George Michael's "Faith."

No School Missouri Valley, Wednesday, January 30, 2019. www.youtube.com

"It makes our kids smile, and it makes the community smile, and our parents smile," Hoesing said.

"It just kind of puts Missouri Valley on the map a little bit... It's kind of like, 'Hey, I know this isn't the best situation.' "But at least we can have a laugh over it."

Hoesing's no stranger to announcing school cancellations in this fashion: He did the same thing a couple of weeks ago to a cover of "Everybody," by The Backstreet Boys.

Missouri Valley Community Schools Snow Day Jan. 18, 2019 www.youtube.com

Oh, did we mention that last week he had to cancel school, but at least gave students and their families a cover of "Uptown Funk" to enjoy along with it?

Missouri Valley Snow Day January 22, 2019 youtu.be

Hoesing's not the only school administrator to do something like this.

Last year, Brian McCann, the principal of Joseph Case High School in Swansea, Massachusetts, starred in a rewritten version of "All That Jazz"––complete with fake snow.

"All That Snow" (Swansea Public Schools School Closure PSA) youtu.be

The video proved so popular––it's amassed over 50,000 views––that McCann says he's working on another video for the next snow day.

"We cannot wait for the flakes to come down in southeastern Massachusetts!" he told NPR.

But wait, there's more!

In Michigan's Swartz Creek district, southwest of Flint, Superintendent Ben Mainka and Principal Jim Kitchen donned pairs of sunglasses and announced school would be closed with their very own rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

SCCS Announcement 1-29-19 youtu.be

People love this.

Why weren't our school administrators this creative?

Kids these days––they don't know how good they have it!

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