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They say ignorance is bliss. The more you think about the things that can raise your stress levels, you could find yourself headed on a downward spiral.

Who has the time for that? Most of us would rather not worry about immediate life problems and focus on the present.

While that's all well and good and not dwelling on the negative is perceived as a benefit, realists would rather be mentally and emotionally prepared for inevitable misfortune or catastrophe.

Curious to hear what some of those may be, Redditor bibesh07 asked:

"What’s some scary truth that humanity has to accept?"

What's going on?

Perhaps we shall never know the answer.

We're All Clueless

"Nobody actually knows what the f'k is going on."

– Nateisgreat74

"When I was a kid I was sure all adults know a lot and they are all proficient in their job. Now I'm 35 and I'm convinced only 0.1% knows just barely enough to understand things throughout in their field."

– daninet

Lack Of Authenticity

"That plenty of things are fake."

– IDontGetIt68

"Most things are faked or exaggerated in some way."

– nobleskies

The Artist's Quote

"The world won't end, it will just change its name." - David Byrne


We are never guaranteed tomorrow.

Sitting Target

"You really aren’t as in control of your body as you’d like to think. A single disease, accident, etc could render you a prisoner inside your own body."

– Another_Road

Emotionally Disconnected

"I know this isn’t on the same level as some other responses, but I felt like I was living a pretty normal healthy life until one day when I was 22, I woke up with this feeling I was out of body and disconnected from reality."

"It was like living life behind a pane of glass, everything felt hollow and distant, and my emotional range felt muted. It was such a terrifying feeling, I spent thousands on finding the right 'treatment,' any answer to what I was experiencing. Turns out anxiety and depression are a b*tch and don’t discriminate on anyone."

"It’s changed my life ever since and albeit there are good days and bad days, it was the stroke of a single night that sent me down that hole of stress and worry. Nightmarish."

– Alliancee

Appreciate The Silence

"Tinnitus which is basically constant ringing and noises created by the brain has NO CURE, AND IS VERY EASY TO GET."

"Dont take your silence & peace for granted."


"Thank you all for the upvotes, but seriously i want all of you to help bring a world wide awareness to this horrible condition. its our veterans number 1 disability in the military, millions of americans suffer from it silently, Covid is giving it to people in record breaking numbers, there is no cure Dont believe anyone who tells you otherwise."

"It usually progresses as you age, and if you got it like me and its constant you really are living day to day. your no longer living."

"I had this for a decade, and i got it when i was young from listening to loud music. And everyday the victims get younger and younger. People kill themselves over this its that bad, and it has nothing to do with their mental state. Severe tinnitus will drive anyone insane. Dont take your silence for granted and be kind to one another."

"Please help get tinnitus the spotlight it needs, so that we can get more research and treatments for it. because like i said its very easy to get. LETS CURE IT B4 ITS TOO LATE."


We are not forever.

"When you die, one of three things will happen."

  • "Someone will watch you die."
  • "Someone will find your body."
  • "No one will find your body."

– stonesthrowaway24601

The Big One

"Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. 10-30% chance a 9.0+ earthquake will hit the PNW in the next 50 years. The west coast is not prepared."

– EasyDay

Not Knowing When

"That at any moment you can be gone forever without even getting a chance to think about it."

– Zuesz-_-

The thought of not knowing when our time on earth is through is always on the back of my mind.

Sure, death is scary, but it's an inevitable fact.

And while I can live in fear of death coming to knock on my door at any time, I've chosen to accept death as something that gives life purpose.

That perspective–of one not being able to exist without the other–made me less fearful of the unknown.

Let's revel in the party before it's lights out, I say.

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