People Reveal What Got So Popular In School Teachers Had To Ban It


Being in school when a major fad comes out is dangerous.

You know immediately it will be abused. Even if you like it, fellow students will abuse the heck out of it in class. And though you were never disruptive, you just know somehow you're going to be the one who ends up in trouble.

All you wanted to do was play with your Pokémon cards and fidget spinner at recess. But Jake who destroyed all of the cray-pas in the art room with his is going to make everybody suffer.

u/Mature-carrot asked:

What became so popular at your school that the teachers had to ban it?

Here were some of those answers.

Cootie Catchin'


Fortune tellers: you know those paper origami ones, those

Oh, and pokemon cards and yugioh cards too


We called those paper things cootie catchers. Idk why, we did use them to tell fortunes.


Assassins With Sharpies

When I was younger, we played this where you'd draw a circle on your hand, and other people would try to draw a line inside of it. If someone was able to draw a line in your circle, then you were out. The objective of the game was to be the last one standing. It was small at first, but eventually almost everyone in my grade became involved, and it spiraled out of control.

Chaos. Pure f*cking chaos. Kids were tackling each other, running away from other students, disrupting lessons, etc. Teachers eventually began to talk to us about how far our game had gone, and started banning it altogether. It was fun while it lasted boys.


A Feudal Ruler State

Rulers. Year 10 in HS for whatever reason someone decided to smack a guy across the head with a ruler. Then everyone went out and bought a ruler.

Suddenly everyone was a knight with a sword. Staff kept confiscating them but rulers are cheap so kids just went out and bought them by the handful.

They ended up banning rulers. At a school. The kids who were taking geometry that year and needed them had to be assigned rulers at the beginning of class and then turn them back in.


When Progressiveness Backfires

Putting condoms on everything. Pens, peoples heads, arms, bags, shoes, smart-board remotes, baseball bats, clocks, balls, literally anything.

The best bit was that the school gave out free condoms. They were fuelling the opposition.

After a week, there was a ban on condoms being out in public. Anyone seen with a condom that wasn't in their bag or blazer was immediately given a detention.


Ah Yes, Hair Dirt

Hair flips.

Circa 2003, long skater hair was very trendy. Said Kids were flipping their hair out of their eyes/face. An 8th grade history teacher went on a vendetta under the reasoning that hair flips pollute the air with 'hair dirt'. Kids started getting detentions.


Schools Really Just Hate Fun

Rubber Bands

Kids weren't even using them to shoot at other kids or otherwise misbehave with them. Kids would buy packs of rubber bands, tie the rubber bands together, making like a big rubber band chain. It became a contest to see who could get a chain of rubber bands to stretch the farthest.

You couldn't find a pack of rubber bands at a store for probably 20 miles (this was when I lived in a small town, so there wasn't a ton of stores in that 20 miles...Amazon or even public internet access didn't exist yet)

One kid got so many rubber bands, they could stretch it the length of the school building.

While stupid, I didn't think it was a bad hobby as kids weren't shooting them or shooting stuff with them. It was all about how big of a chain they could make.

School rewarded our pointless creativity with a ban on rubber bands at the school. All rubber band chains were confiscated on site.


I'm A Ratty Penguin

In elementary school my class was divided in two groups: Penguins and rats. We would always go to our group for team assignments, for games, for anything really. Somehow an actual rivalry started to sprout until the whole school was divided in these two groups, with first and second years getting into actual fights and stuff. Pretty soon the principal cancelled recess for a day and went to each classroom to tell us penguin team and rat team were banned. Others did create some smaller animal named groups after that but they all dissolved pretty quickly.


A Mysterious Ad Obsession

When I was in elementary school in the last '90's there was a fad where we would collect Absolute Vodka and Milk Moustache ads in binders (similar to pokemon cards). It was savage, kids would bring in magazines by the dozens and just strip out the pages with the ads on it.

School banned them because it was such a massive distraction.


Rock Paper Scissors...Suspension?

Rock Paper Scissors. People at my middle school kept playing a game called Oreo, where you play Rock Paper Scissors and the loser has to do a dare. According to the teachers, it got out of hand (it really didn't none of the dares were that bad), so they decided to ban... Rock Paper Scissors. Hearing that on the announcements in the morning instantaneously killed half of my brain cells. If you were caught playing Rock Paper Scissors, you would immediately get detention. Dumbest thing I've ever heard.


The Sour Candy Street Wars

Warheads. It grew to such an issue with these sour candies, kids were organizing a black market where the kids with the highest allowance would buy them in bulk from the corner stores for a nickel each, distribute them to upper classmen for a quarter each, who would turn around and sell them to the final consumer for fifty cents each candy.

There was even a barrier to entry if you wanted in the business. You would have to eat three candies at once and not spit it out or throw up.


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